City All-Star FB Game, 2009

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    The 35th annual Daily News-Eagles City All-Star Game was played
Saturday, May 16, 7 p.m., at Northeast High.
    TV coverage: None.
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  Most yards per attempt: 13.5, 13-175, Mark Giubilato, SJ Prep, Non-Public.
  Most yards: 175, Mark Giubilato, SJ Prep, Non-Public.
  (Apologies for earlier incorrect info. Boxscore now corrected.)


  Non-Pub Public
First Downs 25 7
Rushes-Yards 40-197 24-61
Passing Yards 258 59
Total Offense 455 120
Passes 12-19-0 4-12-2
Return yards 18 79
Punts 0 2-37.0
Fumbles lost 0 2
Penalties-yards 4-46 5-42

Non-Public                                                   14   19   7    0  -- 40

   Public                                                             0    0    0    0    -- 0

N-P: Eric Young 33 pass from Mark Giubilato (Curtis Drake kick)
N-P: Raymond Maples 18 run (Curtis Drake kick)
N-P: Rob Hollomon 6 run (Curtis Drake kick)
N-P: Curtis Drake 9 run (kick failed)
N-P: Tom Ryan 15 pass from Mark Giubilato (run failed)
N-P: Juan Rozier 8 run (Curtis Drake kick)
  N-P: Rob Hollomon, W. Catholic, 13-43; Raymond Maples, W. Catholic,
10-74; Mark Giubilato, SJ Prep, 6-23; Curtis Drake, W. Catholic, 5-26;
Juan Rozier, W. Catholic, 3-23; Amir Little, Roman, 3-8.
  P: Stacey Hill, Comm. Tech, 12-46; Tyron Cheeseboro, Bartram, 5-10;
John Davis, W. Phila., 2-8; James Rosseau, Northeast, 2-0; Tyquan
Jainlett, Central, 2-(-8); Laquan Williams, Bartram, 1-5.
  N-P: Mark Giubilato, SJ Prep, 8-13-0 -- 175; Curtis Drake, W. Catholic,
4-6-0 -- 83.
  P: Laquan Williams, Bartram, 4-11-2 -- 59; Stacey Hill, Comm. Tech,
0-1-0 -- 0.
  N-P: Tom Ryan, Judge 4-97; Eric Young, W. Catholic, 2-57; Anthony
Johnson, SJ Prep, 2-30; Juan Rozier, W. Catholic, 1-22; Mike Scott,
N. Catholic, 1-20; Rob Hollomon, W. Catholic, 1-16; Dan McGeever,
SJ Prep, 1-16.
  P: Saledeem Major, Imhotep, 2-23; Yusuf Bangura, Bartram, 1-19; Tyron
Cheeseboro, Bartram, 1-17.
  N-P: Kasseim Everett, Roman, 2-18; Marty Bernard, Roman, 1-0.
  P: Amin Shabazz, Lincoln, 2-41; Ray Tucker, Bok, 1-20; Terrell Barringer,
Dobbins, 1-18; Tyquan Jainlett, Central, 1-0.
  N-P: Pete Puchalski, N. Catholic, 5; Julian Brown, Chestnut Hill, and Adam
Nowak, Judge, and Mike Pinciotti, SJ Prep, 4.
  P: Lorenzo Adams, Washington, Derek Clark, Dobbins, and Elijah Douglas,
Washington, 7; Shahid Bundy, Germantown, 5.
  N-P: Marty Bernard, Roman; Kasseim Everett, Roman.
  P: None.
  N-P: Terence Johns, Dougherty; Mike Pereira, SJ Prep.
  P: None.
  N-P: Mike Pinciotti, SJ Prep.
  P: Shahid Bundy, Germantown.
  N-P: Mike Pereira, SJ Prep; Adam Nowak, Judge; Pete Puchalski, N.
Catholic; Joe Ventresca, SJ Prep.
  P: Ackeeno Jolly, Comm. Tech; Antoine Fowler, Northeast; Joell Hilton,
  N-P: Tom Ryan, Judge, offense; Pete Puchalski, N. Catholic, defense.
  P: Stacey Hill, Comm. Tech, offense; Elijah Douglas, Washingon, defense.
  N-P: Deuce Colbert, Dougherty.
  P: Will McFillin, Washington.


(Positions are tentative)
No. Name School Pos. Ht. Wt.
8 Mike Scott N. Catholic WR 6-0 180
10 Mark Giubilato SJ Prep QB 6-3 230
11 Eric Young W. Catholic WR 5-10 160
12 Curtis Drake W. Catholic QB 6-0 175
14 Anthony Johnson SJ Prep WR 5-11 160
15 Alex Logue Chestnut Hill DB 5-8 175
17 Adam Nowak Judge DB 6-3 225
18 Ryan Langdon Judge TE 6-5 235
21 Tom Ryan Judge WR 6-3 190
22 Rob Hollomon W. Catholic RB 5-8 160
23 Terence Johns Dougherty DB 5-9 165
24 Julian Brown Chestnut Hill DB 5-10 185
25 Juan Rozier W. Catholic FB 6-0 210
27 Amir Little Roman FB 5-10 245
31 Phil Thomas Chestnut Hill DE 5-10 195
33 Mike Pereira SJ Prep LB 6-1 235
35 Kasseim Everett Roman DB 5-10 180
37 Raymond Maples W. Catholic RB 6-1 200
43 Joe Mascino N. Catholic LB 5-10 205
44 Eric Moore N. Catholic LB 6-1 195
47 Kyle Fellenbaum N. Catholic DE 6-1 185
48 Mike Yeager SJ Prep DB  5-10 175
49 Dan Casey SJ Prep DB 5-11 175
50 Andy Marshalick SJ Prep DL 6-0 260
52 Deuce Colbert Dougherty LB 5-10 215
55 Joe Ventresca SJ Prep DL 5-10 245
56 Shawn Davis SJ Prep OL 6-0 265
58 Paul Murtagh W. Catholic OL 5-11 230
61 Mike Pinciotti SJ Prep DL 6-3 295
62 John Matthews Roman OL 6-1 210
63 Covisia Wilson W. Catholic OL 6-1 260
65 Steve Sipos N. Catholic C 6-0 265
66 Jon Marcinek Roman DL 6-1 280
67 Blake Graham N. Catholic OL 6-5 275
72 John Lavelle Judge C 6-1 260
73 Mark Arcidiacono SJ Prep OL 6-5 285
78 Victor McNair W. Catholic OL 6-0 280
79 Tahir Basil Roman DE 6-3 250
81 Anthony Krywoschyj Neum.-Goretti WR 6-0 165
83 Marty Bernard Roman LB 6-0 190
84 Dan McGeever SJ Prep TE 6-2 230
85 Chris Williams W. Catholic DE 6-2 225
90 Pete Puchalski N. Catholic DL 6-3 345
 Head coach: Brian Fluck, West Catholic
(Positions are tentative)
No. Name School Pos. Ht. Wt.
8 Antwain Byrd Bartram DB 5-11 170
10 Laquan Williams Bartram MP 5-11 170
11 Malik Jackson Fels WR 6-0 185
12 Terrell Barringer Dobbins MP 5-9 160
14 John Melvin Overbrook WR 5-9 165
15 Yusuf Bangura Bartram DB 6-0 170
18 Stacey Hill Comm. Tech MP 5-9 175
22 Ira Sample Bartram MP 5-11 190
23 Tyron Cheeseboro Bartram RB 6-0 200
24 Ray Tucker Bok RB 5-9 180
25 Lorenzo Adams Washington DB 5-7 170
27 Derek Clark Dobbins LB 6-1 215
31 Tyquan Jainlett Central MP 5-8 160
33 Rasheen Tookes Mastbaum RB 5-10 190
35 James Rosseau Northeast RB 5-6 200
37 Jeffrey Best Germantown DB 5-7 160
43 John Davis West Phila. DB 5-10 175
44 Shahid Bundy Germantown LB 6-1 200
47 Amin Shabazz Lincoln DB 5-10 175
48 Rahmel Hamilton Germantown LB 6-1 195
49 Elijah Douglas Washington DB 5-9 170
50 Joseph King King LB 6-1 200
51 Darren Berry Mastbaum LB 6-1 215
52 Joell Hilton Roxborough DL 6-5 250
55 Antoine Fowler Northeast LB 5-11 190
56 Julius Faison Overbrook LB 5-11 210
58 Waverly Harris Washington OL 6-0 245
61 James Luckey Washington OL 5-10 230
62 Bryant Davis Washington OL 6-0 230
63 Ron Corr Frankford OL 6-3 300
65 Rashard Williams Bartram DL 6-0 295
66 George Gaines Imhotep OL 6-1 305
67 Ackeeno Jolly Comm. Tech LB 6-1 175
71 Isaac Peterson Northeast DL 5-9 250
72 Kevin Bryan Bok DL 5-10 225
73 Will McFillin Washington K-P 6-5 200
74 Giba Goba Overbrook DL 6-7 270
76 Nikoli Norman West Phila. DL 6-3 270
77 Jasaan Thomas Bok DL 6-1 220
78 Lydell Boanes Franklin OL 6-2 330
79 Asahel Gladden Northeast OL 6-4 335
81 Emmanuel Pittman Penn WR 6-1 185
82 Saledeem Major Imhotep TE 6-4 210
83 Jamel Haggins Franklin LB 6-3 225
84 Mike Gilliam Univ. City WR 5-11 180
85 Vincent Boseman Edison WR 6-1 175
89 Teddy Carson Comm. Tech TE 6-4 250
90 Tim Freiling Northeast K-P 6-5 200
  Head coach: Damond "Smash" Warren, Bartram

Non-Public dances to rout over Public in 35th annual
Daily News-Eagles City All-Star Football Game

  So much for the notion that mid-May is down time for football players.

  Mark Giubilato has never been busier.

  Yesterday morning he trekked to Lebanon Valley College to practice for next month's East-West all-star game for Pennsylvania seniors. And today you can find him where he will be next fall, Milford Academy, in New Berlin, N.Y. There he'll participate in no fewer than three College Day practices while continuing his pursuit of a big-time college scholarship.

  This past Saturday night? He's glad you asked. Along with his teammates, the 6-3, 230-pound quarterback from St. Joseph's Prep experienced all kinds of Giubilation.

  The 35th annual Daily News-Eagles City All-Star Football Game, played in front of a large crowd at Northeast High, was over almost before it started. Giubilato helped see to that.

  As Non-Public frolicked past Public, 40-0, raising its series edge to 19-15-1, Giubilato smashed the game record for passing yards per attempt (13.5) and tied the mark for yards by going 8-for-13 for 175, good for two scores. Andre Sloan-El (Roman Catholic, in '04) had also thrown for 175 yards.

  Primary among Giubilato's playmates was Father Judge wideout Tom Ryan, who's bound for Towson.

  Know where he was at halftime? Headed for his prom.

  "He told me before the game, 'If we're up by 35 at half, I'm out,' " Giubilato said.

  Close enough. The score was 33-0.

  Ryan made an all-time snag on the first play of the second quarter, outleaping two defenders and hauling in the ball with his off (left) hand for a 42-yard gain. Rob Hollomon (West Catholic) capped that drive three plays later with a 6-yard run to make it 21-0.

  Very next possession. Another downfield launch, this time by Penn State-bound Curtis Drake (West Catholic). Two defenders again in area. Ryan rises. Ball loves the feel of his hands. Forty-four-yard gain. Drake runs for a 9-yard TD four plays later.

  Final N-P possession of the half. Giubilato is again under center. Tosses a left-corner fade. Ryan makes the catch and is darn near wearing his tux by the time he flips the ball to the ref.

  When asked to describe Ryan's performance, Giubilato began by blurting, "Oh, my God!"

  He continued: "In our whole 4 weeks of practice, out of all those passes I threw him, he dropped one. One. On that [42-yarder], I just knew he was going to get the ball. He always says, 'Just put it up there for me. Nobody's going to beat me to the ball. I'm going to get it.' I got knocked down, so I didn't get to see it. Just heard cheering."

  Of the fade play, he said, "I knew that was going to be a touchdown in the huddle. If he's one-on-one, forget it. With his hands and the way he jumps? Touchdown."

  Giubilato's story is quite compelling.

  Last June, thanks to strong camp/combine showings, and at a time when his career Prep passing totals stood at 0-for-3, no yards, he was offered, and accepted, a scholarship from Temple.

  As he acknowledged, his early senior-season outings were spotty. He felt much more effective as the season concluded, but decided he wanted to experience another scholastic campaign before entering college. He'd been dreaming of playing bright-lights college ball pretty much since toddlerhood. He nixed his Temple commitment in February.

  Giubilato recently visited Iowa. Boston College is upcoming. Twenty D-I schools were expected to watch him throw today at Milford.

  N-P coach Brian Fluck (West Catholic) began the game with a twist, using Giubilato at QB and Drake at the position he's being projected to play at Penn State, wideout. The second play was a hitch pass. Oops. Drake could not hang on.

  Later he dropped another and one was thrown slightly behind him. At QB, Drake passed 4-for-6 for 83 yards and rushed three times for 21 and the TD.

  The game's first score came on Giubilato's 33-yard pass to Eric Young (West Catholic). Burrs posted all but one of the TDs, in fact, thanks to, in order, runs by Raymond Maples (18 yards), Hollomon, Drake and Juan Rozier (eight).

  The N-P's primary line featured center John Lavelle (Judge), guards Shawn Davis (SJ Prep) and John Matthews (Roman), tackles Mark Arcidiacono (SJ Prep, Penn State) and Blake Graham (North Catholic) and tight end Ryan Langdon (Judge).

  Davis is the nephew of the Pub's head coach, Damond "Smash" Warren (John Bartram).

  The final 22 minutes, 34 seconds of the 60-minute game were played with a running clock. The Judge guys were boogeyin' down by then.

  "They were going to try to stay for three quarters," Fluck said. "The way the first half went, they didn't have to."

  N-P faced a strong, east-to-west wind at the outset. Worked out handsomely. With no specialists on the squad, Fluck had open tryouts for kicker and kickoff man. Drake, using a straight-on style, hit three of four PAT.

  Giubilato kicked off and his first one, after Young's TD, went uncaught at about the 20. The ball bounced backward and was recovered by N-P's Terence Johns (Cardinal Dougherty).

  Later, scores were set up by an interception by Marty Bernard (Roman Catholic) and a fumble recovery by Mike Pereira (SJ Prep). Kasseim Everett (Roman) added a leaping pick just before the end of the third quarter.

  The Pub did not post a gain for more than 7 yards until late in the first half - 17-yard pass from Stacey Hill (Communications Tech) to Saledeem Major (Imhotep Charter) - and wound up with just 120 yards. The N-P stormed to 455.

  "Curtis is awesome, obviously. An unbelievable athlete," Giubilato said. "I was happy that we got to split the time. It was a lot of fun.

  "Those Pub guys hit you hard. And they let you know about it, too. They really put some hits on me. But I got enough time and just let the receivers go make their plays."

  Next fall, he will be doing likewise in prep school.

  "My dad [Mark] is all for this," he said. "He's willing to make the [financial] sacrifice because he knows big-time college football is my dream." *