City All-Star FB Game, 2007

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    The 33nd annual Daily News-Eagles City All-Star Game was played May 19,
7 p.m., at Northeast High.
    TV coverage: None.
    To obtain a DVD ($25, plus $4 shipping) or video tape ($20, plus $4

shipping), send check or money order to Joe Malizia, 305 Lodge Rd.,
Phila., Pa., 19128. If you have questions, please call Joe at 215-482-9355.
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(Thanks to Jim Dever, who taped this game as a member of Joe
Malizia's crew, for helping to determine whether a play involving
Kendell Coleman was a forward or backward pass.)

  Most yards: 135, Kendell Coleman, King, Public.
  Most yards per reception (three minimum): 33.8 (4-135), Kendell
Coleman, King, Public.
  Most Touchdowns: 2, Mark Hatty, Neumann-Goretti, Non-Public.
  Most Touchdowns: 2, Daryl Robinson, N. Catholic, Non-Public.


  Non-Pub Public
First Downs 10 12
Rushes-Yards 30-43 39-61
Passing Yards 164 191
Total Offense 207 252
Passes 11-30-3 9-24-3
Return yards 185 109
Punts 6-36.7 6-36.7
Fumbles lost 0 0
Penalties-yards 6-56 5-50

Non-Public                                                      6     6    0   12   0 -- 24

  Public                                                             12    0    6     6   6 -- 30

  P: Coleman 64 punt return (kick failed)
  P: Spires 1 run (pass failed)
  N-P: McCullough 7 pass from Hatty (kick failed)
  N-P: Robinson 32 pass from Hatty (kick failed)
  P: Coleman 70 pass from Jenkins (kick failed)
  N-P: Robinson 27 pass from Whitney (pass failed)
  N-P: Shaw 2 run (pass failed)
  P: Jenkins 12 run (pass failed)
  P: Spires 1 run (no attempt)
  N-P: Mark McPherson, N-G, 8-38; Chris Whitney, SJ Prep, 8-(-16);
Dennis Shaw, West, 7-4; Jim Lavelle, Judge, 4-2; Daryl Robinson, North,
2-13; Joe Rauchut, Penn Charter, 1-2.
  P: Kendell Coleman, King, 8-6; Jerrick Jenkins, Gratz, 7-62; Calvin
Spires, Frankford, 7-13; Brian Carter, Washington, 7-7; Andreas Hudson.,
Frankford, 4-3; Jay Sloh, Washington, 4-3; Bradley Martin, Gratz, 1-(-11);
center snap 1-(-22).
  N-P: Mark Hatty, N-G, 9-18-1 -- 135; Chris Whitney, SJ Prep, 2-12-2
-- 29.
  P: Jerrick Jenkins, Gratz, 6-17-2 -- 167; Andreas Hudson, Frankford,
3-6-0 -- 24; Bradley Martin, Gratz, 0-1-1 -- 0.
  N-P: Ryan McCullough, North, 4-43; Daryl Robinson, North, 3-75; Joe
Gionfriddo, N-G, 3-44; Jim Lavelle, Judge, 1-2.
  P: Kendell Coleman, King, 4-135; J.C. Montgomery, Frankford, 2-33;
Bradley Martin, Gratz, 1-9; Calvin Spires, Frankford, 1-7; Shanon Wilson,
Bartram, 1-7.
  N-P: Dom Joseph, Roman, 3-29; Dennis Shaw, West, 2-53; Daryl
Robinson, North, 2-27; Troy Richardson, Roman, 2-8; Joe Thompson,
Judge, 1-44; Ricky Nau, Roman, 1-19; Kenyade Peterson, West, 1-0.
  P: Kendell Coleman, King, 2-74; John Kennedy, Central, 2-25; Jamarr
Leary, Olney, 1-10.
  N-P: Taylor Cave, Ryan, and Matt Marcinek, Roman, 7; Anthony Rhoades, 
West, and Ryan Haber, SJ Prep, 6; Joe Thompson, Judge, and Isiah Edmond, 
West, 5.
  P: Jahmel Bashir, Southern, Randall Wilson, Dobbins, and Khalief Evans,
Imhotep, 6; Aaron Hampton, Washington, and Khaleel Evans, Imhotep, 5;
Stephen Brantley, Franklin, and Jeremy Morris, Bok, 4.
  N-P: Troy Richardson, Roman; Joe Thompson, Judge; Dom Joseph, Roman.
  P: John Kennedy, Central, 2; Darrell Brown, Dobbins.
  N-P: Buster Ousley, SJ Prep, and Taylor Cave, Ryan.
  P: Jahmel Bashir, Southern, 2; Randall Wilson, Dobbins, and Terrence
Frazier, Washington, 1.5; Brandon Allen, Frankford, and Aaron Murrey,
Washington, .5
  N-P: Ryan Haber, SJ Prep, and Matt Marcinek, Roman, 2; Wayne
Crawford, C. Hill, 1.5; Buster Ousley, SJ Prep, and Chris Booker, West, 1.
  P: Randall Wilson, Dobbins, 2; Jahmel Bashir, Southern, and Jeremy Morris,
Bok, 1; Tyree Dudley, Frankford, and Stephen Brantley, Franklin, .5.
  N-P: Daryl Robinson, North, offense; Joe Thompson, Judge, defense.
  P: Kendell Coleman, King, offense; Jahmel Bashir, Southern, defense.
  N-P: Mark Hatty, N-G.
  P: Jerrick Jenkins, Gratz.


No. Name School Pos. Ht. Wt.
8 J.C. Montgomery Frankford TE 6-4 210
10 Michael Small Northeast DB 5-9 160
11 Darrell Brown Dobbins WR 6-2 180
12 John Kennedy Central QB 5-10 170
14 Andreas Hudson Frankford QB 6-5 180
15 Courey Burrell Lincoln WR 6-3 210
17 Eugene Thomas Frankford DB 5-8 150
18 Jerrick Jenkins Gratz QB 6-2 190
21 Harold Scott Franklin DB 6-2 180
22 Jeremy Morris Bok DE 6-0 195
23 Randall Wilson Dobbins DE 6-4 270
24 Jamarr Leary Olney DB 5-11 170
25 Calvin Spires Frankford RB 6-0 190
27 Kareem Tookes Mastbaum DB 5-8 160
31 Brian Carter Washington RB 5-9 175
33 Jay Sloh Washington RB 5-5 165
35 Brock Baxter Central DB 5-11 165
37 Bradley Martin Gratz WR 6-2 175
43 Oliver Wallace Washington LB 5-7 165
44 Kendell Coleman King RB 5-9 165
45 Kory Marshall Edison RB 5-11 185
47 Jeff Jones Washington RB 6-2 240
48 Stephen Brantley Franklin DE 6-0 215
49 Maurice Goodwin Bok DB  6-2 195
50 Christopher Oliver Germantown 6-3 250
51 Aaron Hampton Washington LB 5-10 190
52 Mike Kelly Washington L 5-7 200
55 Khaleel Evans Imhotep LB 5-9 175
56 Chris Clanton Washington L 6-2 230
61 Maurice Jessup Bartram DL 6-3 310
62 Malaquan Butler Dobbins DL 6-3 290
65 Terrence Frazier Gratz L 6-0 230
66 Charles Owens Overbrook L 6-0 230
72 Tyree Dudley Frankford DL 6-4 305
74 Tyrone Bolden Lincoln DL 6-4 230
77 Brandon Allen Frankford DL 6-3 280
78 Aaron Murrey Washington L 6-1 245
79 Antoine Kemp-Smith Germantown DL 6-3 260
81 Khalief Evans Imhotep WR 5-10 195
82 Brian Lilly Franklin TE 6-3 190
83 Jay Kauffman Central DB 6-3 190
84 Shanon Wilson Bartram WR 5-9 165
85 Brennan Shapiro Northeast LB 6-0 210
89 Jahmel Bashir Southern DE 6-4 245
  Coach: Erik Zipay, Gratz. Assistants: Frank Conway Jr., Central;
Vince Trombetta, Bok; Jim Sinnott, Central; Bill Harrigan, Franklin;
Joe Toner, Washington.


No. Name School Pos. Ht. Wt.
8 Khiry Carter W. Catholic WR 5-10 185
10 Dennis Shaw W. Catholic RB 5-8 170
11 Chris Booker W. Catholic LB 6-1 190
12 Mark Hatty Neum.-Goretti QB 6-4 180
14 Rich Cruz N. Catholic DB 5-8 165
15 Chris Whitney SJ Prep QB 6-3 215
17 Ryan McCullough N. Catholic WR 6-4 185
18 Roberto Townsend Dougherty WR 6-3 180
21 Tyler Ahrenhold Chest. Hill DB 6-0 180
22 Daryl Robinson N. Catholic WR 5-10 170
23 Justin Minter Dougherty DB 6-3 185
24 Tom Hannan N. Catholic LB 5-11 185
25 Jim Lavelle Judge RB 5-8 185
27 Marc Holloway W. Catholic LB 6-1 225
31 Vinny Burgese Neum.-Goretti LB 5-11 185
33 Neil Doogan SJ Prep LB 6-4 230
35 Ricky Nau Roman RB 5-8 175
37 Joe Thompson Judge DB 5-10 180
43 Joe Rauchut Penn Charter RB 6-0 190
44 Anthony Rhoades W. Catholic DE 6-1 220
47 Mark McPherson Neum.-Goretti RB 5-10 155
48 Matt Marcinek Roman LB 6-3 230
49 Buster Ousley SJ Prep LB 6-3 200
50 Kenyade Peterson Neum.-Goretti L 5-11 185
51 Mike Murphy Judge DL 5-11 275
52 Chuck Cohen Roman DE 5-10 200
55 Ryan Kreider Judge DE 6-4 240
56 Taylor Cave Ryan DL 6-2 220
58 Isiah Edmond W. Catholic DL 6-0 250
61 Matt Wilk Ryan L 6-4 220
62 Joe D'Orazio SJ Prep L 6-3 250
63 John Gazzola SJ Prep L 6-5 260
65 Pat McCarthy SJ Prep L 5-11 285
66 Anthony DeLuca N. Catholic 6-3 275
67 Adam Kasprzak SJ Prep L 6-1 255
71 Brendan Kwisz Judge L 6-2 235
72 Louis Mobley Neum.-Goretti L 6-1 275
73 Kevin Keenan Judge L 6-0 280
74 Ryan Haber SJ Prep DL 6-2 265
76 Paul Howard Dougherty L 6-0 340
77 Brett Olson Ryan L 6-5 250
78 Joe McKendry SJ Prep L 6-6 275
81 Mike Penna Roman TE 6-2 225
82 Dom Joseph Roman DB 6-1 190
83 Mike Long Roman TE 6-2 225
84 Mike DiGiacomo Neum.-Goretti DB 6-0 175
85 Troy Richardson Roman DB 6-0 170
89 Joe Gionfriddo Neum.-Goretti WR 5-11 170
90 Wayne Crawford Chest. Hill DL 6-3 295
  Coach: Chalie Szydlik, N. Catholic. Assistants: CJ Szydlik and Ryan
Haigh, N. Catholic; Bill Koch, Judge; Steve Devlin, SJ Prep; Joe
McCourt, Roman; Bill Sytsma, Neumann-Goretti; Rick Knox, Chestnut Hill.

Coleman is biggest player in Public's all-star win

The concern caused by the noontime phone call won't soon disappear.

Receiving was Kendell Coleman, the will-o'-the-wisp rusher-receiver-returner from Martin Luther King High. Placing was his father, Leonard.

The 33rd annual Daily News-Eagles City All-Star Football Game, which would mushroom little by little into a wonderful all-timer, was 7 hours away. Leonard Coleman would not be in attendance.

"He was calling from the hospital," Kendell said. "He said he was having a heart problem. It might be serious.

"That had me pretty upset. It motivated me. I wanted to have a good game, so my dad would be proud. He said, 'Play hard for me. Try to bring one home.' I dedicated this game to him."

Maybe it was a good thing Leonard Coleman, who was resting comfortably in a hospital bed, was not in the stands on an occasionally rainy night at Northeast's Charlie Martin Memorial Stadium. His ticker would have been tested along with everyone else's.

Though the game program listed the Kutztown University-bound Kendell Coleman at 5-9, 165 pounds, he acknowledged being 5-6, 150, during the season. When surrounded by the numerous giants playing the game these days, he looks even smaller.

As many coaches of small guys have said, "No one checks size in the end zone."

Coleman twice hit paydirt and turned 14 touches into 215 yards as Public bested Non-Public, 30-24, in overtime, reducing its series deficit to 17-15-1.

Oh, and he ended the 3 1/2-hour night with a magnanimous gesture.

"I was going to put him back in," said Pub coach Erik Zipay, of Simon Gratz. "He said, 'Nah, go with Calvin. He has this.' "

Public, having pitched a shutout to start OT, faced fourth-and-goal on the 1 in the bottom half of football's version of an inning. Calvin Spires (Frankford) exploded forward and shook off contact to twist into the end zone a shade to his left. Within an instant, the Pub players were swarming en masse at the 30-yard line to celebrate their rousing triumph.

Coleman had gained 1 yard on first down and 4 on second, with Spires then aligned at fullback, before going to the sideline after a particularly hard hit. Spires shifted to tailback, picking up 4 and the final 1.

"I told the coach, 'Let's go up the middle. I'm a hard runner. Everybody knows that,' " Spires said. "He said, 'All right, I'm gonna give it to you.' I told the linemen, 'Get low and hold your blocks. I'm gonna get through there.' They said back to me, 'We gotcha.'

"To get that chance was so exciting. And then to come through . . . "

The TD was the second of the night for Spires, who will attend Lackawanna (Junior) College, in Scranton, with the hope of then transferring to Shippensburg. Each was a 1-yarder. Coleman preferred long ball.

He zoomed 64 yards for a punt-return TD just 2 minutes, 59 seconds into the game, and turned a screen left from Jerrick Jenkins (Gratz) into a 70-yarder on the first play of the third quarter. His other big contribution was a 38-yard scamper with another screen.

Overall, he ran eight times for 6 yards, made four catches for 135 (tying the game record), and uncorked two returns for 74. Like always, defenders appeared to have great angles on Coleman . . . then didn't.

Here's the scary part: He was playing hurt!

"My left calf is messed up. I couldn't go full speed. I hurt it in our practice last Saturday," he said. He then mentioned he had finished last in his heat a day earlier in the 100-meter dash in the PL track championships. "When I run, it gets tight."

Could have fooled everyone.

"I tried to block it out [the pain] tonight," he said. "I prayed to God to get me through it."

The 38-yard screen burst came with 2 minutes left in regulation and placed the ball on the 9.

Joe Thompson (Father Judge), who had made an interception minutes earlier, broke through to drop Coleman for a 3-yard loss, but Jenkins then turned a scramble into a 12-yard TD, tying the score at 24.

Following a high snap, holder Bradley Martin (Gratz) threw incomplete on the conversion. Somehow, neither team had experienced kickers and conversions were mostly a comedy show.

Coleman said he also dedicated his performance to the memory of ex-King star Daniel "Rump" Smith, who died in December 2004. The two lived a few blocks apart in West Oak Lane and Smith mentored Coleman on how to prepare for high school ball. During the game, he kept thinking about the advice he receives from Imhotep Charter twins Khaleel and Khalief Evans, Pub teammates and workout partners.

They always tell him, "Never let the first guy tackle you. And always make the last guy look stupid."

Jenkins finished 6-for-17 for 167 yards while adding 62 yards on seven rushes. The Pub's main grunts were center Chris Clanton (Washington), guards Christopher Oliver (Germantown) and Mike Kelly (Washington) and tackles Antoine Kemp-Smith (G-town) and Maurice Jessup (Bartram).

N-P received two TD catches from Daryl Robinson (North Catholic, Temple), a 32-yarder from Mark Hatty (Neumann-Goretti; 9-for-18, 135) and a 27-yarder from Chris Whitney (St. Joeseph's Prep, Villanova). Hatty also hit Ryan McCullough (North) for a 7-yard TD.

Among the Pub's top defenders was 6-4, 245-pound end Jahmel Bashir, who is headed from Southern to Delaware State. He notched two sacks and another tackle-for-loss in a six-stop performance that earned him team defensive MVP honors.

"Seemed just like practice to me," Bashir said. "We've been stressing defense the whole time. The coaches just told me, 'Go straight into the backfield and you'll get all the sacks and tackles you want.' That's what I did."

When asked whether sacks provide particular excitement, Bashir said dryly, "They're OK, but I was hoping for an interception."

Meanwhile, it was left for Spires to put Coleman's speed into perspective.

"On his long [reception TD], I started off running downfield in case he needed a block," he said. "But then I said, 'Forget it. That boy's too fast.' " *

Your Comments . . .

Congratulations to the Public League for a Job Well Done.  Real Proud of You Guys!
Good Luck with Your Future Plans and Goals. 
Coach Zipay ~ Go PUB!

Ted, I'd like to congratulate the Public League on a great effort Saturday.
-- Mike Monti