Best Teammate 2005
  George Washington's Matt Yankowitz, a baseball player, was the winner. He collected 48 points to edge Wood football player Morgan Keller in what came down to a two-man battle. O'Hara's Joe Glace (football) was in the ballpark for third while Episcopal's Lou Calabrese (football/baseball) and Judge's Tim McCauley (basketball) rounded out the top five.
   We had 15 voters total for 225 points. Yankowitz was No. 1 on four ballots and second on four more. He appeared on 13 of the 15.
   The following nominees also received first-place votes: Keller, Glace, Calabrese, McCauley and Joe Winning.
These guys finished as high as No. 2 on ballots (aside from contestants already mentioned): Alex Kowalski, Chris Banks, Zac Arbitman, Bobby Jordan, Kevin Hatch and GW's baseball team.
   Thanks to everyone. Also, I hope everyone who was nominated feels extremely proud!! Matt prefers to receive a plaque and we'll get that to him soon.

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     Matt Yankowitz
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Matt Yankowitz leads stretching session before a semifinal 5/31.

Look at bottom of file for pics of Matt (and others) with his plaque!!

   Who is the best teammate in the Public, Catholic or Inter-Ac Leagues? And why?
    Is he always upbeat? Does he never stop hustling? Is he always dependable in the clutch? Does he always know just what to say in dark moments? Does he tell great jokes? Does he set a proper tone in practice?
    Nominations for stars, "mediums" or lesser lights are encouraged. Once again: Only seniors are eligible. Athletes in any sport are eligible, though I'd imagine the winner will likely come from a sport we cover on a regular basis. 
    We'll take nominations through May 23, have the squad reach a decision and announce a winner shortly thereafter. I will spring for a handsome trophy or plaque.

     We ask baseball players to remind basketball and football guys that the contest is on, in case they haven't visited the site in a while.
    We want thoughtful nominations. We will go entirely on what is said in the nominations, not the number of nominations. (I might consult coaches to be sure that everything said about a kid is on the money.)

    Thanks for participating!!
    -- Ted Silary
    P.S. -- You may make nominations anonymously.

(Send to

FOR JOE WINNING, of La Salle baseball
   I want to be the first person, and surely not the last, to nominate Joe Winning for teammate of the year. J- Dub is the epitomy of what a good teammate should be. Joe isn't necessarily the best pitcher, but I can certainly guarantee that he is the best cheerleader. Joe comes out to every game with the best attitude, and continuously cheers for his teammates. When the team is losing, Joe gets them up and going. When the team is "winning", Joe always says that we need to get more runs. Every day, Joe leads the team in stretches and will continuously do whatever the coaches ask of him. One of the main reasons why we as a baseball team are so close this year is because of this man. I cannot think of a better candidate for teammate of the year than #20 Joe Winning.


-- Jose Colon

I would like to nominate the one but not the only joe winning for best teammate award. This kid has a great personality to go along with his leadership skills. I played football and baseball with joe and know first hand of his hard work and dedication to lasalle sports. Even though hes not the best lookin kid around hes certainly the best damn cheerleader at lasalle and i know for a fact he gives 100% every time he steps in between the lines. He can boost a teams morale with a little joke or one of his dumb comments and thats what a good teammate should do. With that Ted u really should consider Joe Winning for the 2005 best teammate award.
-- Matt Malloy

FOR MORGAN KELLER, of Wood football
   i would like to nominate morgan keller from archbishop wood . morgan played for four years and didnt see much or anytime on the football feild but he stayed with the  team as an emotional supporter. hes a true teammate who knows the very meanin of a team.

   he is the best teammate i've ever had and always made the team laugh and have fun. He worked hard every practiced and enjoyed taking the hits.

   I would like to nominate Morgan "Blarrgann" Keller of the Archbishop Wood PCL blue champs football team for best teammate. Morgan dedicated himself to 4 hard years of football and was always there to motivate anyone who needed it. Morg is by far the best teammate I've had and was a big part of me playing my senoir year. Morgan didn't have an illustrious career, but did have a defining moment against Neumann on the goalline when he stripped and recovered a fumble. Morgan is irreplaceable, and no one deserves this award more.
---RTmoney #4

   i would like to nominate morgan keller of archbishop wood football. morgan played for 4 years and never really seemed to see any time on the field. he would be at every practice even if he was sick and missed school that day. he would play scout team and get killed but still wanted to do it. that is why he won scout team player of the year for out team. he would always bring a positive attidute to the field. not to mention he is one of the funniest and best friends u could have. haha yea morgan my boy -pat mac #3

   I would like to nominate Morgan Keller of wood football.  Morgan was the best teammate anyone could have, and by far was the funniest kid. He always made every practice fun, no matter what happened.

   Morgan Keller was a 4 year scout player for Archbishop Wood High School football, which made him a master of the opponents plays by the end of his career.  No matter how hard he got hit, he would always have something to say about it while he was getting up and getting ready for the next one.  His positive attitude was a source of inspiration to our team.  He always made us laugh and got us through the toughest times of the season.  I am glad to have had a teammate like Morgan Keller.  Our season would not have been the same without him.
--- Knox #61

   I would like to nominate Morgan Keller for teammate of the year. I wasn't on the football team but I attended all of the games and it was very hard not to notice Morgan on the sidelines pumping up his teammates. He didn't play much, but he meant so much to the back to back blue division champs. He deserves this, the kid works hard and deserves to be rewarded. Congrats to Morgan and his teammates.

   I would like to nominate Morgan Keller of Archbishop Wood High School. He
played a big part in our back to back championshops not by helping us in the
game, but by pushing us during practice and running the scout team against our
first team and making sure that we had the best talent to go agaist our first
teams. He is a great teammate and very deserving of this award.

   i want to vote for morgan keller because he is a hell of a guy, i mean there is NO ONE, and i mean NO ONE like him. he made wood football the way its supposed to be. without him, the year would of never gone by. so my vote has to go to my man morgan keller

   as i look back at my high school football career i think back at the good and the bad and the ups and the downs and i remember someone who is not just a teammate to me but more like a brother......his name is morgan keller. he was there through it all with me. we didnt have the most illustriuos careers but we cared so much and tryed to give whatever we could to the team. if it weren't for morgan my years (ecspecially my senior year) wouldn't have been the same actually it would have been completely not sure i could have made it thru the season without him i mean we were lookin at all our friends playin every game and we really weren't and we didnt  know what else 2 do, everything entered our minds including quitting but im so glad i stuck it out and i jus realize the imporatance of the role that this legendary team mate played. and as i look back i love the way the strory went and i would have it no other way, ! theres nothing like a good story with a a perfect ending and thats exactly what it was.......we had plenty of bad times but we fought thru all of them and came out on top as CHAMPIONS and there is no better feeling than that. so morgan i jus want 2 thank u 4 everything and i know u deserve this award more than any1, any1 who knows wood football knows that morgan david keller should be the recipient of team mate of the year and if any disagress please dont hesitate 2 contact me
#7 -- look it up

i would like to nominate maaaaaargan keller of archibishop wood football. the kid loved playin football, especially scout team so he could go against bill "gang bang" gross...gross usually destroyed morgan, but morgan had his moments where he would get bill. morgan made practice fun, whether it was his batman outfit that he wore to practice, or his idea of "Throwback Thursday"  which was when we all wore our CYO or pound ball game jersies to a practice. maaaargan wont be remembered by those who read the newspapers and look at the stats. but everyone from here on out that plays for wood will know who morgan keller was because coach powel hung his scout team jersey up in the coaches room, just so morgan would always be remembered.
-- KHall

   i am a freshman from arbishop wood footbal writing about Morgan kellher of archbishop wood football team.  even though i did not play with him i  played with his brrother a freshamn who i am very good friends with. liek brothers  both of them did not see much time on the field but were always acted like they were on it by the way they cheered. Even though he didnt play him and his brother were at every practice no matter what happen to them. iSome kids look up to the best oplayer but i look up to morgan someone who dosent have to be the best but will always be there for you if u need him.

I would like to nominate Morgan Keller for the best teamate. I played with Morgan the past two years and I know that he has been the most inspirational leader on our team. Even though he did not see the field that much, he always showed up to all of the practices and all of the games. He always stood by the team in the up and downs in our season, and he always knew how to make people laugh. By far, Morgan David Keller is the best teamate I have ever played with, and I know he deserves this award more than anyone.
   #60 Brian Holly

I would like to nominate Morgan Keller for best teammate. Morgan may not of been that great of a football player but he was a hell of a teammate and friend. He gave everything he had to play for us. He defines what it means to have heart and determination. He left it all on the field when he played and he was always willing to fight for that extra yard or try and force that fumble. He may not be the fastest kid or the biggest but i can honestly say that this kid inspired me to play as hard as i could and he isnspired alot of people on our team. I really think we would not of had the succes we had on our team without morgan helping us everyday, on scout team, in the film room, and as a friend.
#65 Chris Szablowski

i would like to nominate morgan keller for the best teammate award for 2005 because anyone who knows wood football is well aware he kept our team together wheater it was up at training camp or during the playoffs. Morgan was clearly a fan favorite and most of the coaches loved the kid depending on how there sense of humor was feeling that day. Morgans was the heart and soul of the scout team that of which i was a part of. The Batman wings he wore should be retired along with his scout team pinny in the wood hall of fame. So i hope you do the right thing and give a team player the teammate award.
-- K Harr (never got a jersey number)

I would like to vote for Morgan Keller for teammate of the year because
morgans idea of throwback thursday was genius and whenever i needed
someone to talk to he was there.

I would like to beee the first but certainly not the last to nominate Morgan
" Ears" David Keller of Archbishop Wood Foozeball, this young man brought an
unsportmanlike conduct to every practice by elbowing you in the ear or a
commom "balltap" or spitting on you or rubbing mud in your facemask this kid
had heart and knew how to punish his own teammates in order to make them
better Moragn was a lesser light when it came to playing football but when
he made taht extra point kick vs kennedy kenrick the stands went nuts and 
at the end of the game evryone rushed onto the field and dumped "water"on
him so they thought we didnt find out tilla fter that it was hot cofee and
taht really stunk for him with his 4th degree burns but he fought threw it
and was at practice the next day to prepare for the next game. Morgan made
the best ham samches ever to and us guyz would eat after the games.

The best teammate for this past football year was me, but i am not a
senior. Since this is so, my nomination will go to Morgan Keller of
Archbishop Wood because he deserves it almost as much as i do. All the
other people being nominated don't deserve the award because those who
nominated them never played with Morgan Keller, so they obviously do not
know that the true best teammate of the year is Morgan Keller. Vote
Morgan Keller for Best Teammate of the Year. Morgan Keller.
The Big Guy- #22

FOR HECTOR GUZMAN, of North Catholic football
   For the best teammate of the year i would like to nominate Hector Guzman. Hector is the best teammate anyone could have...i know that without my man i wouldnt be the player i am today, Hector had an additude along with his talent and size that took the will out of other players...I just wanted to let everyone know that the best teammate is Hector Guzman.
Dan Shields #70

FOR JOE GLACE, of O'Hara football
   I want to nominate Joe Glace OL #66 for the 2004 Lions of Cardinal Ohara. this Championship team was full of great leaders and that is needed to win a championship. Joe came into camp with a mind set that he was gonan take control and force everyone to work to the best of their ability wich is exactly what happened and we won with a great victory. as much as i would liek to nominate all the seniors i can only nominate one and it comes down to Glace. but i would liek to thank everyone on that team and coaching staff for a great year.. i hope you make the right decision and choose Joe because he was the best teamate to play with.
-- thank you #64

   This is Matt Lowry. I played O-line for COH this past year. For teammate of the year I suggest Joe Glace. He played right tackle for us. Before the season, Joe found out his sister had been diagnosed as having cancer. For most of us, that is a time when we would quit. Instead, this kid devoted his time and energy to both causes. He was an emotional, fiery, vocal leader. Here is my favorite speech he gave: "I had no choice whether she got better. So I looked to Football. Cause thats what I can control. I can control how far Steve Cook goes on power. John Paul (Conneen), you can control how far that QB goes if he wants to scramble.... O'hara, you control your destiny." That had been the game that I was unfortunately, unable to play in. But I can honestly say I would have ran through a brick wall at that time, and all season long. My only regret as being Joey's teammate is that I was unable to find him after the championship, and tell him that it was for him. But I know a lot of people did. I'm sure you will hear more stories about
our "6th captain."

Matt Lowry

   I also want to nominate Joe Glace # 66 for teammate of the year. Joe was
the heart and soul of our championship team this year. He came into this
year with the approach and mindset of a true leader. He never let anyone
quit, whether it was in the weightroom, running sprints, during practice
or even during the games. Joe always made sure everyone was pushing
themselves as hard as they possibly could. He knew that to be champions
this year it would take everyone on the team to give their best. The
speeches he gave to us before the games were so emotional and intense
that you would always see someone either with tears runnin down their
face or with the look in their eyes that they were about to explode. Joe
always put the team first and would never give anything but 100 %. I
cannot think of anyone else I would rather have as my teammate.
-- Brian Smith #24

I would to nominate Joe Glace of Cardinal O'Hara football team because
he is a true leader of the football skills and a great person in life. I
have the honor of haveing my locker across the hall from Joe Glace and
he always seems to be smileing and he perserverd when his sister was
dianose with cancer. Every morning when i see Glace and go over and talk
to him he always seems to make me laught. One moment sticks in my mind
when i think of joe and that is the pregame and halftime speeches he
gave at the title if there was one sr i know i can count on to help with
anything that is Joe Glace. Joe the championship that we won was for
you, you were one of the sr's to welcome me this year has a freshman.
They are the reasons why Joe Glace should be teammate of the year. Joe
good luck in all you do in life
Willie McGonigle Freshman

   I'd like to nominate Joe Glace (#66). Joe was the best leader i have ever seen or heard of. The kid was a key asset to our Offense and to our championship season. If it wasn't Joe's team meetings the day before games it was his intense and emotional speeches before everygame. During some games the referee's would come to the locker room n yell CAPTAINS! I didn't want to leeve, Joes speeches were soo darn good and inspiring. At the beginning of the season Joe's younger sister was diagnosed with Cancer, Joe could have packed up and quit. But this kid dedicated himself to our team, his friends, and our goal, a championship. Glace was an emoptional, spiritual, and physical leader for our team. I was a captain this year and i tried to be a good leader for our team, the fact of the matter is i couldn't keep up with Big Joe's dedication and Love for the guys around him.! The kid is a Natural. Joe played EVERYGAME! soo he wasn't just sykin people up and sitting on the bench all game, he played with intensity and desire. NO ONE is a better teamate than Joe Glace... It's Impossible. Joey thanks for keepin our team together, for pushing me in the weightroom, and for all you sacrificed for our team. Joe Glace (#66) TEAMMATE OF THE YEAR.
Mike Marotta #44

FOR JERRY GAUL, of Judge baseball
   Jerry has played for Judge all 4 years and has been a great asset here in his senior season.  he always encourages everyone on the team even if he is sitting at the time.  he was sitting in the early parts of the year but now has earned a spot he is still ever supportive.  he never stops talking to us and cheering us on even when we have tough outings.  he is the person that reminds us that baseball is a team game when a person on the team is down after making an error or an out. he certainly isn't the best player on our team however, you can always count on him giving 100%.

FOR MATT "YANK" YANKOWITZ, of Washington baseball
  Im sure you are well aware of the Washington High School Senior, the star center fielder, our captain,
our leader. The ryhme was not done on purpose. Rather it was a freak accident much like the one Matt
Yankowitz went through in Florida when he broke his leg among other things. However, he has been at all
practices, all games, lead inspiration locker room meetings, and contributed to the team spirit that
drives Washington Baseball. It is true that this Eagles team has struggled at times during this season
which I feel is due to Matts absance on the field and at the plate. The reason we have rebounded from those
struggles is because of Matt and his everlasting desire to win. This desire will be on display on June
2nd when the GW Eagles take the field at Lasalle and Matt Yankowitz is batting 3rd playing center, right
where he has always belonged.

-- CZ

Matt Yank broke his ankle and was forced to be sidelined his whole senior year. Before this however, he was psyched for the upcoming season.  Even though he wasn't  able to help our team with his glove or bat, he was basically the glue that held this team together.  He still came to every practice, every game, and every meeting not allowing anyone to miss a beat, and he expected the best from everyone.  If someone was having trouble he would help them out as much as he could.  He is the heart and soul of our team.  Any other person would have rolled over and died when forced to miss there senior season.  However, Matt, being the captain of our team, continued to strive to help the team succeed.  To me this is the definition of the best teammate: Someone who is always there for there team and will do there best to help out anyway they can.  He has been there for the 16 other players on this team and without him, I do not think we would be as strong as  we are.  I think if Matt is not chosen as Best Teammate 2005 then something is definitely wrong.
-Mike Werb #6

   Ever since the incident in Florida in March when Matt broke his ankle, ending his senior baseball season, we all thought everything was over. But then the next day we had a game and we stayed strong. We won it for Matt. That's where everything started. We took that win into our season and grew from there. It surprises  me how someone can be so dedicated to one sport even if he can't play it at all. Matt has stuck around. He has came to every game, practice, meeting etc... He is a huge inspiration to the team. Most people probably would have rolled over and died if they injured themselves and were out for the season. But for Matt's case, he has a strong heart. He believes in every player on our team. If anyone is struggling, he'll take them aside and give them the most effective advice anyone could ever give. He always gets the team started on cheering for each other. He brings us all together as a team. That is why I feel he should be the teammate of the year. He has been such a great leader even if he isn't on the field. If you don't think he should be the teammate of the year then you've made the wrong choice.
Chris Phares #19

   For this year's best teammate i am definitely going with our captain and biggest heart of the team Matt Yankowitz. That guy has given me so much inspiration to the game, and drive to play good and bat good everytime im in the game. He is a strong guy and its a big loss having him hurt this season, but instead of just forgetting about coming to practices etc. this guy still comes to every little thing we have whether its practice, batting cages on the weekends, etc.You know it, hes there. Anyways Matt really deserves it this year more then any other player especially due to the fact that hes injured but it still feels like hes in the game cheering us guys on when were batting or we make a great play. Hes is one of the greatest guys I know, and in my eyes the winner no matter what the outcome is. Way to go Matty Yank! O yea Matt thanks for letting us know to get back on a pick off , lol way to be watching..
Bill "Tookan Sang" #18

   Any word used to describe Yank's commitment to the team would be an understatement.  Everyone knows that Yank is hurt.  Washington knows that his spirit isn't.  "Irregardless" of his injury, Matt would undoubtedly get my vote for best teammate.  When I heard about the unfortunate spring training incident, I was concerned for Yank and the team, Yank being one of the team's co-captains and strongest players.  However, it was not a question in my mind whether or not Yank would be there at every meeting, practice, and game.  That's just a given with Yank.  Even though Yank was unable to physically lead the team, that did and does not stop him from maintaining and upholding his captain responsibility.  He leads the team with his words.  His motivation and determination has been an inspiration for the 2005 Eagles.  -ations aside, Yank is a genuine leader and one hell of a teammate in my and every one of his teammates' opinions.
~K-Radz #8 (GWHS '04)

I am nominating Matt Yankowitz for Teammate of the Year. I have known Matt
for the past 4 years, and although I am not on the baseball team, I have
been on his basketball team for 2 years and have been to three of
Washington's home games this year. Many qualities come into play when
determining the Teammate of the Year, but I assure you that Matt Yankowitz
has every single one of them. He fights harder than anyone else and always
does his best. He doesn't have the .400 batting average this season or any
other stats this season. Hes on the sideline, cheering on his teammates
with a cast on his foot. When I have been to the games, the most impressive
thing is that Matt is never quiet. His head is always in the game and hes
standing on the sideline with his crutches the whole game. He never gives
up. He wishes he could get just one at-bat so he could help his team when
they're down. From what I can see, Matt does everything that could possibly
be asked of a person and more. He keeps his teammates on track and he
single-handedly rises the intensity of the game. Not only does he get his
teammates pumped, but even the fans, and this is all done from the sideline
with a smile on his face.
-- Lee Dodek

Dear Mr. Silary,
There is only one person this year that can fill
teamate of the year for you and that's Matt Yankowitz.
I'm not on Washington's baseball team or even go to
the school but I have known Matt through playing
against Washington in baseball and soccer. I even got
a chance to play with him on the Carpenter Cup team
last year. He's a very talented ball player and I hope
he gets a chance to play in the playoffs. "Yank" shows
his leadership with his actions and his encouragement
during the game. I hope I get the chance to play with
him again this year. He has great talent and is a
great leader.
#17 Chris Steinke
Northeast Second baseman

   I have known Matt Yankowitz for the past 4 years and I have never seen anyone so passionate about the game of baseball.  He's been my teammate for two years now and he is an inspiration to us all on and off the field.  As everybody who knows anything about public league baseball knows, Matt was injured while our team was down in Florida.  When he went down, I heard him scream "This cant be happening!"  Im sure thats what was going through everybody elses mind as well.  He is the true definition of a teammate.  He has been to EVERY practice and game cheering us on to the best of his ability (which is much louder then anybody else cheers).  His enthusiasm has picked up our team at times when we needed it and his dedication has made us play that much harder to reach our goals.  Yes, losing Matt was a huge loss, but we have moved on.  He is OUR CAPTAIN and by far the greatest inspiration on our team.  I wou! ld like to thank Matt for being there and guiding us this season, and of course, nominate him for TEAMMATE OF THE YEAR.
Jason Charney #8 GW BASEBALL

I know I have already made my nomination for Matty
Yank as the team mate of the 2005 year but I would
like to add a very significant and recent quality that
I have just come upon. A PLAYER FROM NORTHEAST HAS
HS!!!!! I would like applaud Chris Steinke for
nominating Matt Yankowitz, even though we are rivals
on the field, we can still be friends off. This act
shows the barriers that Yank can break down and
inspire other players on rival teams. Impressive if
you ask me. How many times would you hear Jorge
Posada say that he is inspired by Pedro Martinez, but
if he did it would certainly worthy of ACKNOWLEDGMENT.


I am nominating Matt Yanks for Best Teammate of the Year.  I am obviously not on the baseball team but I have known Matt for the past four years.  He is the definition of heart.  As soon as senior year came around, all I heard him say was that this year the baseball team was going all the way.  When I heard about his accident in Florida, I couldn't believe it.  I thought for sure when he returned to school, he would be miserable.  However, he came back the total opposite.  Instead of looking at it as well there goes my senior year, he brought the attitude of well what other ways can I help my team now?  Even with his broken ankle, he has made it a point to attend every practice and game.  I didn't think it was possible for someone to be that dedicated and determined, but Matt proved me wrong.  His passion for the sport as well as well as his team inspired me to attend a couple of their games.  Even if you're not a big baseball fan, you get pulled in by Matt's intensity.  He is up on his crutches every inning, cheering the loudest and giving his team guidance.  If anyone deserves this award and recognition, it is Matt.
-- Erica Weinstein

I'm a fan of Washington baseball and I would like to nominate Matt Yank for teammate of the year 2005.  Matt has everything a teammate of the year should have.  Even though he can not play, he is always there to cheer on his teammates.  Although he can not physically help the team out, he does so verbally.  He's the leader of that team.  No matter what, he is always into the game and will do anything to motivate the other players.  With all this said, there is no doubt in my mind that Matt should be chosen for this honor.
--Meghan Brown

   My best friend and teammate Matt Yankowitz went down before a season with high hopes and expectations.  Matt getting hurt didnt go well with me, he prepared himself more then anyone that i have ever played with and was looking forward to the season more then ever, and for the longest time i wished i could have switched places with him. When news came back that we had lost Matt for the season it had hit the team hard, and if I was Matt, I would have been depressed and wouldnt be able to watch any games because knowing him, he misses playing so much. But Matt is a great person and some how comes out to every practice, even when it was bitter cold to watch, help us out and even cheer us on. Matt attends every game with his uniform on cheering us on. Matt is the loudest person on the bench, which sets the tempo for the rest of the team. This is why i believe that Matt Yankowitz should win the best teammate award for 2005 hands down.
- Anthony O'Donnell #17

   I would like to nominate Matt Yankowitz for teammate of the year!!!  Matty
Yank deserves this award more then anyone that played high school sports
this year.  After the incident that happened in Florida, I couldnt believe
the spirit Matt came back with.  I know what its like not to play your
senior season due to injury and I think Matt handled the situation better
then anyone could have to this day.  You will always see Matt at every game
cheering teammates and even getting the crowd hyped up from his specially
designed beach chair!!!  I even went to a couple of practices and saw Matt
stitting on the bench trying to coach the outfielders.   This kid has amazing
heart and no matter what the guy next to you in the bar tells you Matts a
GREAT ball player and deserves atleast the honor to be Teammate of the
Year!!! (Since he can't be the pubs MVP)
-- Etai Avitan#68  (GWHS '04)

The name Matt Yankowitz says it all. He is not only our leader and an inspiration to the team but he is a great person. Down in Florida when he got hurt only the worse was running through all of the eagles, but Matt being Matt didn't let us down by bringing our heads right back up. Not only has he made an impact on all of us but he has made one on me especially. This being my first year he made it feel like I've been there all along. I always call him one of my "Big Brother's," not only because he is taller then me ( he he, then again everyone on the team is ), but because he's taken me under his wing and explains plays to me when I don't understand them and when he sees that my footwork is wrong or when he sees that I am upset or not feeling the day he makes everything all better. He also let's me know that he isn't going anywhere and is always going to be right there with us in the huddle, locker room, practices, games, bus rides, and even when it has nothing to do with baseball because that is the type of person he is. Thanks Mat we just would not be a team without you. Your the sickest "biddy jawn" on the team.
Rodrigo "A'Rod" Valladares #16

   I would like to nominate Matt Yankowitz for best teammate of 2005.  Yank has
everything you would look for in a teammate.  He is funny, talented,
positive, energetic, workaholic, supportive, team leader, so many more that
the list can run forever.  I have been friends with Yank for 6 years dating
back to our Devlin League days when we were younger.  Even than he was a
good sport about things especially wins and losses when our teams faced each
other.  Even if Olney won against Fairmount every time, he never quit on his
team.  Today especially when we are losing, he is always talking and
cheering on his teammates.  It hurts him not being out there working on his
game, and helping his teammates on what they could do next time in that
situation.  Yank strides on and off the field, he is in the top 10 percent
in our High School graduation class, proving he isn’t a dumb jock.  This
past Saturday yank batted for the first time since March 17, 2005 impressing
fans and coaches that hasn’t lost one step.  As my teammate Chris said Yank
desire will be on display on June 2 in the championship game.
-- Justin Presley

I would like to nominate Matt Yankowitz, of George Washington Baseball.  In a situation such as Matt's I don't know what I would do with myself.  It has to be just about the biggest heart breaker any ball player could have, especially going into his Sr. year.  Although I'm not a Washington guy I still know the kind of person Matt is through playing with him over the summer.  Matt is an all around great guy and awesome teammate.  You make a mistake, he's right there to pick you up.  If you look a little frustrated he'll give you some advice, AND HE NEVER STOPS THE CHATTER.  When most kids in his situation would just give it up and sulk over their injury Matt has kept his head high and lead his team from the bench.  It is my understanding that he is at every practice and doesn't miss a game.  He's behind his teammates 100% and although on the bench I believe he makes his team better, just as if he were on the field.  Matt Yankowitz deserves this award more than anyone else!
Brandon O'Malley NEHS

FOR CHRIS BANKS, of Northeast football
   From my observations of Chris seemed to be a great teammate. It was a regular occurrence to see him encouraging and trying to lift his teammates' spirits. He had a great season even though he was not always the featured back. He showed his character and sportsmanship when he had great games in the absence of the featured back and you didn't see him moaning and whining when his carries were reduced. He was very encouraging to my nephew who transferred to Northeast in his senior year even though they had not known each other previously. According to coach he pushed really hard to get him on the team because he felt he would help. At the school banquet there was nothing but good things said about his character and commitment to the team. Additionally he was a writer, (although he could've written more) and he wrote about his school and his classmates in a way that was truthful and critical but not hurtful. I wish him the best.
-- R. Sample

FOR RUFUS "SKIP" SKIPWORTH, of Dobbins football/baseball
   Hey Ted, it's me again the Famous Amos...i would like to vote for the best teammate be real...i think it's me but since i can't vote for myself i'm going to vote for the second best man for this award which would be Rufus Skipworth of Murrell Dobbins CTE...This man has been a big play athlete for not just football but Baseball. In football recording over 50 some tackles at outside linebacker and most were solo. Also i believe and many others our best complete not just making tackles but breaking up passes and having a interception..also when our fullback went out on a injury he stepped in a did a hell of a job at that spot also but blocking consistantly and rushing for 93 yards on just 16 carries for the season which is a little over 5 yards a pop but anyway Skip, as we call him, turn in to a solid and besides the captions that were choosen a hell of a player in only 2 years of playing high school football. Skip also is a outstanding cather for our baseball team. Even in the disappointment of this year...for his first year of being a cather...almost every game he picked of a runner and also made huge contribution to the team like being out other co-caption other than me. Skip also had any excellent year at the bat with a batting average over .300 and many singles, doubles and triples. I believe Skip should get Best teammate and biggest heart this year out of every athlete cause when came down to being a great player in a all star situation that him. He didn't make all public  in football but gave 110% every game and hopefully he gets to be all public in baseball and he is our team's MVP and Captain in his first...that shows you how hard he works to be a contribution even if he's not a all star to others eyes he still in many others as well as mine and a true threat to whatever sport he plays and he will be attendin the University of Kutztown with Steve Sydnor and hopefully will do well if or when he becomes apart of the football team and in his acedemic.
Thanks Ted for the time...."Famous" Amos

   What's up Ted, I would like to nominate Rufus Skipworth for teammate of the year...basically for his dedication to the team and his hard work that he put in practice everyday. Since last year, his first year on the team, he has been working hard to earn a starting spot or just some playin time for the team. I believe he should have played more last year matter fact, he should have started, because whenever things were wrong on the field he fixed them right when we needed it. This year I think he contributed more than I did and I've been startng on varsity for 3 years, even though he dropped a couple of interceptions he still made it up tackling guys for losses or for short gains. Even off the field he's a good guy, academic wise and also as a friend. I also get to have another 4-5 years with him as a roommate and a teammate as we go down to Kutztown University to make history. Ted this is your teammate of the year. If you would have played with him you would have thought so  too.
Thanks Ted, see you at the All-Star game.
-- #10 Steve Sydnor

FOR ALEX KOWALSKI, of Bonner football
   I would like to nominate Alex Kowalski for teammate of the year.  When you look in the dictionary his picture is next to the word teammate.  Alex has played Bonner football since Freshmen year and despite his 5'1" 200ib frame Alex always gives it his all.  Whether it be on the field or in the classroom.  Even if Alex didn't get into a game he was always right there cheering the team on.  He would cheer for you when u needed cheering but he would chew you out when you needed to be.  He is also a great leader.  He leads by action not by just telling people to do things.  His demeanor brings a smile to everyones face and he should be commended for his hard work and compassion.  This is a man who plays football for the love of the sport and for love of people.  He is always willing to do anything for a teammate.  Even if he doesnt get this award, there is no doubt in my mind nor anyone who has ever played with Alex, tha! t he is the teammate of the year.
-- Bonner Football, No. 64

FOR KEVIN HATCH, of Bonner football
   I nominate Kev Hatch for best teammate of the year.  Kev found out that he was going to be moved from Center to play tackle his senior season.  Insted of complaning about moving from his spot he worked harder then any one else on our team.  In the off season kev was the one going up to everyone to get them in the weightroom and get them to do there running.  Kev's senior season was cut short due to a knee injury, but that didnt stop him.  He took his role as a coach, and he was at everygame helping me out personaly, and the rest of the o-line.  He took me under his wing and taught me everything he knew.   Kev is a teammate and great athelete.
-Bonner Football #72

FOR BOBBY JORDAN, of Roman Catholic basketball
   Bobby started the season hurt it, but this kid battled throw it all season it made him not have the season he expected. But he keep that team together he did not let anyone not give all they got and when kids on team tryin blamin refs or coach he didnt let that slide he would take blame for every game and put it on his back and when people on team believed they couldn't beat prep or neuman he got there spirits up and just said y not and made good points why they could roman wouldn't of been close same team without him and drexel gettin a good player and a great leader this kid was born to lead and be a good teamate he deserves at least some recoginition.
-- The Man With the Big Head

   I would like to Nominate the 2005 George Washington Baseball team, yes thats right the whole team. My brother Andrew Farrell a 2001 alumni of GW passed away of Leukemia last year. This team has done so much for myself and Andrews memory. Each and everyone of them carry a different piece of character that Andrew exhibited while he was still alive. The GW baseball team has become extended members of my family and for that its only right I vote the whole team and not single just one person out.
-- T.J. Farrell GW CLASS OF '99

FOR ZAC ARBITMAN, of Episcopal Academy basketball
   I would like to nominate Zachary Arbitman from Episcopal Academy for best teammate. He was truly the unsung hero of the Churchmen this year. Being on the team I experience first hand what a great guy he was. Despite his lack of minutes, he still gave it everything he had in practice. He is the kind of kid who everyone wants on their team.

Id like to nominate Zac Arbitman from the Episcopal Academy inter ac basketball champs.  Zac was a great team mate.  After only playing with him for one season, I saw the dedication and determination he showed to his team. Although not receiving lots of playing time Bitman still came out every day at practice and worked extremely hard.  Especially at the defensive end of the floor.  Zac will be missed by all and will be a great new addition to Haverford College's lacrosse team.
--Mike Nealis #40

FOR TIM McCAULEY, of Judge basketball
  Tim Mccauley should get the teammate of the year for a lot of reasons. Tim was on his way to an all catholic year when he injured his knee in the summer. The doctors told him that he would be out for the entire year, but he kept working and coming to practice. in the middle of the year he decided to risk another injury and come back. In his 2nd game back he dropped 20. Thats pretty good for a kid with no meniscus in his knee. Tim showed us all what it meant to be basketball player, but more importantly he showed us how to be a good person.

 I would like to nominate tim because all of the hard  work he has done in the past. He had a tough blow when he got hurt with his knee but he kept postive and rooted for his team even know it was hurting him so bad that he could not be out there but with his postive attitude he helped his team and at the end of the season and was a great leader for the team and he showed how ot be a team player.

FOR LOU CALABRESE, of Episcopal football/baseball
   I'd like to nominate Episcopal Academy football/baseball player Lou Calabrese for best teammate.  "Sweet Lou" puts everything he has into everything he does.  The NAVY-BOUND Calabrese wasn't always the fastest or strongest, but his hard work and relentless effort is noticed and appreciated by his coaches and teammates. Playing on a football squad that fielded many great athletes, Lou was often overlooked, and its about time we pay some respect to Lou Cal.
-- Tom Mulligan #62

I would like to nominate Lou Calabrese as best teammate of the year for his contributions to the Episcopal Academy Varsity Football and Baseball teams.  Sweet Lou gives every ounce of effort during every practice.  He is truly a Philly favorite, playing with a blue-collar bring your lunch pail to work attitude.  Although I myself do not play football, I hear from the other players complaining how hard it is in school, yet not once did Lou ever complain about the difficulties found in summer and fall workouts.  In baseball he and I are deep on the bench, yet he consistently slides into second during practice, never dirty but trying to break up the double play.  Lou's never give up demeanor paid off when he was admitted to the United States Naval Academy this spring.  This has been a dream of Lou's and he truly deserves the honor of going to Navy as well as being named Teammate of the Year.

I would like to nominate Lou Calabrese for the best teammate.  I have been on many teams with Lou in our four years, from freshmen basketball to varsity football and baseball, and regardless of the team or season Lou gives everything he's got all the time.  Not only does Lou deserve this award purely for the hear and desire he constantly displays but he is also the epitome of what a teammate and genuine person is.  Lou is a very quiet and polite person on and off the playing field,  yet when game time comes around he still manages to find just a little mean streak in him that no one else can seem to find.  No one else is more deserving of not only this award but also of his appointment to the United States Naval Academy.  There is no more perfect person to honor and defend our country than Lou Calabrese.
Brian FitzPatrick #15

Lou Calabrese I can truly say is the greatest kid I ever came to known.
  His nickname is "Sweet Lou" and its not because he's soft but because
this kid is the most courteous, and passionate kid that I know.   Lou
and I played middle line backer with each other this year and not only
is he a decent athlete, he is a hard hitter and is a kid that will help
you up after he knocks you on your back.  Everyone at Episcopal loves
Lou and he does everything in life 100 percent.  It has been a pleasure
to be associated with a kid like him and I'm so proud of what he has
done over the last four years and and proud to call him one of my
teamates.  Lou got rejected from Navy a couple of weeks ago.  Lou
wanted to go to Navy so bad and he was the most qualified kid that I
knew to go there.  When he didnt get accepted he shurgged it off,  he
didnt get angry but just went on with his life.  Me and the other
students at Episcopal were outraged and complained.  A commander that
is an uncle to Fitzy knew Lou and knew how great of a kid he was.  This
man wrote a letter to the president explaining the kind of kid Lou is
and as soon as you know it Lou is going to Navy next year where he
deserves to be.  To be around this kid makes me smile.   I know he is
the best canidate for this honor of best teamate.  People that come in
touch with Lou all feel a little bit better after coming in contact
with "sweet Lou."
Joe Rosati

wpe24.jpg (62838 bytes)

Matt Yankowitz, Best Teammate '05, poses with three of the guys who nominated him . . . L to R, Justin
Presley, Chris Steinke and Brandon O'Malley.

wpe25.jpg (61997 bytes)

Matt and his father, Dobbins basketball-baseball coach Rich Yankowitz.

wpe26.jpg (56729 bytes)

Dad reminds Son that, despite the award, he still must cut the lawn, take out the trash, etc.