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the 2015-16 season . . . Plus some Tedbits.

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  To all scorekeepers: PLEASE try to make sure that correct info on scoring is called into the Score Service (215-854-4570). Generally, it's better when the winning team calls in the results. That way the papers receive info to explain HOW the game was won because representatives of the winning team will usually be in a better mood (just human nature) to provide extra details such as rebounds, assists, etc., or the identity of someone who maybe hit a winning shot. Thank you.

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FEB. 29
It takes a village to win many championships. In 27 seasons as Germantown Academy's basketball coach, Jim Fenerty has won 16 Inter-Ac crowns. The Patriots have stood alone 12 times and four times they've been forced to share. The 16 championship squads have included 44 starters. The breakdown is below. Juniors Evan-Eric Longino and Kyle McCloskey already own three titles and next year they'll have a chance to join Chris Krug, the only player in the I-A's 93-season hoops history to start for four champs (two outright/two shared). Alvin Williams (now an assistant to Fenerty) and Matt Walsh played in the NBA. 

Starters for Jim Fenerty's Gtn. Academy Champs
Name No.  -- Seasons --
Chris Krug 4 1995 1996 1997 1998
Damon Williams 3 1992 1993 1995  
Julius Williams 3 1995 1996 1997  
Lee Melchionni 3 2000 2001 2002  
Ted Skuchas 3 2000 2001 2002  
Dean Melchionni 3 2007 2008 2009  
Jeff Holton 3 2007 2008 2009  
Devon Goodman 3 2014 2015 2016  
Evan Eric-Longino 3 2014 2015 2016  
Kyle McCloskey 3 2014 2015 2016  
Larry Leith 2 1992 1993    
Alvin Williams 2 1992 1993    
Denis Kane 2 1992 1993    
Chad Lamelza 2 1995 *1996    
Jay Overcash 2 1996 1997    
Brian Burke 2 1997 1998    
Mike Slattery 2 2000 2001    
Matt Walsh 2 2001 2002    
Joe Hill 2 2007 2008    
Cameron Ayers 2 2008 2009    
Sam Lindgren 2 2014 2015    
Tim Guers 2 2014 2015    
Chris Rodgers 2 *1998 2000    
Bailey Whitman 1 2016      
Mark Nori 1 1992      
Damon Myers 1 1993      
Louis "B.J." Medley 1 1995      
Jason Lucas 1 1996      
Eddie Harris 1 1997      
Rob Heleniak 1 1998      
Seth Taft 1 1998      
Matt Kauderer 1 2000      
Troy Holiday 1 2001      
Jeff Curtin 1 2002      
Larry Sharp 1 2002      
D.J. Johnston 1 2007      
Kyle Griffin 1 2007      
Tim McCarty 1 2008      
Eric Yuschak 1 2009      
Jack McDonnell 1 2009      
Earl Edwards 1 2013      
Greg Dotson 1 2013      
James Drury 1 2013      
Julian Moore 1 2013      
Nick Lindner 1 2013      
Gabe Alter 1 2016      
*-injured late in season          

FEB. 28
Friday night, I wound up watching the Class AAAA City Title on Sports Fan Base Network and at one point the camera panned to King's bench. Head coach Sean Colson was standing to the right and to the left were one, two, three, FOUR other guys who also starred in the Public League. The mind began spinning. Man, how many points did those guys score? All played from the late '80s to mid-'90s and boxscores for all games were not always reported. Totals for league/playoff games are available, however, and the number is . . . 2,650! Sean (Franklin Learning Center) and Jason Lawson (Olney) played in the NBA. The other three guys are Mike Cassidy (Mastbaum), Dennis Caldwell (Edison) and Andre Griffin (Gratz). The columns below show PL regular season points, playoff points, total points and PL honors via the coaches. Back then, 30 players were picked -- three teams of 10 apiece.

Public League Points Scored by King's Coaching Staff
Name School Year PLRS PLP Total PLH
Jason Lawson, C Olney 1990 22 2 24  
    1991 148 8 156 2nd
    1992 221 43 264 1st
    1993 284 66 350 1st
      675 119 794  
Mike Cassidy, G Mastbaum 1991 56   56  
    1992 121   121  
    1993 211 19 230 2nd
    1994 238   238 1st
      626 19 645  
Dennis Caldwell, G Edison 1989 139   139  
    1990 143   143  
    1991 248 21 269 2nd
      530 21 551  
Andre Griffin, F Gratz 1989 137 35 172  
    1990 105 37 142  
    1991 78 37 115 2nd
      320 109 429  
Sean Colson, G FLC 1992 172 59 231 3rd
      172 59 231  
Totals     2,323 327 2,650  

FEB. 27
Deep into season No. 8 of the PIAA era, Neumann-Goretti has finally suffered a second consecutive "meaningful" loss . . . as in, a game within the Catholic League (regular season/playoffs), City Titles and state playoffs. In the Class AAA City Title, played last night at Saint Joseph's University, the Saints were stunned by Del-Val Charter, 81-79. This loss occurred four days after N-G was topped by Roman Catholic, 72-65, in the Catholic League championship game at the Palestra. An absolutely amazing run by coach Carl Arrigale's Saints. In all, they've gone 165-8 in these last eight seasons in "meaningful" games for a winning percentage of .954. The breakdown is below. In CL play, they have not lost two consecutive games since the 2008 season, when they were topped by SJ Prep, 57-51, on Friday, Jan. 18, and by Roman, 62-60, on Monday, Jan. 21. Their last two-game losing streak of any kind occurred during the 2013-14 season. In the City of Palms Classic, played in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the Saints fell to Providence Christian, of Jacksonville, Florida, 62-51, on Thursday, Dec. 19, and to Lincoln, of Brooklyn, New York, 60-55, on Saturday, Dec. 21. In the 2013 season, the league loss to La Salle, by a score of 65-62 on Sunday, Jan. 7, ended a streak of 73 consecutive victories in CL play (regular season/playoffs). Also, the Saints had won 72 in a row counting CL (regular season/playoffs), CTs and states since falling to Carroll in a 2009 state quarterfinal. Of course, this season isn't over. The Saints will compete in the state tourney and another AAA crown would not surprise.

N-G's "Meaningful" Results in the PIAA Era, 2009-16
  CLRS CLP CT State Total *WS
2009 16-0 3-0 1-0 2-1 22-1 22
2010 16-0 3-0 1-0 5-0 25-0 25
2011 13-0 3-0 1-0 5-0 22-0 22
2012 13-0 3-0 1-0 5-0 22-0 22
2013 12-1 3-0 1-0 2-1 18-2 15
2014 12-1 3-0 1-0 5-0 21-1 16
2015 12-1 2-1 1-0 5-0 20-2 13
2016 13-0 2-1 0-1 TBD 15-2 15
  107-3 22-2 7-1 29-2 165-8  
*-Longest CL/CLP/CT/State winning streak within that season

FEB. 26
By one standard, this is the Catholic League's best basketball season in this century. Reason: 10 of the 14 teams (71 percent) will finish with winning overall records and that eclipses what happened in 2008. That year there were 16 teams (North Catholic and Cardinal Dougherty have since closed) and 11 finished with winning records (69 percent). This year's feat was assured by Bonner-Prendie. In the last game of the regular season, the Friars defeated West Catholic to force a preplayoff for 10th place against the same opponent. They won that tilt, then followed with a victory over Conwell-Egan in a first-round playoff to go to 13-11. A loss to Neumann-Goretti in a quarterfinal completed the season at 13-12. Judge and SJ Prep finished 13-10. Records for other teams that have completed play: La Salle (17-6), Ryan (16-9) and Wood (14-10). Neumann-Goretti (22-3), Carroll (also 22-3), Roman (21-4) and Conwell-Egan (14-9) are still alive.

Catholic League Teams With Winning
Records In This Century
Year Teams *WR Pct.
2016 14 10 71
2008 16 11 69
2015 14 9 64
2012 14 9 64
2013 14 8 57
2007 16 9 56
2006 16 9 56
2005 16 9 56
2004 16 9 56
2003 16 9 56
2001 16 9 56
2011 14 7 50
2002 16 8 50
2000 16 8 50
2014 14 6 43
2010 17 7 41
2009 17 7 41
*-Teams with winning records

FEB. 25
The list below was first posted in 2014 and we thought it would make sense to update it, and expand it from 15 to 20. Neumann-Goretti's Quade Green already ranks fifth and could have three more chances next season to claim the No. 2 spot, or even No. 1. Also added: Roman sr. Tony Carr and 2015 Carroll grad Derrick Jones.

Top 20 Playoff Scorers in CL History
Name School Class Points High
Ja'Quan Newton N-G 2014 211 27
Lonnie McFarlan Roman 1980 164 26
Juan'ya Green Carroll 2011 160 39
Tony Chennault N-G 2010 158 24
Quade Green N-G 2017 144 31
Stephen Vasturia SJ Prep 2013 136 26
Bernard Jones Roman 1991 135 30
Rick Jackson N-G 2007 133 26
Donnie Carr Roman 1996 132 22
Tony Carr Roman 2016 132 24
Miles Overton SJ Prep 2013 131 26
Scoop Jardine N-G 2007 130 22
John Davis N-G 2013 129 25
Martin Ingelsby Carroll 1997 128 24
Tabby Cunningham Neumann 2004 127 21
Alan Watkins Roman 1989 126 24
Derrick Jones Carroll 2015 122 24
Shane Clark Dougherty 2004 120 25
Craig Conlin La Salle 1985 120 23
Eddie Griffin Roman 2000 120 23

FEB. 24 (Evening)
As mentioned in previous posts about this topic, maybe the color red gets them going. Whatever the reason, Carroll certainly has found a second home at Ryan in the eight years that the Catholic League has been part of the PIAA. Tonight, the Patriots upped their record to 8-2 in playoff games contested at Ryan, and the margin of defeat in  their two losses (both to Philly Electric) was three points. The biggest win, no doubt, occurred in a Class AAA quarterfinal in '09. That triumph over Neumann-Goretti helped Carroll become the CL's first state champ.  

Carroll's Postseason Games at Ryan, 2009-16

Year Occasion Opponent Result Carroll's Top Scorer Pts
2009 3/4 game Gratz W, 63-39 DJ Irving  25
state qtr N-G W, 70-65 DJ Irving  26
2010 3/4 game Gratz W, 48-43 Juan'ya Green 24
2011 3/4 game Boys' Latin W, 72-61 Yosef Yacob 23
2012 3/4 game  Phila. Elec. W, 48-37 Yosef Yacob 18
2013 3/4 game Phila. Elec. L, 48-46 Derrick Jones 19
2014 3/4 game Imhotep W, 53-37 Derrick Jones 18
state qtr Phila. Elec. L, 52-51 Derrick Jones 15
2015 3/4 game Audenried W, 71-46 Derrick Jones 20
2016 3/4 game Imhotep W, 70-61 John Rigsby 18

FEB. 24
Not sure if you checked out the recap for Monday night's Catholic League final, but if so you noticed that Roman, for the fourth time, hit NO three-pointers while winning the championship. Three-pointers became possible with the 1986-87 season and no other winning team has matched Roman's feat. The chart below lists total numbers for threes in all finals over the last 30 seasons. The winner has notched fewer threes 13 times and there have been four ties. Also listed are all guys who've hit at least three. Through '01, only guys on losing teams hit at least four. Since '02, four of the five guys with four have been on the winning team. Dougherty's Cuttino "Cat" Mobley enjoyed a long career in the NBA. He, North Catholic's Chris Heck and SJ Prep's Kyle Thompson are lefties.

Breakdown for 3's in Catholic League Finals, 1987-2016
Year Winner No. Loser No. Name No.
2016 Roman 0 N-G 2    
2015 Roman 4 N-G 7 Gemil Holbrook 3
          *Quade Green 3
2014 N-G 2 Roman 4    
2013 N-G 5 SJ Prep 6 Ja'Quan Newton 3
          *Kyle Thompson 3
2012 N-G 6 SJ Prep 9 Derrick Stewart 3
          *Miles Overton 3
          *Gene Williams 3
2011 N-G 5 Carroll 4 *Juan'ya Green 3
2010 N-G 7 Carroll 4    
2009 N-G 3 Roman 3    
2008 North 6 Ryan 3 Woody Redding 4
2007 Roman 3 N-G 0    
2006 N-G 1 Roman 1    
2005 N-G 4 SJ Prep 3    
2004 SJ Prep 7 Dougherty 5 John Griffin 4
2003 SJ Prep 8 Dougherty 6 T.J. Valerio 4
          Chris Clark 3
          *Isaac Greer 4
2002 Neumann 8 Ryan 6 Chris DelBrocco 6
2001 Neumann 5 Roman 6 *Jim Kelly 4
2000 Roman 5 Neumann 3 Michael Wild 3
1999 Roman 0 West 2    
1998 Judge 2 O'Hara 6 *Louis Becht 5
1997 Neumann 4 Carroll 2    
1996 Roman 4 Roman 3    
1995 Carroll 4 Roman 7 *Donnie Carr 4
1994 Roman 0 North 5 *Chris Heck 4
1993 Roman 2 North 2    
1992 Roman 1 Dougherty 5 *Cuttino Mobley 4
1991 Roman 5 La Salle 1    
1990 Roman 0 La Salle 5 *Ernie Koschineg 3
1989 Roman 3 La Salle 1 Jim O'Rourke 3
1988 Bonner 2 North 5 *Marc Alicea 3
1987 North 1 Roman 1    
*-member of losing team      

FEB. 23
Over the last 48 years, nine Catholic League players have collected at least 35 points/rebounds while helping their team claim victory in the championship game. With 22 points and 13 boards, sr. F Lamar Stevens did so last night as Roman topped Neumann-Goretti, 72-65, before a full house at the Palestra. Six of the nine have been Roman guys. The only non-frontcourt player was Roman's Nazeer Bostick, who accomplished the feat in last year's title win (also over N-G). Brian Daly is the father of current Carroll star Ryan Daly. Roman's Marc Jackson played in the NBA. Bonner's Jack Concannon is in his second stint as the Friars' coach.

Point/Rebound Totals of at Least 35 by Players for CL Champs, 1969-2016
Year Name Winner Loser Score Total Pts Rebs
1992 Kyle Locke Roman Dougherty 77-68 47 39 8
2003 Mark Zoller SJ Prep Dougherty 77-70 45 31 14
1990 Bernard Jones Roman La Salle 64-62 43 30 13
1988 Brian Daly Bonner North 62-59 40 30 10
1993 Marc Jackson Roman North 62-55 40 22 18
1982 Jack Concannon Bonner Judge 73-53 36 21 15
1980 Lonnie McFarlan Roman Kenrick 49-41 36 26 10
2015 Nazeer Bostick Roman N-G 64-59 36 23 13
2016 Lamar Stevens Roman N-G 72-65 35 22 13

FEB. 22 (Evening)
Tonight at the Palestra, Roman's Chris McNesby became the fifth city-leagues coach over the last 46 seasons to guide a team to a second championship after having played for a title team at a city-leagues school. He was a substitute guard for Roman in the '93 and '94 seasons (and made appearances in both finals; scored two points in '93) and then was a starter for the '95 squad. St. Thomas More, which closed in June 1975, was located at 47th & Wyalusing, in West Philly. Sean Colson, Tom Ingelsby and Fran O'Hanlon played in the NBA/ABA. Vince Miller (RIP) was Wilt Chamberlain's lifelong best buddy and a scout for the 76ers. O'Hanlon now coaches Lafayette. Fran Dunphy coaches Temple. Eddie Burke (RIP) coached Drexel. In all, eight guys have played for/coached championship teams since 1971.

City-Leagues Guys With Championships As Players and Coaches (In That Role Since 1971)
Name School as Coach Title(s) School as Player Title(s) Role as Player
Chris McNesby Roman 2015-16 Roman 1993-94 sub both seasons (then started in '95)
Sean Colson King 2014 Franklin LC 1992 3rd team All-Public
Carl Arrigale Neumann/N-G 2001-02, 05-06, 09-14 Penn Charter 1984 league MVP
Tom Ingelsby Carroll 1995 O'Hara 1968 2nd team All-Catholic (1st in '69)
Vince Miller Frankford 1988-89 Overbrook 1954-55 sub in '54; starter in '55
Fran O'Hanlon Bonner 1988 ST More 1966 1st team All-Catholic
Fran Dunphy Malvern 1976-77 Malvern 1965-66 sixth man in '65; 1st team All-Inter-Ac in '66
Eddie Burke SJ Prep/ST More 1971/1972 SJ Prep 1962 starter

FEB. 22
Here are the guesses for the winner and final score in tonight's Catholic League final (posted in the order they were received) . . . The winner was Keith Hines, a long-time football/basketball stat man for the Daily News. He had Roman by 70-65. The final was 72-65. Mark "Frog" Carfagno, another long-time DN statman, had Roman getting the win at 68-65. Tom Carroll (69-65) was one point closer. Thanks to all participants!

  N-G Roman Score
"King" Ernie Gallagher yes   71-59
Big Steve Reid   yes 62-54
Paul McManus   yes 75-70
Jack Rutter   yes 56-53
Kieran Trainer yes   74-61
Bobby Hill   yes 65-59
Jim Gillespie   yes 55-50
Frog Carfagno   yes 68-65
Billy Everett yes   82-74
Amauro Austin yes   77-69
Michael Drumm yes   81-68
Pat McLoone yes   72-65
Big Willie McGonigle yes   69-64
Jim Trainer yes   71-59
Fran Costello yes   78-69
Joe Mason yes   74-70
Kevin Lauer yes   65-60
Joe Parisi yes   58-50
Blair Klumpp yes   55-50
Matt McCauley yes   75-70
  N-G Roman Score
Dan Greenberg yes   75-60
Charlie Lamb yes   53-49
Dan Solis-Cohen   yes 64-61
Mike Mack yes   75-66
Ed Cubbage yes   66-58
Eric DiPentima   yes 73-68
Ken Woodring yes   85-75
Mick Barrett yes   67-59
Tom Moore   yes 71-70
Tom Carroll   yes 69-65
Marty Weiss yes   70-65
John Knebels yes   74-63
Ed Barkowitz   yes 62-61
Huck Palmer yes   73-62
Frank "5" McArdle yes   78-68
Janet Dollard   yes 54-51
Jim Smith yes   76-65
Paul Hoffman yes   65-54
Bob Hamburger yes   75-60
Keith Hines   yes 70-65
Ryan Stewart yes   77-62

FEB. 22
The Palestra will be rockin' tonight for the Catholic League championship game and the winner will be able to double-brag, "Not only are we the 2016 champ, but we also own the all-time edge in our schools' playoff meetings!" Hard to believe, but right now the count is 11-11 between Roman and Neumann-Goretti (counting its forerunners, Southeast Catholic/Bishop Neumann/St. John Neumann) and the point differential is only 25 (1,221 for N-G/etc.; 1,196 for Roman). Also, eight meetings have been decided by no more than three points. Roman dominated the early years (seven of eight) while Neumann/N-G has done so since 2001 (nine of 11). This will be the teams' third straight finals meeting. That has happened only one other time in CL history. Roman beat La Salle in each final from 1989 through '91. Most amazing nugget on the list below: The record for most points racked up by the winner's leading scorer goes alllllll the way back to 1944. In a semi, Franny "Dutch" Henkel poured in 27 points to fuel a 53-28 romp. Did you notice? He missed matching Roman's total by just one point. Back in that era, a state Catholic champion was decided. Southeast Catholic crunched Johnstown Central Catholic, 38-20, before 5,338 at Philly's Convention Hall. (CH, not far from the Palestra, later became the Civic Center and was demolished in 2005. It hosted six Pub finals in the '90s). Good luck to both teams tonight. Please provide another classic!
  UPDATE: Roman won, 72-65. Details below.

Results of Playoff Games Between N-G and Roman
Year Round Winner Loser Score Leading Scorer Pts
1943 Pre Roman SE Catholic 44-34 Jack Maloney 14
1944 Semi SE Catholic Roman 53-28 Dutch Henkel 27
1973 Semi Roman Neumann 48-46 Rocco Piliero 14
1976 Quarter Roman Neumann 44-42 *see below 14
1979 Quarter Roman Neumann 76-56 Lonnie McFarlan 24
1980 Quarter Roman Neumann 77-47 Lonnie McFarlan 17
1990 Semi Roman Neumann 66-54 Bernard Jones 22
1994 Semi Roman Neumann 67-56 Donnie Carr 22
1997 Quarter Neumann Roman 71-58 Victor Thomas 16
1998 Quarter Roman Neumann 63-56 Rasual Butler 26
2000 Final Roman Neumann 58-55 Michael Wild 17
2001 Final Neumann Roman 60-59 Tabby Cunningham 19
2003 Quarter Neumann Roman 55-53 Tabby Cunningham 15
2004 Quarter Neumann Roman 57-47 Tabby Cunningham 16
2005 Quarter N-G Roman 61-41 DJ Rivera 25
2006 Final N-G Roman 44-41 Rick Jackson 12
2007 Final Roman N-G 59-56 Bradley Wanamaker 17
2009 Final N-G Roman 86-53 Tyreek Duren 26
2011 Semi N-G Roman 47-46 Lamin Fulton 14
2012 Semi N-G Roman 73-56 Ja'Quan Newton 17
2014 Final N-G Roman 53-48 Ja'Quan Newton 23
2015 Final Roman N-G 64-59 Nazeer Bostick 23
2016 Final Roman N-G 72-65 Lamar Stevens 22
*-Steve Compton and Reggie Jackson scored 14 points apiece

FEB. 21
The combatants will enter Monday night's Catholic League final, set for approximately 8:45 at the Palestra, with only six total losses. Neumann-Goretti is 22-2 while Roman is 20-4. That ranks sixth for teams heading INTO the title game since at least 1970. In last year's final, Roman prevented N-G coach Carl Arrigale from winning a seventh consecutive title (that would have been a league record) and collecting career triumph No. 400 (that came in the next game, over Imhotep, for the Class AAA City Title).
  UPDATE: 2016 game has been added with winner-loser positioning. 

Lowest Number of Total Losses
For CL Title Combatants, 1970-2015
(Heading INTO the Game)
Year Total
Winner W-L Loser W-L
1997 3 Neumann  24-3 Carroll 27-0
2015 3 Roman 22-2 Neumann-Goretti 23-1
2010 4 Neumann-Goretti 23-1 Carroll 21-3
2003 4 SJ Prep 27-1 Dougherty 24-3
1996 4 Roman 25-1 Carroll 26-3
2016 6 Roman 20-4 Neumann-Goretti 22-2
2014 7 Neumann-Goretti 20-4 Roman 21-3
2012 7 Neumann-Goretti 21-3 SJ Prep 20-4
2007 7 Roman 24-3 Neumann-Goretti 24-4
2004 7 SJ Prep 24-3 Dougherty 24-4
2011 8 Neumann-Goretti 30-4 Carroll 20-4
2006 8 Neumann-Goretti 22-5 Roman 25-3
2000 8 Roman 23-5 Neumann  24-3

FEB. 21
Here are the results for Inter-Ac teams in the quarterfinal round of the Pennsylvania Independent Tournament (PAISAA, officially). As happened this time around, when Episcopal beat Haverford School, some games have featured I-A teams against each other. In 2010, there were separate eight-team tourneys and the winners did not meet. Germantown Academy is best in quarters with a 5-2 record.

Performances by Inter-Ac in Quarterfinals of Pa. Indy Tourney
2016 2-3 W W L L L --
2015 1-1 -- L W -- DNP --
2014 0-2 -- L L -- -- --
2013 3-2 L W W L W --
2012 2-1 -- W -- W L DNP
2011 1-0 -- -- -- W -- --
*2010 4-2 W W W L L W
2009 2-2 -- W L W -- L
  15-13 2-1 5-2 3-3 3-3 1-3 1-1
DNP: did not participate in tourney
*-two separate eight-team tourneys

FEB. 20
Hill School 59, Penn Charter 37

  Much to forget about this one, folks. PC was never close to being in it, falling into unsightly holes such as 17-3, 27-5, 38-10 and, finally, 47-12 before a late rally, achieved against Hill's deep subs, helped to reduce the pain at least a little. Hill, in Pottstown, is mostly a boarding school and gets its players from far and wide. Its starting center, jr. Solomon Ruddell, is from California. One of the forwards, sr. Jonas Stakeliunas, is from Lithuania. Oh, did we mention their respective heights are 7-1 and 6-8? And that some of their playmates are pretty adept from behind the arc? Probably should have, since those two factors meant EVERYTHING. PC missed 19 of its first 23 shots, finished with just three assists and had no one with more than four rebounds. The biggest moment likely occurred with 2:18 left as jr. F Alex Slook, making his varsity debut, claimed an offensive rebound in traffic and connected on a flip-shot follow to score his first two points. PC's squad had five seniors this season. Sean Foley was unavailable all the way through due to a serious shoulder injury suffered during football season. He kept PC's scorebook through three quarters, then was replaced by assistant Chris Burnett (father of jr. G Dylan). I had a feeling something was in the works. It was. Just seven seconds into the fourth quarter, coach Jim "Flipper" Phillips made sure the other seniors -- Fs Harrison Williams and Evan Ferrell, Gs Jake McCain and Michael Berk -- would get one last chance to play together. They departed as one with 5:59 left and sat together, with Foley, at the end of the bench for the rest of the game. I can only imagine how many thoughts were bouncing around in their heads. Shortly after game's end, I asked Flipper if it would be OK, following his locker room speech, to get a pic of the seniors. He nodded yes and asked me to join everyone in the locker room. He then began a speech and shortly into it became overwhelmed with emotion. He couldn't continue for 10 seconds, 20 seconds, probably even 30 seconds. Once he got rolling again, he mentioned, among other things, that he was "abundantly proud" of the team for its season-long effort and how, down the line, the seniors would be able to feel good about their contributions toward getting the program rolling again. The Quakers finished 13-10. That's just their third winning record in the last 10 seasons -- 12-11 in '14 and 16-9 in '13. In the seven seasons from 2000 through '06, winning records were posted six times. It'll be interesting to watch the 2016-17 crew and thanks to these guys for providing many enjoyable moments . . . The day began at PC with the girls tourney game vs. Abington Friends. That also yielded a loss. The Q's stormed to a 17-4 lead, but then managed just two points over the next 9 minutes, 40 seconds. Things got very weird. So many shots ALMOST went in, but didn't. The final score was 43-36. Sr. G Hannah Fox, who finished her career with 1,813 points, was honored before the game by phillysportsdigest.com for her athletic talents and all other positive qualities. Congrats to Hannah! Today's coolest visiting dignitary was Ellison Huggins, starting frontcourt guy for Mastbaum's 1982 Pub champs (his daughter, Alyssa DeNofa, plays for AFS). Ellison, at maybe 6-3, was the tallest Panther and, man, were those guys fun to watch! And interview (ha ha; everybody was a character). 'Baum finished 27-1 and was coached by an absolute gem of a man, the late Ralph "Bones" Schneider. Those were the days . . . It was also great to see Jeff Bond, Abington Friends' girls coach. Back in the day ('99 outright, '00 shared) he steered Episcopal's baseball team to back-to-back Inter-Ac championships. Most recent title beforehand? 1949. Titles since those? None. Well done, Jeff!

FEB. 20
This is year No. 8 for the Pennsylvania Independent Tournament (PAISAA, officially) and the Inter-Ac League is basking in the glow of its best first-round performance so far (5-1). Episcopal won Friday night, four more teams won yesterday/last night (Germantown Academy, Haverford School, Malvern Prep, Penn Charter) and SCH Academy suffered a loss. The I-A almost certainly would have been 5-1 in '13, but high-seed GA was given a first-round bye because the tourney did not include 16 teams.

Performances by Inter-Ac in 1st Round of Pa. Indy Tourney
2016 5-1 W W W W W L
2015 2-3 L W W L DNP L
2014 2-4 L W W L L L
2013 4-1 W BYE W W W L
2012 1-3 L W L BYE L DNP
2011 1-5 L L L W L L
2010 different format; two separate tourneys with 8 teams apiece
2009 4-2 L W W W L W
  19-19 2-5 5-1 5-2 4-2 2-4 1-5
DNP: did not particpate

FEB. 19
First Round
Penn Charter 53, Academy of the New Church 52

  Because he played so well for PC's Third Team (mostly freshmen), frosh Ryan Maloney recently has practiced with the varsity was given the chance to sit on the bench in street clothes for this one. As ANC, down three, prepared to inbound with 11.4 seconds remaining, Maloney said, "OT. I'm not feelin' it." And . . . he didn't have to! The Quakers lived to see another day. (Night, actually. The quarterfinal will be played tomorrow night, 7 o'clock, at Hill School, in Pottstown.) On ANC's final possession, a trey and two were missed and the second rebound wound up in the hands of soph Marcus Littles, who appears to be about 6-9. Littles made the follow at 2.7 while also getting hacked. To that juncture he was 2-for-6 on foul shots, so the odds were in PC's favor. Littles' attempt hit the heel of the rim and the ball bounced over the baseline, toward the left corner, as the buzzer sounded. Any tournament win is much appreciated, but one collected as a road underdog is especially satisfying. How'd it happen? Primarily, the Q's won because they drained 10 three-pointers (thanks to snappy set-up passes) and played great defense on Littles, even though their lineup has no one remotely close to that size. How'd they almost lose? Because sr. F Harrison Williams and jr. G Dylan Burnett fouled out in the late going and they'd been mostly responsible -- albeit in a zone -- for making sure Little rarely touched the ball, let alone was able to rack up points. Williams departed with 3:27 left and the score at 47-37. Burnett followed suit at 1:57 with the lead down to five points. Right then, PC scored five quick points as jr. G Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky, off a great leap, tipped a loose ball to soph G Mason Williams, right near the basket, for an easy laup. Frosh WG Ryan "Poochie Pooch" Holmes then made a steal at three-quarters court and zoomed down for his second slam of the season. Alas, Littles then began to become a force and, eventually, his down-low bucket moved ANC within 51-50 with 25.7 left. Jr. PG Adam Holland went the Mr. Clutch route at 15.7, converting a one-and-one to make it 53-50. You already know what happened thereafter. This game's strangest nugget: PC owned a 22-18 halftime lead even though three starters were scoreless. One was H. Williams and since he's a senior, here's thinking he was telling himself in the locker room, "No way I'm gonna finish my career like THIS!" Not by a long shot. "Harry" scored 12 points in the second half while going 4-for-4 (3-for-3 on treys) from the floor. He also dished two assists. Great comeback! M. Williams did not score in the third quarter, but did have three rebounds in that session and finished with eight total (along with 20 points -- four treys). Holmes (eight) was the only other Q with more than four points. Holland and sr. G Jake McCain halved eight assists. Playing for ANC was soph WG Justin Anderson, a transfer from SCH Academy. He was off early, but finished with 10 points. The PG was frosh Louie Wild-Diorio, and he hit three treys for nine points. His dad, Michael Wild, was a productive WG for Roman's CL champs in 1999 and 2000. He was in attendance. Also on hand was Rob Forster, who is ANC's head lacrosse coach. His bro, Jack, is an assistant. All four Forsters (also Kevin and Randy) were major contributors in lacrosse and/or football at La Salle High. They owned golden-touch moments. La Salle assistant Tim Hueber was also on hand. He coached at now-closed North Catholic with PC assistant Mike McCarron and his son, Mark, was a marvelous writer for this website during his childhood. He now plays hoops for Immaculata (along with tennis). Also talked for a bit with Justin Baxter, the head hoops coach at Bryn Athyn College. That's adjacent to ANC. One of the refs was John Duffy, formerly the baseball coach at Germantown Academy. Another ref, ex-Dougherty lonnnng-range sniper John "Prez" Przybylinski, was a spectator. While driving out of the parking lot, I was stopped by a young guy who wanted to know how he could access past seasons on the website. I broke things down and he said, "Remember who I am?" I said, "No." (Not easy being an old fart.) I then asked him, "Who are you?" By then he was just about getting into his car. "Nah, that's OK," he said with a laugh. Hmmmmmm. Here's my belated guess: Rahim Washington, a frosh G for Bryn Athyn. He played for Prep Charter and was coached there by his dad, also named Rahim. While playing for Overbrook in '98, Dad scored 53 points in a game!

FEB. 19
Germantown Academy's Gabe Alter joined a special club when the annual Coaches' All-Inter-Ac Teams were released yesterday. Over the last 49 seasons, he's one of only 17 players to have earned all-league honors with a scoring average of 7.9 or lower. His was 7.6 and he was tabbed as a second-teamer. Almost always, all-star teams are dominated by the guys with the highest averages. So the guys listed below earned their notice thanks to great team-play qualities that did not go unnoticed by rival coaches. Steve Donnelly (Malvern in '76) and Denis Kane (Germantown Academy in '93) have been the only first-teamers. Amazingly, Donnelly's average (5.6) is the lowest . . . Congrats to Gabe!

Inter-Ac All-Star Honorees With
Low Scoring Averages, 1968-2016
Name Sch. Year Team PPG
Steve Donnelly MP 1976 1st 5.6
Tom Grandieri MP 2006 2nd 5.9
Gardy Kahoe GA 1968 2nd 6.5
Brian Teuber PC 2006 2nd 6.5
Dylan Brown EA 2005 2nd 6.6
Denis Kane GA 1993 1st 6.7
Rick Southcott MP 1983 2nd 6.8
Marv Dunmeyer PC 1986 2nd 7.0
Jim Farrell EA 1981 2nd 7.4
Gil Nassib MP 1976 2nd 7.6
Gabe Alter GA 2016 2nd 7.6
Kevin McGarvey PC 2006 2nd 7.6
Ted Skuchas GA 2001 2nd 7.7
Andrew Acker HS 2010 2nd 7.8
Larry Sharp GA 2004 2nd 7.8
Chris Wyszynski EA 1991 2nd 7.8
Brian Metzler EA 2012 2nd 7.9

FEB. 18
Think about how many postseason games have been played in Catholic League history. Last night, there was an all-time accomplishment. As Neumann-Goretti zoomed past Ryan, 89-55, in a semifinal at the Palestra, junior Quade Green (31) and senior Zane Martin (30) combined for 61 points. That's the No. 1 duo total, beating 54 by Roman's Kyle Locke (39) and James "Flames" Lewis (15; most recently the head coach at Philly Electric Charter) in the 1992 championship. Below are all totals of at least 45 points. Only three occurred in losing efforts. Martin's 30-point outburst was extra special: It raised his career total to exactly 1,000.
  UPDATE: No additions through the championship game.

Most Productive One-Game Duos in Catholic League Playoff History
Year School Pts Leading Scorer Pts Second Scorer Pts Opponent W-L Round Score
2016 Neum.-Gor. 61 Quade Green 31 Zane Martin 30 Ryan Won Semi 89-55
1992 Roman 54 Kyle Locke 39 James Lewis 15 Dougherty Won Final 77-69
2011 SJ Prep 53 Stephen Vasturia 27 Miles Overton 26 Carroll Lost Qtr 72-67
2004 SJ Prep 52 John Griffin 27 Chris Clark 25 Dougherty Won Final 84-61
1984 Bonner 50 Rodney Blake 30 Dave Koskinen 20 W. Catholic Won Qtr 75-44
1995 La Salle 50 Jack Horgan 32 Joe Meade 18 Ryan Won Pre 80-67
1958 Neumann  49 Billy Mulvihill 26 Jim Gannon 23 Judge Won Final 67-59
2013 SJ Prep 49 Miles Overton 26 Stephen Vasturia 23 La Salle Won Qtr 74-57
2015 Neum.-Gor. 49 Quade Green 26 Lamarr Kimble 23 La Salle Won Semi 70-65
1990 Roman 48 Bernard Jones 30 Mike Watson 18 La Salle Won Final 64-62
2003 Dougherty 48 Kyle Lowry 29 Isaac Greer 19 SJ Prep Lost Final 77-70
2008 SJ Prep 48 Jim Mower 32 Matt Williams 16 Roman Won Qtr 61-55
2011 Carroll 48 Juan'ya Green 39 *see below 9 SJ Prep Won Qtr 72-67
2006 Neum.-Gor. 47 DJ Rivera 24 Rick Jackson 23 Dougherty Won Semi 84-73
1971 N. Catholic 46 Barry Brodzinski 26 Joe Wojtiw 20 SJ Prep Lost Semi 76-73
1999 O'Hara 46 Jeff Randazzo 23 Jeff Siti 23 SJ Prep Won Pre 79-58
2003 SJ Prep 46 Mark Zoller 31 Chris Clark 15 Dougherty Won Final 77-70
1998 Judge 45 Kris Dufner 28 Jim Reeves 17 N. Catholic Won Qtr 72-47
1998 O'Hara 45 Jeff Randazzo 29 Alex Sazonov 16 Ryan Won Semi 64-56
2000 O'Hara 45 Fran Grandieri 31 Harry Dougherty 14 Carroll Lost Pre 68-58
2003 SJ Prep 45 Mark Zoller 25 John Griffin 20 La Salle Won Semi 66-44
2009 Neum.-Gor. 45 Tyreek Duren 26 Tony Chennault 19 Roman Won Final 86-53
*-Jay Donovan and Yosef Yacob had 9 points apiece

FEB. 17
Here are the guesses for the winners and total margin in tonight's Catholic League semis . . . Ernie Gallagher nailed it!

  N-G Ryan Roman Carroll Margin
Sean Woods yes   yes   21
Paul McManus yes   yes   29
Kevin Lauer yes   yes   18
Dan Greenberg yes   yes   36
Dan Solis-Cohen yes   yes   25
Ernie Gallagher  WINNER! yes   yes   35
Ken Woodring yes   yes   20
Michael Drumm yes   yes   24
Eric DiPentima yes   yes   25
Ari Bluestein yes   yes   28
Keith Hines   yes yes   8
Frog Carfagno yes   yes   27
Huck Palmer yes   yes   24
Marty Weiss yes     yes 22
John Knebels yes   yes   29
Amauro Austin yes   yes   23
Michael McGuire yes     yes 36
Bob Romano yes   yes   18
*Tom "Hockey Puck" McKenna yes   yes   25
Paul Hoffman yes   yes   37
Mike Mack yes   yes   42
Bobby Hill yes   yes   31
Mike Casey yes     yes 12
Blair Klumpp yes   yes   34
Anthony Franklin yes   yes   22
Joe Mangan yes   yes   21
*-by phone from his room at the rehabilitation facility; he's doing much better!

FEB. 17
Two rounds remain in this year's Catholic League playoffs and the teams still alive are Carroll, N-G, Roman and Ryan. Will a player on one (or more) of those teams barge his (or their) way onto the list below? It'll be a challenge. The respective records for points in CL playoffs at those schools are 39, 32, 39 again and 29. The 39-point guys are Juan'ya Green and Kyle Locke and they're tied for the No. 1 spot. (Click here for a combo pic from 2011.) Six of the schools listed below (Dougherty, Kenrick/K-K, North Catholic, Salesianum, St. James and St. Thomas More) are no longer with us. Four others (Camden Catholic, St. John's, Trenton Catholic and Villanova Prep) never made a playoff appearance. The factors involving Salesianum's Lex Gillespie deserve a special mention. In 1923, the Sallies lost to SJ Prep, 22-21, for the CL championship. Gillespie scored 17 of the Sallies' 21 points (81 percent) and shot 15-for-20 at the line. The Prep's John "Jocko" Collins, who went on to lead a wonderful life (click here for his obit) and remains one of the VERY best men with whom I have ever had interaction (during his time as a baseball scout), shot 12-for-17 at the line en route to 14 points. They were the ONLY guys in that game to shoot free throws. Why? That was the rule! One guy for each team shot all free throws. That was the last year for that rule. The 1968 game involving McDevitt (Bob Haas had 26 points) and North Catholic earned national attention. Click here to see why.
  UPDATE: I listed the wrong opponent for Chris Edwards' performance. Thanks to ex-Judge star Art Livingston for speaking up!
  UPDATE: No additions through the championship game.   

Top Scoring Efforts in Catholic League Playoffs for Each School
Name School Pts Year Opponent Round
Rodney Blake Bonner/B-P 30 1984 West Quarter
Brian Daly Bonner/B-P   1988 North Final
Juan'ya Green Carroll 39 2011 SJ Prep Quarter
Paul Terrell Dougherty 30 1974 North Quarter
Dave Frederick Egan/C-E 22 1964 Dougherty Final
Kris Dufner Judge 28 1998 North Quarter
Eddie Scott Kenrick/K-K 26 1987 North Semi
Jack Horgan La Salle 32 1995 Ryan Pre
Andrew Riviello Lansdale 18 2013 C-E Pre
Bob Haas McDevitt 26 1968 North Quarter
Marty Campbell SC/Neumann/N-G 32 1979 Roman Quarter
Chris Edwards North 28 2006 Dougherty Quarter
Fran Grandieri O'Hara 31 2000 Carroll Pre
Kyle Locke Roman 39 1992 Dougherty Final
Eric Fleming Ryan 29 2011 C-E Pre
Lex Gillespie Salesianum 17 1923 SJ Prep Final
Bill Lynch St. James 26 1952 West Semi
Jim Mower SJ Prep 32 2008 Roman Quarter
Mike Jones ST More 23 1968 West Quarter
John Driscoll West 25 1956 North Semi
Joe Thompson Wood 25 1997 La Salle Quarter
Luke Connaghan Wood   2015 Ryan Quarter

FEB. 16
So, maybe since yesterday you've been wondering . . . How many Catholic League coaches NOT connected to this century also led teams into the playoffs in season No. 1, plus notched a win? (smile). Here we go. There were different formats through the years from no playoffs, to just finals, to semis and finals, to quarters, semis and finals (with pre-playoffs mixed in, when necessary). Lots of famous names can be found below. Also, some guys led their coach to postseason victory No. 1, then began drawing X's and O's and matched their mentor's feat. The following guys below won first-year titles: Jocko McGarry, Joe Meehan, Jordan Oliver, Jim Usilton Jr., Jack Devine, Jack Pergolin, Mike Lynam (Jimmy's brother), Barry Brodzinski and Art Hunter.  

CL Coaches With Playoff Wins in First Season (Coached Only in Previous Century)
Year Name School Defeated Round Score Leading Scorer Pts
1939 Matt Guokas Sr. SJ Prep La Salle 2nd Half 25-17 Bill Kenney 8
1939 Jocko McGarry S. Catholic SJ Prep Final 35-32 Lou Fiorella 13
1942 Joe Meehan La Salle ST More Semi 38-31 Ed Shepper 14
1943 Jordan Oliver Roman  S. Catholic Pre 44-34 Jack Maloney 14
1946 Lou Fiorella S. Catholic St. James Semi 41-36 Jim "Reds" Furey 18
1948 Joe Langan W. Catholic Roman Semi 46-39 Ernie Beck 17
1951 Gene Powers W. Catholic S. Catholic Semi 41-40 Jack Devine 13
1952 Jim Usilton Jr. W. Catholic St. James Semi 76-49 Ed Williams 19
1959 Jack McKinney St. James ST More Pre 56-50 Tom Galia 24
1959 Jack Devine W. Catholic Dougherty Semi 46-39 Jimmy Lynam 17
1964 Jack Pergolin Dougherty Bonner Semi 74-64 Mike Kempski 24
1964 John Clark Egan Neumann Semi 59-47 *see below 20
1967 Bob Harrington Dougherty O'Hara First 66-49 Jack Kerrigan 19
1971 Tony Costantino N. Catholic Kenrick Quarter 51-46 Barry Brodzinski 15
1972 Eddie Burke ST More O'Hara Quarter 48-42 Carlton Kenty 20
1976 Mike Lynam Kenrick La Salle Quarter 52-51 Tom Catagnus 16
1978 Paul Lynch SJ Prep W. Catholic Quarter 63-62 John Staudenmayer 20
1982 Barry Brodzinski Roman  W. Catholic Quarter 77-75 Dallas Comegys 27
1984 Art Hunter Bonner W. Catholic Quarter 75-44 Rodney Blake 30
1989 Chet Walsh Carroll Neumann Pre 63-60 Matt Brown 21
1994 Mike Doyle Neumann O'Hara Pre 47-44 Rashid Bey 19
*-Chris Cosmas and Dave Frederick scored 20 points apiece.

FEB. 15
So, maybe you're wondering . . . How often does a Catholic League coach not only lead his team into the playoffs in his first season but also notch a win? Look below. This list includes all guys who coached for at least one season in this century (at the same school). Three began their stints back in the day. Judge's Bill Fox won the championship in his first season. North Catholic's Brother Jim Williams and Roman's Dennis Seddon/Chris McNesby also won semis, but lost in championship games.

CL Coaches With Playoff Wins in First Season (Coached at Least One Season in This Century)
Year Coach School Defeated Round Score Leading Scorer Pts
1975 Bill Fox Judge Dougherty Quarter 64-59 Al Clancy 22
1987 Dennis Seddon Roman Bonner Quarter 53-45 Chuck Veterano 20
1994 Bro. Jim Williams North Catholic Conwell-Egan Quarter 78-65 Chris Heck 20
2001 Bernie Rogers Ryan La Salle Quarter 63-55 Andy MacDonald 15
2002 Speedy Morris SJ Prep Bonner Quarter 66-46 Chris Clark 24
2009 Sean Tait Wood Conwell-Egan First 49-37 Fran Dougherty 14
2009 Chris McNesby Roman La Salle Quarter 73-49 Rakeem Brookins 31
2010 Jack Walsh Wood West Catholic Quarter 55-46 Brian O'Grady 18
2010 Bill Day Dougherty Conwell-Egan First 64-53 Brandyn Wims 12
2010 Guy Moore North Catholic Judge First 66-64 Bobby Makor 18
2014 Jazz Williams West Catholic Lansdale First 48-45 Jahmil Harris 23
2016 Joe Zeglinski Ryan La Salle Quarter 67-49 Izaiah Brockington 27

FEB. 14
One thing about Archbishop Ryan's basketball team: When it pulls off a quarterfinal upset, it does so in style. In this century, lower seeds have claimed victory 12 times in CL quarters. Ryan has accomplished the feat three times and owns three of the top four margins of victory. Friday night, the Raiders rolled to a 67-49 victory at La Salle for coach Joe Zeglinski . . . Hey, look who led Ryan in scoring in its 2006 success. The same guy. In 2008, Andrew Rogers did his starring for his brother, Bernie. They now can be found on the coaching staff at Haverford School. Bernie is the head man. Andrew is one of his assistants. Some games below featured teams with identical records. The seedings were based on tie-breakers.

Upsets in CL Quarterfinals, 2000-16
Year Winner (Seed) Loser (Seed) Score Margin Leading Scorer Pts
2008 Ryan (3) Dougherty (2) 72-46 26 Andrew Rogers 21
2016 Ryan (5) La Salle (4) 67-49 18 Izaiah Brockington 27
2003 La Salle (3) Wood (2) 46-29 17 Will Furey 14
2006 Ryan (3) Judge (2) 39-26 13 Joe Zeglinski 12
2002 Neumann (4)