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    Among our statmen: Tom McKenna, Ed Palmer, Kevin Cooney, Ed Barkowitz, Mark "Frog" Carfagno, Keith Hines, Joe Berkery, Charles Hickman, Stuart London and more to come.
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Catholic Red

13Archbishop Ryan
14Cardinal O'Hara

13Father Judge
13La Salle
13Monsignor Bonner
13North Catholic

13Roman Catholic
14St. Joseph's Prep

Catholic Blue

14Archbishop Carroll
13Archbishop Wood
14Bishop McDevitt
13Cardinal Dougherty

13St. John Neumann

13West Catholic


13Episcopal Academy
13Germantown Academy
13Haverford School
13Malvern Prep
13Penn Charter

Public A

13Abraham Lincoln
14George Washington


Public B

13Murrell Dobbins Tech
13Simon Gratz

Public C

13Ben Franklin
13Jules Mastbaum Tech
13Martin Luther King
13Thomas Edison

Public D

12Edward Bok Tech
13John Bartram
11University City
11West Philadelphia


    With the help of city-leagues football coaches, the Daily News for the 23rd year has compiled a list of senior players deserving of attention from Division I recruiters.
    Those players with expanded information following their name are considered I-A prospects. Those in the “others” category are more likely better fits for I-AA (*indicates Ivy League-caliber academic credentials; some may reach that stus later).
    Many of these players perhaps would be better served by setting their sights a notch below where they’re listed, but that’s for recruiters to decide.
    The comments are based on personal observation and coaches’ insights.
    -- Ted Silary

All players listed by current position.
    Ramon Mills, Bok, 6-3, 215, WR, also DE, ferocious competitor, big-timer, man among boys, PL's best prospect; Mickey King, Dougherty, 6-foot, 200, also DB-P, sucks ball in, 16 TD catches, has "certain something," runs his patterns, Big East interest.
    Others: James Sealy, Lincoln, 6-2, 195, WR, also DB; *Jeff Nagle, Frankford, 6-4, 225, TE, also DE; *Whitney Hartman, Haverford School, 6-3, 195, TE, also DE.
    Kevin Jones, O'Hara, 6-1, 210, also DB, rated nation's No. 1 prospect, 'nuff said; Joe McCourt, Roman, 6-foot, 185, also WR-DB-KR-K, has every possible special quality; projected: anything you want; Paul McKinney, Haverford School, 5-10, 200, also DB, rare combo of speed/strength/agility, Big East schools have films, winning personality; Abdul Sesay, West Catholic, 6-foot, 160, HB, possible WR-KR, can fly, good hands, needs beef, Villanova intrigued; Everett Lee, Central, 6-foot, 200, FB, also LB, projected TB, relentless. throwback, finds end zone, SAT — 1,300; Rodney McCarter, Bok, 5-8, 175, HB, also DB, star sprinter, has a burst, squares shoulders, purposeful; Brent Grimes, Northeast, 5-9, 170, HB, also DB, possible WR-KR, spectacular shiftiness, speedy, excellent hands; Ryan Parfitt, La Salle, 5-9, 170, HB, exact replica of Grimes; Timothy King, Edison, 5-11, 220, FB, also LB, runs over people, well-respected, packs a wallop as blocker.
    Others: Greg Watson, O'Hara, 5-9, 190, FB, projected RB; Charlie Hurley, Carroll, 5-10, 175, also DB; Jermaine "Beanie" Smith, Franklin, 6-foot, 195, TB, also LB-K; Keith Roemhild, Ryan; Jarreau Dodson, Mastbaum, 5-11, 170; Nasir Sadat, Germantown, 6-1, 215, FB, also LB.
    Mike McGann, SJ Prep, 6-6, 195, guns the ball, also has touch, competitive, Mich. St./NC St. chief pursuers; Mike Lomas, O'Hara, 6-4, 200, coming on strong, large upside, field general, delivers ball, Wake Forest curious; Michael Baldwin, Dobbins, 6-foot, 185, also DB, good feet, puts ball where it needs to go, calls audibles, strong student; Gabe Marabella, La Salle, 6-foot, 185, savvy, coach on field, doesn’t get rattled, SAT — 1,260.
    Others: *Ivan Kosty, Washington, 5-10, 170, projected SS.
    Julius Grant, Germantown, 6-2, 360, pounds guys, can lead way on screens despite bulk, savvy; Matt Battipaglia, St. Joe’s Prep, 6-5, 295, blossoming, best days ahead, Cincinnati mulling offer, heavy Ivy/Patriot interest, SAT — 1,100; Jahri Evans, Frankford, 6-3, 265, has missed all season with torn ACL, previously had big-time interest, still motivated, take him and be rewarded; Cameron Murphy, Northeast, 6-3, 290, bouncing back from knee injury, enthusiastic, drive blocker.
    Others: Khalid Islam, Northeast, 6-3, 320, also DT; *Kevin Haulihan, Bonner, 6-3, 240, possible G; Chris Whittle, Washington, 6-foot, 270, projected C.
    Tom McHugh, Bonner, 6-4, 280, thinking man's lineman, spirited, tremendous trap blocker, uncle was Penn State starter; Pat Spadaro, St. Joe's Prep, 6-2, 270, brute strength, Big East nibbles, SAT -- 1,120.

    Others: Brendan Kelly, Germantown Academy, 6-2, 220, also LB, projected TE; Stephen Domico, Frankford, 6-foot, 240, also LB.
    Marty Higgins, Carroll, 5-6, 190, also P; Roger Price, Washington, 5-9, 150, also P; *Phil Elbaum, Penn Charter, 5-9, 165; *Steve Josephson, Northeast, 6-foot, 230, also P.
    Jeff Vanak, Carroll, 6-2, 240, also TE, possible ILB, No. 1 student in class, always goes non-stop, Sacks R Us; Fran Person, Episcopal, 6-7, 220, also TE, SAT -- 1,100, stands ground, plays basketball, latest in long line of quality Persons (four brothers have played at Navy/Penn); Kevin McLaughlin, North Catholic, 6-3, 250, also T, works like crazy, never leaves field, SAT -- 1,100, serious-minded.
    Others: *Emmett McGowan, La Salle, 6-1, 215, possible ILB.
   Nate Moss, La Salle, 6-3, 235, improves daily, big frame, has had eye-popping performances, can run, SAT — 1,000-plus; Juan Rodriguez, Germantown, 6-3, 280, also T, still learning, can move, gets nasty; Job Lawson, Frankford, 6-11, 355, largest player in city history, all-time project, much mail, quite strong.
    Others: *David Pringle, Roman, 6-2, 265, projected NG.
   Michael Bazemore, West Catholic, 6-3, 230, also TE, vast potential, can run, expects to visit Penn St./Mich. St./N. Dame/Purdue; Shawn Williams, Frankford, 6-foot, 250, also FB, relentless tackler, bone-breaker, possible NG, super wrestler; Donnie Watkins, McDevitt, 6-1, 215, also FB-TE, athletic, plays for keeps, gets to sideline, unparalleled leader.
    Others: Brian Mattaway, Carroll, 5-10, 205, also RB, possible SS; *Sean Heenan, SJ Prep, 5-10, 180, projected SS; Drew Shaw, Carroll, 5-10, 200; Alex Smith, Germantown Academy, 5-11, 190, also RB, possible SS; *Tony Fardella, Northeast, 5-11, 215, also TE; Marques Coney, Olney, 6-2, 240, also T.
    Dave O'Beirne, St. Joe's Prep, 6-foot, 180, projected FS, hits like LB, frisky, SAT -- 1,180, sure tackler, Iowa State sniffing; Teddy Lipford, Central, 5-10, 170, also QB, great feet, heady, surprisingly strong.
    Others: *Mike McGillian, Episcopal, 6-1, 210, also FB; *Kenny Devenney, Penn Charter, 6-foot, 210, also TB-P (also prime baseball recruit); *Billy McKinney, Penn Charter, 6-2, 190, also WR; *Mike D'Elia, West Catholic, 6-1, 160, also QB.