Best Teammate 2004

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   La Salle's Matt Malloy, a football and baseball player, was the winner!! He compiled 45 votes to win a three-candidate race that also featured Northeast baseball player Joe Cross and Washington baseball player Ken Radziak. Dougherty's Alton "Sapp" Williams (football, basketball) and Wood's John "Gwiz" Gwiazdowski (basketball) rounded out the top five.
   We had 15 voters total for 225 points. Malloy was No. 1 on three ballots and second on four. He appeared on 13 of the 15.
   The following nominees also received first-place votes: Cross, Radziak, Williams, Gwiazdowski, Rob Forbes and Tim Smith.
  These guys finished as high as No. 2 on ballots: Williams, Gwiazdowski, Smith, Dante Bryant, Nick Sarro, Mark Wilson and Brian Grandieri.
   Thanks to everyone. Also, I hope everyone who was nominated feels extremely proud!!
   Matt received his trophy on June 14. He'll be attending La Salle University and we wish him the very best!


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Thanks to all who made nominations!

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Matt Malloy with his father, Jim. Both spoke warmly of Matt's mother,
Nobilina, who passed away in Nov. 2002 after a lengthy illness.

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The only bad thing about winning. Having to
shake hands with Ted. (smile)

   Who is the best teammate in the Public, Catholic or Inter-Ac Leagues? And why?
    Is he always upbeat? Does he never stop hustling? Is he always dependable in the clutch? Does he always know just what to say in dark moments? Does he tell great jokes? Does he set a proper tone in practice?
    Nominations for stars, "mediums" or lesser lights are encouraged. Once again: Only seniors are eligible. Athletes in any sport are eligible, though I'd imagine the winner will likely come from a sport we cover on a regular basis. 
    We'll take nominations through May 21, have the squad reach a decision and announce a winner shortly thereafter. I will spring for a handsome trophy or plaque.

     We ask baseball players to remind basketball and football guys that the contest is on, in case they haven't visited the site in a while.
    We want thoughtful nominations. We will go entirely on nominations (though I might consult coaches to be sure that everything said about a kid is on the money.)

    Thanks for participating!!
    -- Ted Silary
    P.S. -- You may make nominations anonymously.

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For ALTON "SAPP" WILLIAMS, of Dougherty football/basketball
   Well i will to nomiate the man sapp from cardinal dougherty basketball squad, Alton Williams always have way with the crowd during his time is the game he an great kid and also an great person. He is very funny , hustle all the time. For big guy he can play so ball. But he also an person that dont get recoginzed for the little things he do.
-- from cards 1# fan

ok so i look on the sight an i see that we got to put a guy thats the best teammate, an i say Alton Williams is a real good teammate, and my man to.  no man like he is appiciated by the bin as much like sapp.  sapp is a big man but he got heart bigger than his body is big.  he is funny an always does what coach ask.  he is a ferce defender, would you want this guy to guard yous?  he got alotta pride and should be the best teammate. he is a real good teammate.
-- anon.

i wuld likes to numinate Alton "Big Sapp" Williams.  He is a real good teemate whoz alwayz therre for his teemates.  he alwayz gived a hunred an ten persent durin praktice and when he was in the game he did his best.  Even thogh he a big dude he got tha biggest heart in the entire school and all tha guys an hunniez luv him. My boy is handz down tha best teemate in the Catlick league plus tha city of philly.
-- anon.

Yeah Ted ,
   This sits on bench for cardinal dougherty talented basketball squad, and just watch an learn, and help the team by leading. He also do his share when he gets in the games. The Sexy big sapp is most concernly catholic best teammate for 2004, and the big guy is athetic. My man plays football and basketball, in these both sports. Sapp is leader, and an big help to his team mates in what ever sport my man plays.
-- Sapp 1# Fan

Yo Ted I want to nominate my boy and urs Alton "SAPP" Williams of Dougherty. He is the man from the cross-over dribble to the three point shot on the hardwood and from the tackles to the forced fumbles on the football field. SAPP is hands down the best teammate in 2004. Alton is hilarious on and off the field or floor. When we use to practice all he did was make people laugh. SAPP is the total package. Even though he cut the braids he still is SEXY. So Ted you mine as well get the trophy or plague ready with Alton "SAPP" Williams name on it and bring it to Dougherty.
-- SAPP's #1 Supporter

Theres no way that my man sapp shouldnt get  this award , he an hard worker in practices, an for his size his increible atletic. Sapp is love all over the league in both sports, his man with great sportmanship. He's funniest Guy !
     i want sapp to get this award with no probelm !
--- anon

The Teammate Award of 2004, should go to ALTON '' SAPP'' WILLIAMS.  cause the big fella has character, his easly to get along with on the field or the court. Remember back in to friday nites watch sapp with he enter the game was entertaining. This is guy represent  work hard, never miss a practice, he's a guy you can depend on, in hard times. Iam leader to his teammates, and he also crack the most funniest jokes about everything.
Other reason sapp should gets the award is because he play two sports, and can play the sports good. In football his an playmaker, the captain to lead the troop. Even in blow out game but always keep his head. He's never an quits, so his teams never gives up. That Why the man the beast
           Alton '' Sapp '' Williams defininty The Best Teammate of 2004
    The Fan

Sapp is the an great guy, i been upset if Alton Will dont get this award. cause he deserve it, really. Even through alot people told him he wasnt an basketball, he still played. He never gave up and incourage his team mates. He always prove him right it people. his an funny guy, Ted,my dog sapp is the best team mate of 2004
-- Smart Guy

The Best Team mate of 2004 is no question, that dougherty's own sapp.
He's an Hard worker and dedicated to his teams in any sports. During Basketball season, sapp didnt get that much time but he was there at every practice ready to work. During football season , we didnt win alot but sapp always have his head up, with his sense of humor. his very funny guy, the type of kid that can star his own show. Alton Williams is prime example of student athletic that contains dedicated to his school and his team in both sports. Sapp is the best team mate of 2004 ! period....

For ROB FORBES, of Bonner football
   I would like to nominate Rob Forbes #49 from Monsignor Bonner football team for the best teammate award because from day one of freshman year this kid gave it his all. Even at times knowing he wouldnt get much playing time or even play at all he always kept his spirits up. He always practiced  just as hard or harder than anyone. Alot of kids who dont get alot of time or dont get to play as much as others complain or quit, Forbes never complained or was negative about it he kept positive throughout the years and stayed true to his team through it all. People have even referred to him as the "Rudy" of our team from the movie. Overall hes just a hard working guy who gave it his all and i truly believe he is the best teammate whether anyone else would say so or not.
Ryan Waters

For MATT MALLOY, of La Salle football/baseball
   i want to nominate La Salle's Matt Malloy for teammate of the year. I have played football with him for 4 years and he's been a great teammate. He's never been the biggest player but has always been one of the toughest. The kid is a hard worker and always set the tempo at practice and in games. His hard work was the reason he became a honorable mention all catholic at running back. Matt has also gotten along with all his teammates and can keep a light mood in tough times. This is why he should be teammate of the year.
-- #3

I would like to nominate Matt Malloy from La Salle Football/Baseball.  He is one of the best teammates because he is always cracking jokes and making every feel relaxed.  Not only is he great off the field but on the field he is a spark plug who provides energy for the team.
-- Chode

When picking teammate of the year you have to give it to matt malloy of LaSalle. Matt is a true leader and relates well with his teammates. He knows how to lighten the mood and pick kids up when they are down. Matt is not just a leader he is also a good athlete, and these days its hard to find both.
-- anon

  Mr. Matthew Malloy from LaSalle deserves the award for best teammate more than any other one man.  His enthusiasm and leadership game in and game out during the past football season inspired the spirits of his team and struck fear in the hearts of the opponents.  His splendid sense of humor kept difficult situations light and easy to get over.  He let his aggressive play speak for him as he was an undersized guy always getting the job done.  He carried a great relationship with all of the coaches and never excluded the younger players, always keeping in mind that the strength and unity of a team is one of the most cherishable things in life.
-- Rocks #55

Hey Ted,
       anybody that knows what a true teammate is knows Matt Malloy is one of the best. He's a born leader. He's got great spirit for both football and baseball, and is always a factor in everything he does. People say he's undersized or small, but what he may lack in size he more then makes up for in spirit and determination. My vote goes to Matt Malloy for best teammate of the year 2004.
-- anon

Mr. Silary,
    I believe Matt "The Muncher" Malloy deserves this award because of his heart and dedication to LaSalle sports and his undying selflessness.   The only way Matt Malloy was leaving the field during the game was on a stretcher.   During football games he rarely carried the ball, but every down he blocked like his life depended on it.  Matt is a great teammate and deserves this award hands down.
--- Joe Sobocinski #81/44

Ted, I want Matt Malloy to get this award. Im now at FSU and check the site frequently to check up on LaSalle and once I saw he was nominated I knew I had to give some love. Matt is one of the toughest and most competitive kids that I have ever played with in football and baseball. He is a great guy who always gives his all no matter the situation. Matt, also has great spirit and can always cheer you up with his sense of humor. No one deserves it more.
-- Doug

hey ted,
   I would like to nominate Matt Malloy for the best teammate of 2003-2004.   I recently graduated from LaSalle but have played many seasons with Matt throughout are baseball careers even before high school.  He has always shown great enthusiasm to play and deserves this award more than anyone.  He is a very tough, gritty player who simply gets the job done while at the same time has the ability to relax his teammates with a sense of humor.  Matt really enjoys playing and has contributed great effort to LaSalle Sports.  Pick this man.
-- j Hark

Mr. Silary,
     My name is Chris Mulholland, i play football for La Salle, and i just wanted to send in my vote for Matt Malloy as teamate of the year.  I cant say i've ever played with anyone, ever, that was as good of a teamate as Matt.  He's one of my best friends, and truly an amazing person.   He's been through a lot of hardship in his life, faced things that i dont honestly know if i could deal with, and all the while he was still there for us, always coming to practice, no matter how bad things got.  He took a gloryless position on the field, as you yourself noted during the season, when he was a runningback who only blocked, wouldnt even get the ball.  Not only did he not complain, but he played that position with more heart then anyone else on teh field.  He is by no means a big kid, and i saw against
kids twice his size, and putting them on their backs.  For these reasons, i put my vote in for Matt Malloy, teamate of the year.

   I would like to nominate Matt Malloy of LaSalle for best teammate of the year.  I graduated from LaSalle last year but have played football and baseball with Matt and no one deserves this award more than him.  His hard work and perserverance in practice as well as games was unsurpassed and Matt always knew how to cheer his teammates up while keeping their heads in the game.  No matter what the sitauation, Matt is always their cheering his teammates on.
-- FJ

i think Matt Malloy deserves to be the best of the 2004 year because he was a team player on and off the field. Matt was always trying to help others learn all they can from the game of football. Matt always went hard on every down and never gave up. He may not have had many carries in the year but his blocking was what he did best. That’s why Mr. Silary Matt Malloy should be the best teammate of the year for 2004.
-- anonymous

  Matt Malloy undoubtedly should win best teammate in Philly.  He always carries his team through his great personality, humor, motivation, and leadership.  He could always be counted on to crack a joke to lighten the mood, or step up and make a big play to enthuse the sidelines as well as motivate fellow players.
-- anon

Hey Ted,
I would like to vote for noneother then LaSalle's Matt "Stump" Malloy for best teamplayer for the 2004 season.  What Matt lacks in size he makes up with leadership, determination, and athleticism.  Its a shame it took him until senior year to be noticed throughout the catholic league.  He has faught through tough adversity since freshman year only to prevail as one of LaSalle's top senior athletes.  He deserves this award more than anyone.
-andy meds #57

   When it comes down to deciding the best teammate, it's got to be Matt Malloy.  For a good part of the season, Malloy's blocking was "giving our team a lift".  When he carried the ball he dug in for every inch and refused to go down. This guy is tough as nails.  Whenever the team had to endure a tough stretch, matty was always encouraging.  If we were losing late in the game, he kept the hits coming.  He led by example. More importantly, though, he’s a good kid.  He did a great job of making fun of offensive coordinator Joe Schmitt, which was greatly appreciated.  Another occasion that stands out in my mind is at camp canadensis when my man was running around at 4 in the morning yelling "Ehey Stein" to one of our coaches to come and find him.  Bottom line, I’d pick him on my team any day.
- Jack In the Box #43

without a doubt matt malloy deserves this award. though he lacks size, matt makes up for it by playing 150% every play. matt will never be the most dominating or even intimidating presence on the field he makes his presence felt by giving everything that he has to give, by doing this he makes others around him want to play that much harder. off the field matt is a great friend, and can lighten any situation. ted there is no doubt in my mind who the best teammate is for 2004. matt malloy.
-- anon

Mr. Ted Silary,
     As his TEAMMATE, not girlfriend or cheerleader or friend’s sister, I would like to nominate Matt Malloy for best teammate of 2004.  I have played football for Matt since ninth grade and baseball with him for two years.  This kid plays hard all the time, no matter how big or small the task may be.  This past season for example, Matt had 37 carries total, and only one in the first seven games!  Yet, no one would hear him complain about getting touches, scoring TD’s, or getting his name in the paper.  He did his job, at full tilt, and pushed his pride aside for the better of his team.  As a captain, you want players who can do this most of the time, and most of the time, are willing to participate.  Matt did this ALL of the time, and for his complete unselfishness and dedication to the team, Matt undoubtedly deserves best teammate of 2004. 
-- Miles Miller - # 51

   Matt Malloy is the best choice for best teammate 2004.   This guy is smaller than almost anybody out there but he still gets the job done.   Ever since freshman year his hustle was evident and you just knew that one day he'd have a serious impact on varsity.  This little guy blocked the best of them and broke open holes like no other.  He protected our golden boy QB mike lynch which was such an important task. He was the kind of kid who didn't ask questions; he just did.  He is a postive influence anywhere he is with you on the field, in the locker room, in class, and out of school. Ask anyone who's ever stepped on the field with Malloy and they will tell you that he is definitely deserving of the 2004 teammate of the year award.
-- anonymous

   Matt Malloy is definitely the best teammate for the 2004 season.  Playing four years of baseball with malloy has been such a trip.  Malloy is always goofing around in BP, helping us all to relax.  He is pretty good ballplayer too.  He is just a positive influence on the team and is good to be around. I vote malloy for best teammate.

   Yo waz up; yo I just wanted to give a holla for my friend, Matt Malloy who clearly deserves this award. I mean he is one tough-son-of-a-b***h. He's like freak-in mighty mouse except he was more guts than anyone I know. He posses great tenacity and self-will especially after having a tragedy occur in his life. He gradually overcame it and used his talent in football to continue to succeed w/ his life  He played his wing position in football like it was his last play. He gave it everything he had, and thus it proves that size doesn't matter on the field; speed and heart is what matters the most!
-- Rob

I would like to nominate my man Matt Malloy for teammate of the year.   He such a positive kid that no matter what comes in the way of the team or himself, he stays strong.  He's someone you can look up to, even you look down on him cause hes so stumplike.  But in all seriousness, Matt would do anything for his team, but more importantly his friends.  He definately deserves this because of his heart and determination in all that stands in his way.
-- anon

Matty Malloy is the man. Great teammate, sturdy student, party boy. 2004 teammate of the year? No question: Matt Malloy.
-- Joe Winning

Matt Malloy of La Salle is so deserving of this award.  This kid is there for me whenever I need him.  I had to go through a lot of hard times in my life and Malloy was more than a teammate, he was a friend.  This kid never lets anyone down.  You can count on him to make a big block, give some encouragement, and be a shoulder to lean on.  Whether he wins this award or not, I know that he is the best teammate and one of the best friends I will ever meet.

I would like to place my vote for Matthew Malloy for teammate of the year.  The kid is a flt out hgustler with loads of heart.  He has a passion for the game that can't be questioned.  He definatly deserves this award.
-- Rob

Dear Mr. Ted Silary,
  Everyone and their mothers would love to see Matthew Malloy be chosen as the teammate of the year. The young man is a spark plug with one of the biggest hearts on the planet. Sure he is not as gifted as most players, but the kid does everything and anything for his team. He was very inspirational during our season and was an excellent contributor to our success. Matthew Malloy should most certainly be chosen for teammate of the year. I would be astonished if he were to not recieve the teammate of the year award.
-- Angelo # 18

Dear Ted,
   My vote for 2004 teammate of the year goes to Matt Malloy.  Let me tell ya, this kid is a prime example of pure hardwork, dedication, and hussle. He lives is Philly, a little while from LaSalle yet still manages to find a ride to get to practice with the team on weekends. If the team ever has a problem with their "togetherness" Matt is always the first one to step up and say something to encourage us. Even when Matt is on the bench, he is always sitting on his orange basket cheering the other players on. For these reasons, and just for his plain hard work and dedication to LaSalle football and baseball, Matt Malloy should be the 2004 teammate of the year.
-- "Little Trainer"

I would like to nominate Senior Matt Malloy from LaSalle as the 2004 Best Teammate. Not only is Matt a great player on the field, but he's a hell of a great guy off it. Matt's personality alone should win him this title.
-- Murtha

For JOE CROSS, of Northeast baseball
A man of humor.
A man of leadership.
A man of talent.
A man who knows how to keep his team focused on the game while having fun at the same time.
A man named Joe Cross.
I am writing in to vote for Joe Cross as the Best Teammate of 2004. To understand why I am voting, you have to understand the kind of guy Joe is. On the field or in the halls he's a bit laid back and humorous at the same time. As a vivacious fan of Northeast baseball, I've come to my fair share of practices and games. I've seen Joe at practice keep everyone in a good spirited mood and at games keep everyone focused. Also like last year's Ken Wlodarczyk, Joe had fallen unto an injury (what's with Northeast) except this time he was able to get by and get back into the game. Regardless, while he was out of the game he came to practice and kept up his Captain duty. Once he returned to the game, he has been nothing but a positive contribution to the team. He is definitely a big reason Northeast has come this far in their season. Joe Cross is a one of a kind guy who you'd have fun knowing as well as being a solid baseball player and captain. VOTE Joe Cross 2004!!

--Fred Breeze, Northeast Senior
(Honorary Member of Randy Seidman's All-Weather Team)

i'm writing to nominate Joe Cross for best teammate of 2004. He's a great athelete, always gives 110%, and yet always seems to have such a good time. Joe hurt his shoulder at the start of the season but still came to every game and practice and did whatever he could to help the team out even DH. he's spirited, and an all around awesome person, and a great captain. vote for JOE CROSS FOR 2004!
-- heather

Joe Cross is the real deal. Wether the vikings need his amazing defense, timely hitting, or lightning speed he always comes threw in the clutch. Randy Seidman stated it best as a "hard-nosed" competiter, but thats only on the field. Off the field hes one of a kind. Joe is a fun-loving, light hearted, scholar-athlete whose in class success evenly equals his baseball success. His way of leading the vikings isnt very typical, in the way that he keeps the team focused while displaying the values of team unity, sportsmanship and fun. Not one day goes bye without hearing his loud, contagous laugh lighting up the team. Its easy to use his injury as his downfall but youll never hear him complain or give less then 150%. Joe Cross deserves this, not only because hes a class act, but because he leads this league in the only category that counts............ HEART.
-- Jason Zitman

hey ted it's your favorite manager Jade here voting yet again this year. I have known Joe Cross all four years at Northeast and the only thing I've ever known him as is a Baseball player. Joe has something unusual about him that no one else does; he plays the sport with a smile on is face. I have NEVER seen Joe put his head down in dissapointment when the team has ever lost. Joe's the kid that comes up with the funny lines that lifts the spirit of everyone up like his famous "dumps like a truck now". And then there's the famous waking up the bats when we're down a few runs.  there is not one person in the A division who couldn't point Joe Cross out in a crowd. He is in a League of his own he deserves to be Best Teammate 04. thanks alot Ted and Everyone VOTE FOR JOE!!! You're the best JOE!!!!!!
Your Northeast Manager,

hey ted,
   I am writing in for my boy JOE CROSS.He has takin kens role over nicely and has proven himself as the best teammate. Even though i left the team early because of problems with the coach, Joe still reminded me how much he missed me on the team. As an EX-player at northeast i know what he means to us in the locker room, on the field, and in the halls. If u remember our little skid in the middle of the season, Joe is the reason they sit in 2nd place ready to head into the playoffs on a good note. He held a team meeting an got everyones head back into playing baseball, which, resulted in Frankfords demise. Like ken he suffered an injury in the begining of the season, but, came to every practice an game just like ken and kept everyone in good spirits. I can remember him throwing alittle at practice an seeing his face cringe everytime he threw the ball. The pain was that severe but his will and determination to be with th! e team was even more powerful. Joe often goes unoticed by the papers an the league for his talents, But being the kind of guy joe is it didnt matter who got the ink as long as we got the W. Last year this honor went to Ken and if you ever could pick someone to suceed him, it has to be Joe cross. Just as ken did he over came injury, staked his claim as "the captain" of the vikings, and just stayed positive when it looked like it would be easier to quit. JOE CROSS BEST TEAMMATE 2004 WITHOUT A DOUBT!.
-- Jay Banks

Ahoy Ted!
I would like to nominate Joe Cross for best teammate 2004.  Joe is the kind of guy that seems to make everything fun no matter what it is.  But he also knows how to get down to business when necessary.  He is an inspiration to all.  Arghhh! Joe Cross, what a guy!
--Cap'n Dubb

Even though I only knew Joe Cross for about 5 years he has proven to me to be the best guy to have around. He has leader qualities in sports but also in his friendships, he is always helping people out. While on the baseball team he lead his team to 2nd place by rallying his other players to stop messing around and to start playing baseball. I have all the faith in him to lead the Vikings into the playoffs for a championship contention. I Love Joe Cross......Vote for Him for 2004!!!!
-- anon

Being the "best teammate" is a relative term, and I will define it the way Joe Cross defines it. He is courageous, strong, supportive, friendly, hilarious, and most of all loving towards everyone on his team. He is a true friend, and a great athlete. His leadership has held the baseball team together through some difficult times, and he has deserved the title of "Best Teammate 2004".
-Asja Sever

I'm writing to nominate Joe Cross. He's an awesome person and a great athlete. He's shows his leadership on and off the Field. Played hurt during the season,you can't ask for more then that from on of your teams captain. Give's 110% effort and is always up even when his team is down.
-- anon

Hey Ted I just wanted to nominate Joe Cross for Best Teammate of the year, 2004. Joe is one of the happiest kids you'll ever see playing the game. Just like last year Joe was injured and still manages to give his entire heart to his team, At every practice and every game. He's the teams best captain and always has their heads up high no matter what's going on in the game. We all know he's the best man for the job and this award! VOTE JOE 2004!
-Ashley Sieger

i nominate Joe Cross from Northeast High School for this category. he is an amazing person as well as a teammate. he is always willing to teach other players as well as learn to improve himself.  hes a great player and friend. whenever i have needed him for anything he has alway been there to lend a helping hand, and i know that he carries that same compassion onto the field with him everyday. he eminates leadership and is a great asset to any organization.
-- anon

   I've never seen a team come together after such tough losses in the middle of the season like this bunch did. I go to just about all the games and everytime I'm there, Joe Cross is there giving the team the motivation and confidence they need to win. You don't have to be on the team to be able to tell that Joe Cross is a true leader.
-- Alicia

    I would like to nominate Joe Cross for the honor of Best Teammate of 2004! I could not think of anyone else who is more dedicated to a team! Joe puts one hundred and ten percent into any thing he does. Especailly when it comes to our Northeast Varsity Baseball team! Joe is an extremely dedicated individual on and off the baseball diamond.
         Joe has not only been a member of the baseball team that I cheer for; but he has been a classmate for four years, and also a friend. Two qualities that serperate Joe from the crowd are his sense of humor and his optimism. To me, Joe's personality defines what it means to be a wonderful friend, and an outstanding teammate.
        I feel Joseph Cross is the best suited player in all of Philadelphia to be honored with such a title as Best Teammate of the Year 2004.
-- anon

   im voting for joe cross for best teamate of the year because he is an all around great athelete and is dedicated on and off the field to his athletics.
-- anon

   I vote  Joseph Cross for Best Teammate 2004. A great guy and a great athlete. This man deserves the cake! I couldnt think of anyone better. Joe surely will not let you down. VOTE JOE CROSS FOR BEST TEAMMATE 2004.
~Shauna K.

   I am Nominating Joe Cross for Best Teammat of 2004. Like many other people have already said Joe is a great kid.   He keeps hsi grades up, is captain and still has time to go out and do what every other teenage kid wants to do; that is have fun.

The best teammate in the Public, Catholic or Inter-Ac leagues is Joe Cross.  Why?
Joe is always upbeat and cheerful; he never lets me down with that beautiful smile. He never stops hustling, just look at the sweat on his body after playing ball.  He's always dependable in the clutch, like this one time i asked him to help Northeast break Frankford's winning streak and he kept his promise to me.  He always knows just what to say in dark moments when there seems to be no hope.  And he tells great jokes. "Why are baseball players so cool? They always have their fans there!"......get it?  I love that one!  When I watch practice from a distance, he is always setting the proper tone for training.  "Practice like a champion today, be a champion tomorrow." Best Teammate 2004 equals Joe Cross.   I just wanted to let you in on the news, Ted. Love you Joe!
-"Crazy to be, in Love With J.C." Pip

hi ted,
   this is jasmine, one of the other baseball managers from NE (jade's twin). i would like to nominate #23, joe cross. ive known joe since our freshman year, and have been a manager for him every year he's played (JV and Varsity) so ive seen what this kid has been. joe is NEVER one to put his head down. if the team is in a bad spot, he's the first one at the fence making sure his teammates are ok. if youve been to a northeast game this year, then you know he's always telling the team to talk it up, or screaming some of his original catch phrases like "DUMPS LIKE A TRUCK NOW" or "THIS IS BASEBALL!!".  if he sees someone down, he does his absolute best to make sure that person is back in good spirits. joe is also a true competitor too, as well as a true team player.  he suffered an injury earlier this season, but was always suited up for games and at every practice. he would do what he could, whether it was being the DH or just running for someone else. he wanted to help despite his injury. now he's doing better with his injury and, like always, is giving 150 % into the game. 
   like i said before, ive known joe for four years now. he's not only just a basball player to me, but he's a friend, just like he is to MANY other people. ive come to see that everything he does for the team, he does with his friends, whether it be his closest or just a school friend. if he sees a friend down, he cheers them up and reassures them that things will be cool. ive seen him do this several times on and off the field. this is why joe cross

Joe Cross… could there BE a better candidate for best teammate of 2004?  I think not.  When I saw the nominations, the first thing that came to my mind was ‘how can anyone even compare to Joe Cross?  For he is truly the epitome of “best teammates.”’  It is certainly evident that when Joe steps onto the baseball field he strives to be a champion, but what is even more admirable is the fact that he wants each and every one of his fellow teammates to be champions as well.  Joe’s talent level certainly warrants him to have an egotistical approach to the sport, but instead, he humbly uses his experience and knowledge of the game to bring out the best in every member of the team.  Joe’s dedication, determination, and strong leadership skills have proven time and time again to be the “glue” that holds the Northeast baseball team together.  It’s one thing for a member of the team to notice Joe’s effect, but it’s another story when bystanders continuously comment on the impact he has had on the team over the past few years.  Joe is the player, student, friend, and teammate that others strive to imitate, and as a captain myself, it has been truly inspiring to see how much admiration people have for him.  I think I speak for many when I say that there isn’t one person that crosses paths with Joe Cross whose life isn’t touched in a positive way.  Joe is nothing short of amazing.   When you’re losing by one in the 7th inning… Joe Cross is the teammate that provides the inspiration to win; When you’re down in the dumps… Joe Cross is the teammate who will give you a laugh that will brighten up your day; When you’re having a killer practice and don’t think you can run around the bases another time… Joe Cross is the teammate who will offer words of encouragement that will push you along every step of the way; but most of all… when you’re in need of a friend… Joe Cross is the teammate who’s always there with open arms.  VOTE JOE CROSS FOR BEST TEAMMATE 2004!!!!!!!!!! 
-- Kristin

   hi! i definately nominate joe cross for best teammate 2004. he's an awesome player, he plays his best no matter what condition he's in, and he is respected be his team! not only is he a great athlete, he's a great guy!
-- Mal W.

Joe cross is the heart of the northeast team. An amazing hitter and feilder. Most of all he is a great teammate, and has the most sportsmanship.
-- Jack Ross

   I nominate 'Joltin' Joe Cross! He is all that is man. He wears #23 on the field. He also reminds me of another 23. Yes thats right MJ. And Joe Cross Jr. has battled through thick and thin, rotator cuff injuries and all else, but he triumphantly returned each and every time just like Michael Jordan, returned from retirement. Just like MJ rose above the rim, 'JC' rises above our hearts. And if you questioned him once throught this season, then now is the time to have all eyes on him, As the Vikings push towards the championship,  you will see Joe Cross push towards leadership and he wil succed in all that he does. VIKINGS AND JOE CROSS IN 2004!!!!
-- anon

Hey ted long time no talk. I was over looking the site and i saw that yet another NE baseball player was being nominated for teammate of the year. I didn't expect no one else but to see Joe Cross at the top of it all. The games I showed up to this year I was not disapointed in my decision of making him one of the captains of the 2004 season. He shows leadership he plays hard. During the game against Frankford he did not let his players sit on the bench. Anytime one of them sat down he was on them telling them to get up. I heard he also had a shouler injury to start off the season and came back from that had a an awsome year. The heart Joe Cross has should get him teammate of the year. What a guy and what a player. Also, what a captain.
Good Luck NE bring the Chip back to Cottman and Algon
Good luck Joe Cross.

-- Teammate of the year 2003 Kendo

Joe cross is an amazing player...even though i have only known joe for almost 2 years i know he is a great athlete and teamate. Joe is such a clown he can make anyone luagh even in a depressing moment. Although he does tend to get mad but then again who doesn't. i know as an athlete i do the same but then i try to pick myself up as Joe does. Joe is not only Northest's team captain he is a great friend. Joe Cross is by far one of the best people I know. Joe was injured this year but he stayed with it and that to me is a great person and player. Joe's team was hurt by this but he went to practice to keep them up and to let them know that he was ok. Joe today is still playing great and still rooting for NORTHEAST. I nominate Joe Cross for best teammate.
-- From Amanda Gutmaker

I would like to vote for Joe cross of Northeast High school's baseball team, if you are looking for a guy that always picks his team up whent their heads are down, Joe is your man, if you are looking for a player that never gives up hope, Joe is your man> Joe is the kid who many feel is a big brother to them, always willing to do what he can to help on and off the field, a world-class guy with talent, charisma, and always a good sport.
consider Joe for this award he really deserves it
-- Tom Depiera, Northeast High School senior and sports editor for the paper

hey ted,
   i am here to nominate Joe Cross for teammate of the year 2004. Like kenny, joe injured his shoulder at the begnning of the season, and off the bat, heard he would be done for the season. some other guys might call it quits then, not joe. joe learned that from last years best teammate kendo. now, our starting shortstop, and captain of the team would be sidelined. joe kept with the team, at the practices and the games doing what he could to be our "10th man". If there was a "10th man" award, that should go to Joe Cross too. joe became a leader - i watched him as he taught the younger kids how to play short stop, when and where to take the cut off, and how to keep your head up and into the game. mid season, joe came back to play 2nd base because he didnt have the arm to throw from short. having a hurt joe cross is better than having no joe cross.i have known joe for four years on and off the field. hes also such a great person to know off the field. i have the honor of sitting next to him in el func this year, and there isnt one day that passes where we dont pull pranks on each other. thats the kind of guy joe is - easy going, and fun to be around. always makes ya smile. these other nominees have nothing over joe cross. spend a day with him and you'll agree. remember - JOE CROSS, BEST TEAMMATE 2004 - "SEAGULS ON THE POND NOW"
-northeast teammate Craig Solomon (solly) # 21 pitcher

For MARK WILSON, of Furness (multi-sport manager)
   Mr. Silary, I would like to nominate mark wilson of Furness, although our school is small and not very successful except for the boys volleyball team Mark is the manager of both basketball teams both volleyball teams and helps out with the baseball team, i believe no student is as dedicated as mark to his school, his day never ends before 6pm,his positive attitude and hard work ethic is the glue that keeps our sports program together. He keeps team morale up always cheering and supporting the teams even in defeat. No one deserves this award more than mark "the big dog" wilson. Please ted take a couple of minutes and call are ad dave connolly about the role mark play in our athletics. or baseball coach Bob Weidinger.

For KEN RADZIAK, of Washington baseball

Hey Ted,
       My nomination for Best Teammate of the Year for 2004 is Ken Radziak.  Not only is Ken a best friend of mine, he is also the best teammate I have ever played with.  I am not going to send you the usual characteristics of a potential winner, such as he has a lot of heart, or he always plays as hard as he can.
       The game of baseball is supposed to be fun, and many players, including myself at times forget that.  We press, we get angry, and we just get down on ourselves.  Ken is the only teammate I've ever had that has made the game consistently fun for me no matter what I do.  Not many people can have games where they go 0-3, make an error, and still have a lot of fun, but, that is the type of guy Ken is (not to say he has ever done that), and that attitude keeps our whole team in check.   His attitude and his sense of humor are unparallelled, and oh yea, he's one heck of a player, consistently making incredible stops at third base and making good throws so I don't have to stretch far and rip my boxers.
       Ken Radziak is the best teammate of 2004, and the best I've ever been associated with. -
                    Eric Seidman, 1B, George Washington Eagles

Hey Ted,
             I would like to nominate Ken Radziak for your teammate of the year award. I've been playing with Ken for 4 years now at George Washington. We've had our good times and our bad times as a team throughout a given season. Without Ken Radziak lighting up the mood, putting things in perspective, and stepping up his game during the games that mattered the most, it would have been much more difficult to get past those cloudy days. Ken has been starting since 10th grade and he has always made great contributions on and off the field. He is the definition of class, character, and humor off the field. On the field, he is one of the best defensive third basemen I've ever seen. He's a human vacuum cleaner who is willing to stop the ball with his teeth if he had to. He's also had some of the clutchest hits in the most important games. Finally, he's one of my best friends and he is possibly the best teammate I've ever had.
-- Brian Morgan, CF#41, Washington Eagles

Dear Ted,
   Ken Radziak, The Diving Dirt Devil, possesses all of the respectable qualities of an excellent teammate.  His sense of humor, which permeates on the field and off, provides the motivation that, at times, has catapulted Washington Baseball into success.  Not questioning Ken's athletic abilities at the plate or in the field, as I've seen him achieve what before I thought was impossible, time and time again, but, often times, this game of baseball, stretches far BEYOND a man's talent and capabilities, and rather, focuses upon his heart, his determination, and his character.  These qualities seperate the capable athletes of the game from those heros that step on the great baseball diamond.  Ken possesses a certain engrained intangible that cannot be taught BY ANY Coach.  I'd go to war for Ken Radziak, and I'm sure he'd do the same for me.  For these reasons, I wish to nominate Ken Radziak as Teammate Of The Year.

Hey Ted,
I would like to nominate Ken Radziak as Teammate of the year of 2004. I've played with Ken for 2 years at Washington, and I've never seen a person who is as upbeat as him. Ken is always smiling and having a good time, and it seems as if nothing gets him down. Whether he goes 0-4 or 4-4 his attitude never changes, and is always cheering on his teammates. It's not just on baseball field that makes Ken such a great person, but in school as well. Ken's always laughing and joking around in the hallways, and it makes you want to be around him so much more. You could be in terrible mood, and Ken would just say something stupid that would just make you laugh and make you feel a lot better. Not only is he a great person but he is one of the best defensive third baseman I've ever seen, from my vantage point in left field, from what I though were sure singles were eaten up by Ken at third make diving stops, and throwing out guys from his knees, hes one of the best, and t! his is why i nominate Ken Radziak at Teammate of the Year of 2004!!!
--Matt Yankowitz, LF #30, George Washington Baseball--

Hey Ted,
I would like to nominate Ken Radziak as teammate of the year, 2004.  This is my first year playing at the varsity level for Washington baseball and Ken is one of the reasons that i want to keep playing.  He is one of the most upbeat players that ive ever had the oppurtunity to play with.  His heart is unmatched by anybody in the league and his ability to keep us having fun is unbelievable.  Even when the team is down, Ken is there to crack a joke or make a play that gets us all back in the game.  I call him the human baseball action figure because of some of the great plays that he makes.  Ken deserves this award because he is a one of a kind teammate.  THat is why i vote for Ken Radziak for teammate of the year, 2004!!!
-- Jason Charney, George Washington Baseball

Hey Ted,
I would like to nominate Ken Radziak as Teammate of the Year 2004. This is only my first year playing with him but i luckily got the chance of seeing what a great teammate really is.  He is a great person no matter where he is. Whether it is on the baseball field or off the baseball field, Ken always tries his hardest to help himself and help others. He is always willing to have fun and his winning attitude never changes.  Ken is the best defensive thirdbasemen I have ever palyed with.  He does anything he can to stop the ball from being a potential base hit.  This year i got the pleasure of being his backup thirdbaseman.  If i was having a bad practice he would always be there to help me out and keep me optimistic about everything.  Ken is truely the best teammate ever, and if he doesnt deserve Best Teammate of the Year 2004, i honestly do not know who does.
--Michael Werb, #6, Washington Eagles

  I am a first year varsity baseball player at George Washington High School and I have had the honor and privilege of making the team before a certain player graduates.  This player I made a reference to is one that personifies baseball, not just baseball at George Washington, but the entire game as a whole.  He is the teammate that everyone, even those that hate everything about the game and those that play it at our school, love.  He is the captain that will find the kid that my not possess enough talent to ever come off of the bench and go sit next to him in between innings.  There he sits and talks to the younger, weaker player about the game, getting his seemingly insignificant perspective just so he feels as if he matters to the outcome of the game.
  He, who is Ken Radziak,  may be the only ballplayer on the planet that will walk to the plate with the bases loaded in the last inning, or take the mound for warm ups and let out a Raptor call.  Honestly, who does that?  Ken does, and it makes everyone, the coaches of both teams, the umpires, the opposing pitcher, catcher, and all of us on the bench.  No matter the situation Ken makes everyone at the ball field remember that we are playing a game.
 At the conclusion of this years 2004 season, I feel that the character we develop inside the diamond and take off into our lives is more important than the potential hardware.  Don't get me wrong, WE WANT IT, AND SO DOES KEN!  Thats a great guy and a heck of a nominee for teammate of the year.

-- Chris Z.

   Hey Ted what's up for 2004 i nominate Kenny Razz of Washington to be the teammate of the year this kid is a one of a kind i mean this kid would do anything for you if it was off the field and you are having problems he is there for you on the field no matter what hell do anything to make you laugh like for example when i played Varsity as a Sophomore last year the team was on a losing streak and practice was getting pretty difficult so homeplate was all muddy for the night before rainstorm so we had to do temple Drill (Running Around the basepath) And Kenny came in running in to home plate and dove head first into the mud and the whole team laughed and had a great time from the point on in the season everyone was a little more upbeat and we ended up going on like a 7 game winning streak i mean ken is the type of kid who will do anything in the hall way hell pass you and give you a big high five and say ill see you out at the game when we whoop some booty and then hell fall in the hall way on purpose to make you laugh so you go into the game on a good note not to mention this kid looks like Scott rolen down at third base this kid has made some stops down there i am surprised the phillies aren't scouting him yes this kid isn't all pub yes he isn't MVP BUT HE IS THE BEST TEAMATE OUT THERE SOOO PLEASE AWARD KENNY RAZ WITH THE HONOR OF TEAMMATE OF THE YEAR BECUASE WHAT KENNY DID FOR OUR PROGRAM OVER AT WASHINGTON IS AMASEING LONG LIVE KENNY RAZ
-- Matt Peterson C #5 Washington baseball

Ken Radziak is a great guy. He never gets down on anyone and is always ready with a joke or something crazy to loosen everyone up. I've known him for four years now and I can't remember one time when I've been around Ken and I haven't laughed or had a good time. He knows how to play baseball and he is a credit to the sport. He always tries his hardest no matter what the situation.
Ken is a good friend of mine and we'd all love to see him get this award because he truly deserves it. He's a great teammate, a great
friend, and an all around great guy.

-- Adam Eisman, Washington Baseball

hey  ted,
  i would like to nominate Ken Radziak as teammate of the year 2004..Ken is always so energetic whether its on the baseball field for a game or if we're just having practice.  he really is a good teammate.. Ken is just that type of player who makes a  mistake and he isnt really mad at himself and jus eats up the next one that comes his way and mkaes the play and he always cheers for his teammates. He motivates the whole team in his sense of humor kind of way and it works.... sooo if ne one gets the teammate of the 2004 year it should be Kenny "raptor Radziak...
-- Bill Jamieson RF #2 George Washington Baseball

   my nomination for best teammate of the year for 2004 is ken radziak...... i know it sounds weird cause im not on his high school team, but i knew kenny for quite a while now. he has been a good friend and teammate to me for all these years.. i used to play somerton baseball with him and he is a the funnest dude out there. he made the team play better because he always took the tenseness out of the game..thats help when your young ..he still helps me this year when im stressing about games or anything i know kenny will be there to talk to me.. i seen him around his  gwh teamates down in flordia  this year and he is well respected. he plays his heart out in every game good or bad he gives 150%.....thats why i have tons of respect for my good friend kenny....also on a side note, back in the day   he called me every nite to tell me what color jersey to wear cause we had like 3 different colors to wear and i always got them confused...( thank for that buddy haha) to finsish i think he deserves this award for every thing hes done for his teamates and i..hes is what you call a       " team player " and never brings nothing negative on or off the field... teamate= friend= leader he has all three.                                                                          thank and good luck this year to the pub...lets get that win at the carpenter cup this year fellas
...joe farina#19 fkd!

   Hi im voting for this years 2004 teammate of the year to be Ken Radziak. Ken is one of the goofiest guys I know on and off the field. I think Ken has really done some crazy things this year, but at the same time been an amazing ball player.  Ken's head is always in the game one funny way or the other. When hes on the field hes a dirt devil and when hes up to bat hes fearless. Hes always backing up a player if something goes bad in the field like an error or bad play he will tell you to shake it off or calm down or even do something funny to cheer you up. Even if he makes a mistake which is rare for clutch kenny he will just eat up the next play with something spectacular. I learned all this while on the trip with the rest of the GW Eagles in florida and in the regular season, and thought what a big hearted guy who never looks down after something goes wrong. Ken you got my vote kid along with the rest of us you deserve it! WAY TO GO 08 KID!

Hey Ted,
This is Jason Welte, former player, teammate & now assistant coach at George Washington. I just wanted to let everyone out there know how special of a player Ken Radziak is. Ken's goal on the field is not only to win, but win and have fun at the same time. I don't think there has been a conversation between him and I where he hasn't made me laugh. He always keeps the mood easy when the team is being lectured, and his side comments are priceless. Ask him about the "Raptor" that came out in Florida, something none of us will forget. I feel bad for Ken sometimes, because he seems to be left out of the light, and he really deserves more than he gets. He's an absolute awesome student in the classroom, and when it comes to baseball, the kid is an outstanding athlete. I'm very proud to say I've had an opportunity to play together with Ken, and now coach him. Give this award to someone who really works hard, and deserves the credit, which he hasn't been shown. Thanks Ted!
--#19 Jason Welte--

For NICK PILEGGI, of Wood football

   i would like to nominate nick pileggi from the archbishop wood championship foot ball team...he was a great senior and commander of the sidelines, he always gave his all in practice,never gave up and was a very tough kid....he is the definition of a great teammate
-- justin stedman

For BRIAN GRANDIERI, of Malvern basketball

Dear Ted,
I would like to nominate Brian Grandieri from Malvern Prep, for teammate of the year. As you all know Brian was First Team All Inter-Ac, First Team All-City, and State Player of the Year in class AAA. Most people know of his talents and how he will be playing at Penn next year. But that is only the tip of the iceburg when telling how great of a teammate Brian Grandieri is. I was a freshman playing JV and I hadn't really known Brian too well before I started practicing. But from the beginning he really made it a warm welcome. Brian is one of the most up beat people I know and he would bring that excitment to practice every day. Each and every day when the teams split up I felt as if he was making me a better player, whether he was on my team or not. If I was on his team he would make the pefect pass, and if we were playing eachother we would just go at it and get better. I can't wait to watch Brian play at the Palestra next year, for he deserves it from all his hard work. I think Brian Grandieri should be this year's best teammate because he truly is a great one.
-- Sincerely, Paul Ostick

I would like to nominate Brian Grandieri of Malvern Prep Basketball for the best teammate for 2004. He was 1st team all city, 1st team all inter-ac, and state AAA player of the year and deserves of all of it because he works harder than everyone else. He is the best teammate simply because he is the ultimate team player and does everything for the team. He doesn’t think he is better than anyone else and he treats everyone on the team with respect. He is one of the funniest kids I have ever met and keeps everyone loose in the locker room. He also did charity work by collecting money for the American cancer society every time he scored a certain amount of points. He made me feel at ease when I joined the team as a manager and it just goes to show what kind of player and person he is and that is why he is the best teammate for 2004.
-A Redheaded Manager

For DANTE BRYANT, of Roxborough football

  DANTE BRYANT..roxborough. i would nominate him, not only as the best teammate but as the best running back in roxborough history. He was the only senior in the public league with 1,000+ yards. He has a great personality and awareness on the field, keeps the team with positive attitude. DESPITE the INDIANS losing efforts in last seasons, they have finally overcome that 2win season to boost coach SKI's adrenaline to do better in the future! GOOD JOB DANTE!!
--from UR #1 FAN MR. J.M.

For DeSEAN WHITE, of Dougherty basketball

When i saw on the site that there were nominations for teammate of the year two words came to my mind. Desean White!!! He's a coach on and off the floor.  He is a tutor on the skills of the game or can help you in your love life.  He never has a problem juggiling the both.  His popularity is great both with the ballers and the ladies(wink wink) D.White never misses a chance to holler at you before, during, after, or the day later about your performance in a game. In the end i know its only to reassure us that its our fault and not his. He kinda reminds me of that Leon guy from the beer commercials. I love him with all my heart and know that he is as good a player as he says he is. Sapp was cool but Sean was the "BTO 2004".
P.S. Its gonna be a tough call between D. White and Boonah
-- Geeeez

For RYAN SWEET, of Franklin Towne Charter baseball

Hey Ted,
   Ryan Sweet Deserves the award because he always gets us ready to play with starting the steches before every practice and game. When the team need to get up he get every one up by getting everyone calpin and cheering on the bench or when ever we need a clutch hit he come up big then backs it up with stellar d. Hes a real  team play he'll give you tips and he'll do anything to help his team all he wants to do is win> And without his leadership on and offf the feild Franklin Towne Baseball would not be as good as it is. He  is also could compony get every one pump p on the bus and in team meetings. That why ryan Sweet should be 2004 Best Teammate. he Will be missed next season.
Bryon Kelly
Ftc Baseballs Rocks

For KEVIN GARDNER, of West Catholic baseball

Dear Ted Silary,
    I am a very frequent vistort to your site and I read every article that there is posted about baseball. I hope to be posted up on the site one day soon for my valiant efforts, but we`ll eait and see if that ever occurs. I am sorry for going off course of what I was here for. My nomination for Teammate of the Year is Kevin Gardner. I have known this kid my whole life and he has always had inspiration in whoever he has come across, he is also a very good athlete, maybe not a star, but he is in the process of becoming one. He has uspported me on all the teams we have played for and I have done the same for him in return. This guy never quits on anything he sets his mind out to do. Baseball might not be the best sport that our school has to offer, but he tries to make it worth every moment and he puts his heart and soul in the game. In conclusion, what I would say about Kevin Gardner is that he is an extraordinary guy who has brightened the souls of our teammates even when we are in the darkest abyss.
--anonymous (Kev knows who it is and it is well deserved if he wins)

   Yo Ted, how are you? I'd like to take this time to tell you alittle something about my man, kevin Gardner. Known around West as SpEcIaL k. The nick-name suites him very well because he is indeed Special, not only to me but to all his teammates. I played football with Special since i was a frosh playing varsity and the first day i stepped onto West's football field (summer after 8th grade graduation) kev always supported me and i did the same for him. over the years at West i came to realize just how "Special" kev is not only can he play both baseball and football, but Ted, My man can dance. See when you think about kev or see him in the hallway in school you just see a young man that is the definition of a person with charisma, someone everyone just seems to want to be around. Kev always has his head up through the thick and the thin. And i'm really going to miss him when he graduates in June, West just won't be the same without him.
       Thanks Ted,
       Chris Diaferio # 33 (You'll be seeing me this season)

For JOHN "GWIZ" GWIAZDOWSKI, of Wood basketball

Yo Ted,
    I'm nominating John "Gwiz" Gwiazdowski. This year Gwiz had to change roles from a starter to coming off the bench. He accepted his role and never complained. He knew it was best for the team. Gwiz was always at practice working hard and when the games came, he was ready to play. Many of the players on the Freshman team live by Gwiz, and he would wait around until they were done practicing, and he would drive them all home. What a kid! He's always optimistic in the locker room and Gwiz's presence will be missed greatly next year.

Yo Ted,
    John Gwiz had excellent leadership and always had a positive word for his teamates.  Early in the season when the team was struggling Gwiz had a memorable locker room speech to help rejuvenate our team.  He reminded us that it was still early in the season and we still had a chance for it to be a memorable one.  He told us that we were gonna make the playoffs and he would carry us on his back.  Little did we know that this would be true especially in the pre-playoff game against North Catholic at Ryan.  Gwiz
came off the bench and gave us an energy lift.
-------Pat Binder

I would like to nominate John Gwiazdowski also known as Gwiz,a senior basketball player from Archbishop Wood, as teammate of the year.  Gwiz didn't always see the floor, but when he did, he made an impact. (ex: North Catholic Pre-Playoff) Gwiz always worked hard in practice and really challenged everybody on the floor. Gwiz has always been a fan favorite and everybody loves the way he runs up and down the floor.Gwiz is an excellent free throw shooter and is a decent dunker for a man of his size . Gwiz has worked hard these past four years and he deserves all the success has has received. Thats why Gwiz deserves the award as best teammate of 2004
-The Mearny Bird

Hey Ted,
   I would like to nominate one of the best kids I know... John Gwiz. He definately sets a great example for the under classman. John wasn't born with natural talent, so he had to work his butt off to become a great player. Gwiz never saw any game out of reach and always played with enthusiasm. The kid has heart, thanks Gwiz.
---Ryan "RTmoney" Tinari

hey ted,
i'm nominating john gwiz from archbishop wood basketball. i've known gwiz my whole life and have played basketball with him my whole life. i couldnt ask for a better teammate or friend. gwiz has gone through some tough times to become the great person he is today. he's a hard worker and loves the game. he's always positive and is constantly keeping his teammate's heads up with his encouragement from the bench. he's by far the best teammate in the city.

   I didn't play much for basketball, a lot of J.V. and suited for varsity, but while I was up at the Varsity level, nervous as all sophmores are at that level, there was one person in particular that cooled me down and helped me.  His name is John Gwiazdowski (Gwiz).  Gwiz was a senior this past year and was a main part of our team when we made our run at the playoffs, and our near victory at LaSalle University over powerhouse Cardinal Dougherty.  Whenever Gwiz wasn't in the game, I tried to sit next to him on the bench, he taught the game to me like Herb McGee, a true basketball mastermind.  Gwiz was always the last one to leave practices, while Coach Sette was trying to lock up the locker rooms and get the balls away, you could always find Gwiz with a ball working on his foul shooting.  Every thursday night before our friday games, we'd have a pasty party at someone's house, and I'd always hop in Gwiz's car and let him drive me over, cause I truely valued him as a teammate and a friend.He'd smile through the whole practice, picking people up when they were down, and never needed it in return.  I never had to say, "Don't worry about it, Gwiz, get them next time."  because everytime I started to, he'd pick up his head and make a great hustle play to make up for a mistake on the other side of the floor.  Gwiz started his Junior year, but Rob Pearson took over at the center position, but Gwiz didn't sulk and complain.  He pushed himself harder, which in return, pushed Rob harder, making them both better players for us.  Everytime we watched film, Gwiz grabbed the first seat closest to the screen and you couldn't take his head off of what he was watching, no matter what.  Sorry if I rambled on too much, but I just wanted you to know how much he deserves this, and I could say way more about Gwiz if I had the time.  My name is Chris Crawford, I'll be playing next year, hope to see you at some games.  Go Vikings!

Chris Crawford

  Ted, I would like to nominate, Archbishop Wood Senior John Gwiazdowski for teammate of the year. I graduated two years ago, but Gwiz was a memeber of the varsity team my senior year.I also followed the team the last two years after my graduation. I have seen Gwiz develop as an athlete, a student, and a person. He has overcome a few hardships in his life to become the young man he is today. I always tried to be a role model for Gwiz and whether or not I was or not, I was pleased to hear he has been a role model for some of the younger athletes in the program. He accepted a smaller role this year, going from starter last year to coming off the bench this year. He handled the move with class and dignity and still remained positive and upbeat throughout the year. Whenever he got his opportunity he made the best of it and contributed to the team anyway possbile. He is a great teammate and a great friend and I don't think there is anyone more deserving than this young man . I wish him nothing but the best of luck and much enjoyed success at college. Thanks for the consideration
Blair Klumpp- Former Viking

For MICHAEL BRINO, of GAMP basketball

I will like to nominate Michael Brino of gamp basketball. I will like to nominate Michael brino because even though Gamp never won a game he stuck with his team and put points on the board and encouraged the rest of his teammates that a game is not over till its over. Michael is a leader off and on the court. He is GAMPs Student council president of the school. With him playing both basketball and being the president of gamp he is leaving a trade mark on gamp and gamp students.
-- Adam M.

For TIM SMITH, of Dougherty basketball

Hey Ted,
   I am an student from cardinal dougherty high school and i want to nominate TIMMY SMITH.  He is the smoothest person I know. He played three years with a team full of diversity and still managed to be a great teammate  to everyone.  T-I-M is never made and is always positive when something is negative. This year when they mentioned dougerty's team he wasnt always the topic. But in big games he steped up and was a great player and teammate.  He will always help you work on your game plus be there for you to pick you up when your down.  Timmys not just a great teammate he is a great person period.  T-I-M NO RIM should be the one from dougherty to win this award, no offense to the other Dougerty nominees "BIRD" and SAPPERONNI" but Tim's a shoe in to win. Best of luck to the other guys nominated your gonna need it running against Tim.  And to all the little kids who want to play like timmy smith just drive to the lane and Bilal Benn it. Just kick it out. And I dont even know why GEEEZ mentioned BONNAH he dont go to our school.
------- The one and only Chris"young Gunner" Magnum!!

For NOAH COOPER, of Haverford School baseball

    Noah Cooper is one of the co-captains on the Haverford School Baseball team. That statement begins to define who “Coop” is, but comes nowhere close to describing what he means to the Haverford School and his teammates in terms of his camaraderie, leadership and guidance. This year we have what has proven to be the youngest team in the Inter-Ac league. Noah has been the driving force, the inspiration and the helping hand that has guided the way for us. He has made it possible for us to be close in every game we played this year. We’ve made a lot of mistakes (mental and physical) and without exception, Coop has always been there for everyone of us. I remember a hard hit ball that I fielded at third (early in the season), and throwing off balance, I airmailed first base which allowed the go ahead run to score. The inning before Coop had just knocked in two runs which seemingly clinched the game for us. His big hit had made him the hero of the game, and I just took that away. But before I could even take the time to try to talk myself out of feeling bad, here comes Noah, all the way in from center field, telling me to shake it off and making me feel like it was all ok. And it was. We went on to win the game in our last at bat, because he had us all thinking positive about ourselves. Coop constantly puts his own feelings last and his teammates first. Noah always knows what to say to his teammates. He has been our motivation since preseason. He has taught every one of us to pick each other up when things get tough. Coop graduates this year but the legacy he leaves behind will shine for the next few years here at Haverford. We owe it to Noah to see that it does. I’m just one of the underclassmen at Haverford who had a great experience this year. My only disappointment is that I will get just one year to play along side this teammate of teammates.
-- Jimmy McConlogue
Freshman Haverford School

For NICK "S.DOT" SARRO, of Roman football/wrestling

     Nick sarro there is literally no better man in Roman catholic high school. Nick knows Every i mean EVERY kid in roman and ive never met a kid that has more stories. He even won a dance contest at our prom. Hes the most dedicated kid i know he came into roman weighing 150 lbs now is at a healthy 240 and started every game for roman this year. No1 from roman ever wins ted come on
-- C. Fisher


dear ted,
  i would like to say that matt malloy deserved this honor more than everyone else. i only had the oppurtunity of playin with matt for a little bit. but in the time i have worked with him i found him to be constantly positive and hard working. even when things were going tough for the football team at the beginning of the season he went out and stayed positive and did his best. he was often overmatched, such as when went against Roman and he had to block Charon Fisher, a man nearly twice his size. matt was always keepin the team loose, whether before games or up at camp with him many jokes. even with the struggles baseball had at points this season matt always stayed positive and worked hard to help the team succeed. he didnt have many touchdowns this year, or many carries for that matter, but matt had heart that is second to none. his love of sports and his teams showed what a great teammate he was. he was a teammate who was there for everyone on the team no matter who u were and where u stood on the depth chart. so i would just like to congratulat matt on this awesome accomplishment.

-- anon

Hey Ted,
             I just wanted to say that Matt “Stump” Malloy was the number one deserving candidate for the award this year.  I graduated last year from LaSalle, and now play football at Gettysburg College, yet had the opportunity to play both football and baseball with him.  The positive outlook on life he brought each and every day to both practice and games helped all of us laugh off even the worst of times.  His determination is unmatched, and I can’t see anyone else surpassing his unselfish hard work. Moreover, I apologize to him for not getting the chance to put in a vote for him, yet it’s obvious he has been noticed by many others, not even needing my vote.  Furthermore, I just wanted to congratulate Matt on his efforts both on the field and off the field.  Good job buddy.
-Rob Brassell