City All-Star FB Game, 2008

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    The 34th annual Daily News-Eagles City All-Star Game was played
May 17, 7 p.m., at Northeast High.
    TV coverage: None.
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to Joe Malizia, 305 Lodge Rd., Phila., Pa., 19128. If you have questions,
please call Joe at 215-482-9355.
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game in 1975, special lists, and year-by-year recaps.

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    Go to bottom of page for pic of Bux-Mont CYO All-Stars, who won the prelim, 24-0, over Philly.

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  Most touchdowns: 3, Mike Mattei, Chestnut Hill.
  Most yards: 140, Al Desiderio, Roman.
  Most yards per reception (three minimum): 35.0 (4-140), Al Desiderio, Roman.
  Most PATs: 6, Chris Fioravanti, Roman.
  Most touchdowns receiving: 2, Al Desiderio, Roman.


  Non-Pub Public
First Downs 17 9
Rushes-Yards 36-214 51-130
Passing Yards 204 0
Total Offense 418 130
Passes 9-12-0 0-8-1
Return yards 49 134
Punts 0 7-20.0
Fumbles lost 2 1
Penalties-yards 5-53 5-40

Non-Public                                                   14  14   14   6  -- 48

   Public                                                             0    7    0    0    -- 7

N-P: Jamir Livingston 12 run (Chris Fioravanti kick)
N-P: Jamir Livingston 10 run (Chris Fioravanti kick)
N-P: Mike Mattei 1 run (Chris Fioravanti kick)
P: Darius Johnson 1 run (Andreas Roberts kick)
N-P: Mike Wismer 20 pass from Mike Mattei (Chris Fioravanti kick)
N-P: Al Desiderio 34 pass from Andrew McHale (Chris Fioravanti kick)
N-P: Al Desiderio 28 pass from Mike Mattei (Chris Fioravanti kick)
N-P: Nick Ferdinand 11 pass from Mike Mattei (kick failed)
  N-P: Andrew McHale, Judge, 13-52; Jamir Livingston, SJ Prep, 10-128;
Chris Johnson, Roman, 5-15; Mike Mattei, Chestnut Hill, 4-19; Mike
McCarthy, SJ Prep, 3-7; Robbie Yurko, Calvary Christian, 1-3.
  P: Gerald Bowman, Imhotep, 14-40; Antione Singleton, Freire, 10-43;
Chris Sturgis, Franklin, 8-39; Darius Johnson, Overbrook, 6-6; Hal
Chambliss, Gratz, 4-12; Ervin Goodson, Frankford, 3-8; Clinton Granger,
Washington, 3-(-7); Kevin Chilton, Lincoln, 2-2; Andreas Roberts,
Imhotep, 1-(-13).
  N-P: Mike Mattei, Chestnut Hill, 7-9-0 -- 148; Andrew McHale, Judge,
1-1-0 -- 34; Chris Johnson, Roman, 1-2-0 -- 22.
  P: Clinton Granger, Washington, 0-7-0 -- 0; Antione Singleton, Freire,
0-1-1 -- 0.
  N-P: Al Desiderio, Roman, 4-140; Rodney Blango, W. Catholic, 1-22;
Mike Wismer, Chestnut Hill, 1-20; Robbie Yurko, Calvary Christian, 1-7;
Mike McCarthy, SJ Prep, 1-4.
  P: None.
  N-P: Rashad Campbell, Chestnut Hill, 2-26; Jim McGoldrick, SJ Prep,
2-23; Terrell Oglesby, N. Catholic, 1-0.
  P: Ervin Goodson, Frankford, 4-83; Andrew Goodman, Washington, 1-30;
Michael Alexander, Bartram, 1-9; Kevin Chilton, Lincoln, 1-9; Chris
Spence, Frankford, 1-9.
  N-P: Pete Sellecchia, N. Catholic, 10; Shahid Paulhill, N. Catholic, 9;
Darrell Dulany, Neumann-Goretti, and Dan Keenan, Judge, 8; Sean
Goldstein, Chestnut Hill, Chris Wilk, Ryan, and Jim DiLisio, Judge, 6.
  P: Amir Boler, Roxborough, 6; Richard Dixon, King, 5; six with 4.
  N-P: Terrell Oglesby, N. Catholic.
  P: None.
  N-P: Pete Sellecchia, N. Catholic.
  P: Amir Boler, Roxborough; Chuck King, Dobbins.
  N-P: Pete Sellecchia, N. Catholic, and Shahid Paulhill, N. Catholic, 1; 
Dan Keenan, Judge, and Jim DiLisio, Judge, 1/2. 
  P: None. 
  N-P: Pete Sellecchia, N. Catholic, 2; six with one.
  P: Richard Dixon, King, 4; Ackeem Clarke, Bok, and Toyre
Fredericks, Dobbins, 1.
  N-P: Mike Mattei, Chestnut Hill, offense; Shahid Paulhill, N. Catholic,
  P: Antione Singleton, Freire, offense; Amir Boler, Roxborough, defense.
  N-P: Darrell Dulany, Neumann-Goretti.
  P: Richard Dixon, King.


Positions are tentative
No. Name School Pos. Ht. Wt.
8 Courtney Waiters W. Phila. PR 5-9 165
10 Gerald Bowman Imhotep RB 5-11 195
11 Andrew Goodman Washington WR 6-0 180
12 Clinton Granger Washington QB 6-3 240
14 Kyle Yeiter Central LB 6-0 220
15 Alan Snipes Overbrook LB 5-10 175
17 Antione Singleton Freire DB 5-11 170
18 Julius Legg Imhotep QB 6-4 270
21 Leonard Mitchell Overbrook DB 6-1 180
22 Michael Alexander Bartram DB 5-7 160
23 Raymond Harris Central DB 5-10 190
24 Darius Johnson Overbrook RB 5-9 180
25 Kevin Chilton Lincoln RB 5-10 175
27 Hal Chambliss Gratz RB 6-1 195
31 Joseph Gaines Overbrook LB 5-10 205
33 Ervin Goodson Frankford RB 5-6 150
35 Khalil Sanders Furness SB 5-11 160
37 Tyron Carlton Franklin DB 6-1 180
43 Devon Wallace Washington LB 5-7 170
44 Ackeem Clarke Bok LB 6-0 235
47 Chris Sturgis Franklin RB 5-10 185
48 Amir Boler Roxborough LB 6-1 205
49 Donald Vodopija Mastbaum DE 6-1 225
50 Josh Burnett Frankford LB 5-9 170
51 Chris Spence Frankford LB 5-10 180
52 Dante McCall Bartram OL 5-9 250
55 Chuck King Dobbins LB 6-0 175
56 Richard Dixon King DL 6-2 260
58 Isiah King Imhotep DE 5-10 195
61 Saladine Walker Imhotep OL 6-2 175
62 Sheldon Walker Roxborough OL 5-10 245
63 Warren Kay Overbrook DT 6-3 270
65 William Mount Frankford C 5-10 220
66 Randolph Latimore Dobbins OL 6-4 280
67 Brandon Lee King DL 6-4 240
71 Troy Griffiths Bartram DL 6-0 230
72 Ryan Murray Bok OL 6-6 330
73 Tyree Green Olney OL 6-6 260
74 Sean O'Neil Fels OL 6-2 305
76 Leland Sledge Bok OL 6-2 285
77 Lawrence Williams Washington OL 6-3 250
78 Christopher Peterson Northeast OL 6-0 220
81 Toyre Fredericks Dobbins TE 6-0 255
82 Keith Scruggs Northeast WR 6-3 175
83 Tajidin McGough Franklin WR 6-0 170
84 Damien Wilmer Washington TE 5-11 210
85 Malik Ballard Frankford WR 6-1 175
89 Andreas Roberts Imhotep WR 6-1 175
90 Earl Watford Gratz DL 6-5 275
Head Coach: Anthony Pastore, Furness.
Assistants: Mark Effendian, John Gossett, Sam Arbitman, Kwesi
Solomon, Larry Bledsoe, Brian Blasy. 


Positions are tentative
No. Name School Pos. Ht. Wt.
8 Paul Fitzgerald SJ Prep DB 6-2 195
10 Mike Mattei Chest. Hill QB 6-2 190
11 Christian Palmer W. Catholic WR 6-0 180
12 Rashad Campbell Chest. Hill DB 5-8 175
14 Jamir Livingston SJ Prep RB 5-7 165
15 Chris Johnson Roman QB 6-2 200
17 Rodney Blango W. Catholic WR 5-11 175
18 Herman Hinton W. Catholic DB 6-3 200
21 Jim DiLisio Judge LB 6-2 195
22 Mike Lonergan Chest. Hill DB 6-2 190
23 Terrell Oglesby N. Catholic DB 5-9 165
24 Robbie Yurko Calv. Christian LB 6-0 195
27 Darrell Dulany Neum.-Goretti DB 6-0 160
31 Chris Fioravanti Roman K 5-9 160
33 Pat Jordan SJ Prep DB 5-10 175
35 Jim McGoldrick SJ Prep DB 6-0 180
37 Andrew McHale Judge RB 5-10 190
43 Marquese Sanders W. Catholic LB 6-2 225
44 Chris Wilk Ryan LB 6-2 225
47 Chris James N. Catholic LB 6-1 205
48 Mike Wismer Chest. Hill TE 5-10 195
49 Mike McCarthy SJ Prep RB 5-10 190
50 Anthony Corso Ryan OL 6-0 230
51 Sean Goldstein Chest. Hill LB 6-0 220
52 John Mazzola Roman OL 6-3 265
55 Anthony Marascio Judge C 6-2 225
56 Gary Williams SJ Prep DT 6-1 230
58 Brandon Terrance W. Catholic OL 6-3 260
61 Ed Krimmel Roman OL 5-11 220
62 Sean Clift Roman LB 6-0 210
63 Pete Sellecchia N. Catholic LB 6-2 210
65 Eric French N. Catholic DT 6-1 240
66 Mike McInerney Penn Charter OL 6-2 260
67 Bob Mullen N. Catholic C 6-1 280
71 Ryan McGinn SJ Prep DE 6-2 235
73 Shahid Paulhill N. Catholic DT 6-4 270
74 Earl Griffiths W. Catholic OL 6-0 275
77 Evan Schramm Calv. Christian OL 6-0 255
78 Tim Gramlich Chest. Hill OL 6-2 270
82 Nick Ferdinand Ryan WR 6-1 180
83 Dan Keenan Judge DT 6-3 225
84 Michael Bradley SJ Prep TE 6-6 210
85 Al Desiderio Roman WR 5-9 170
89 Pre'Andre Watson W. Catholic TE 6-3 265
Head Coach: Rick Knox, Chestnut Hill
Assistants: Ed Aversa, Aaron Sistrunk, John Sitler, Bill Sytsma, Bill Koch.

Records fall at Daily News-Eagles City All-Star Football Game

  Few would have expected Mike Mattei to uncork a two-thumbs-way-up performance.

  Oh, the West Chester-bound quarterback from Chestnut Hill Academy is doubtless strong-armed and savvy, but there appeared to be heavy cause for concern Saturday about 4 hours before the start of the 34th annual Daily News-Eagles City All-Star Football Game.

  Mattei, also a baseball headliner, and the Blue Devils were hosting Episcopal Academy in a 1 p.m. Inter-Ac League contest.

  On what could have been the final play, while stationed at shortstop (he also pitches), Mattei took a wicked, one-hop shot off his throwing thumb. Though he remained in the game, he twice committed throwing errors before CHA completed an 11-7 win.

  The thumb swelled slightly. And the imprint of the baseball's stitches was visible.

  Uh-oh time? Or false alarm?

  "It didn't hurt when it first happened, but I was waiting for the pain to kick in," Mattei said. "Luckily, it never hurt."

  First, be informed that Mattei (muh-tay) went wild as Non-Public pounded Public, 48-7, at Northeast High, lifting its edge in the series to 18-15-1, passing 7-for-9 for 148 yards and a record three touchdowns, one apiece to schoolmate Mike Wismer (20 yards), Roman Catholic's Al Desiderio (28) and Archbishop Ryan's Nick Ferdinand (11). He also burrowed 1 yard for a fourth TD.

  Second, check this out: In the fourth game of his junior season, Mattei smacked that same thumb against a defender's hand. The injury left him with a jagged, 2-inch scar that runs between his thumb and index finger.

  "That's why I was thinking, 'Oh, man. Not this again,' '' he said, smiling. "I guess it hit a good spot on my bone. Maybe it hit one of the screws in there . . . Well, they are supposed to disintegrate."

  Like the Public's defense?

  Mattei fueled a 418-yard outburst, achieved on 48 plays (8.7 average). Jamir Livingston (St. Joseph's Prep, Fordham) was the early star, thanks to TD runs of 12 and 10 yards after the Pub went nowhere against a strong wind and experienced the first of game-long punting miseries.

  Desiderio set up that second score with a 39-yard catch, and he was just getting started.

  In all, the Ursinus-bound wideout made four catches for 140 yards and two scores. He set receiving marks for yardage and yards per catch (35.0), and he tied the snagging standard for TDs with two. The other came on a 34-yard, trick-play flip from tailback Andrew McHale (Father Judge, Albright).

  Mattei and Desiderio go way back. They grew up a few blocks apart in Roxborough, were schoolmates at Immaculate Heart of Mary in Andorra, and starred in weight ball for the Roxborough Eagles (where their coach was CHA/Non-Public assistant Ed Aversa).

  "Al was a running back. He was fast," Mattei said. "But we always used to get together with some other guys at this field called The Hill. Just throw the ball around. We were always good together.

  "Once we got together here, it was right again. Everything I threw, he was catching in stride."

  Said Desiderio: "Mike works so hard. He's just a natural."

  This has been quite the school year for Desiderio. As a junior, he was still a JV player. His senior season saw him earn first-team Daily News All-City honors while helping to spark Roman to the Catholic Red title. He caught the eye of Ursinus, where his step-brother, Roman product Victor Jaramillo, is playing, and then finished with these heroics.

  Of the swirling wind, he said, "Just means you have to step up your focus. It can take it either way. On the one TD, I was running down the sideline and the ball went to my back shoulder. I just caught it and dove for the pylon. Had to do a little spin on the other TD, too.

  "Everything that has happened this year . . . really makes me feel great."

  If Mattei's thumb - he also homered vs. Episcopal - had caused him to miss the game, an all-time disaster might have resulted. The Non-Pub roster included just two quarterbacks. The other, Roman's Chris Johnson (Villanova), was twice knocked silly by first-half hits and watched from the sidelines thereafter.

  "I kept hoping he'd be able to get back out there," Mattei said.

  Defensively for N-P, whose head coach was CHA's Rick Knox, North Catholic ruled the night. Linebacker Pete Sellecchia and down lineman Shahid Paulhill (Temple) made 10 and nine tackles, respectively, and d-back Terrell "The Sane T.O." Oglesby (Bloomsburg) picked off a pass.

  With Antione "Blueberry" Singleton (Freire Charter) at the controls, Public showed hints of offensive life in the second quarter and Darius Johnson (Overbrook) did a 1-yard leap for a score. A fourth-quarter thrust stalled out at the 10.

  Other Pub bright spots: Frankford's Ervin Goodson notched 83 yards on four returns; Roxborough linebacker Amir Boler uncorked several ferocious hits; and Martin Luther King lineman Richard Dixon made four tackles for lo0ss.

  Back to the N-P side, Roman's Chris Fioravanti rewrote the PAT mark with six; his seventh attempt hit the right upright.

  Mattei, also a basketball starter at CHA, figures he'll likely just play football at West Chester.

  As part of his pregame routine, in view of Saturday night's success, might he forevermore ask someone to at least smack his thumb?

  "Whatever it takes," he quipped. *

The Bux-Mont CYO All-Stars defeated the City squad, 24-0, in a prelim to the DN-Eagles City All-Star FB Game.
Here's the squad. Thanks to Bill Wasylenko for getting us this picture.

Kneeling, L to R -- 54 - Evan Coughlin, 11 - Mike Kosich, 73 - Tyler Kern, 80 - Colin Thompson, 21 - John Moderski, 44 - Ralph Reeves, 40 - Dan Wasylenko, 36 - Lenny Martelli, 75 - Tom Reidy, 81 - Kevin Oberlies, 65 - Joey Leddy, 31 - Brent Pelliciotti.
Standing, L to R -- Coach John Barrett, 22 - Erik DeLone, 28 - Scott Catalano, 7 - Matt Magarity, 25 - Ryan McMullin, 92 - Connor Kerrigan, 24 - Matt Smith, 99 - Frank Taylor, Coach Don "Doc" Dougherty, 55 - Chris Howard, 23 - Keith Corliss, Head Coach Brian Corliss, 29 - Colin Buckley, 32 - Shane Springer, Coach Dan Smith, 41 - Kevin Neumann, Coach Dave Armstrong, 82 - Mike Pizzo, Coach Bill Morris, 1 - Chris Flannery.