Bryan Cole

Ameel Johnson

Ken Wlodarczyk

Matt Malloy

Matt Yankowitz

Colin Liberatore

Matt Forman
(courtesy Jim Mack,
of Malvern Prep)

Best Teammate 2007

  Malvern Prep's Matt Forman, a squash/baseball player, is the winner!! He collected 37 points to edge Archbishop Wood basketball player Fran McGlinn in what came down to a two-man battle. University City's James Allie (baseball), La Salle's Kevin O'Connell (basketball/baseball manager) and GAMP's Eric Funaro (basketball/baseball) placed 3-4-5.
   We had 19 voters total for 285 points. Forman was No. 1 on two ballots and at least third on five others. He appeared on 14 total, more than anyone else.
   The following also received first-place votes: McGlinn, Allie, Funaro, Judge's Mike Murphy, Northeast's Mike Small, McDevitt's Joe Mitros, Dobbins' Marcellus Willoughby, Chestnut Hill's Mike "Spike" Christiansen and Bonner's Pat Lake.
   These guys finished as high as No. 2 on ballots (aside from contestants already mentioned): Wood's Mark "Gee" Leflar, Roxborough's Doug Sponsler.
   Thanks to all of our voting participants. Also, I hope everyone who was nominated feels extremely proud. Matt has received his plaque. Click
here for some pics at Matt's home.
   -- Ted

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Who is the best teammate in the Public, Catholic or Inter-Ac Leagues? And why?
    Is he always upbeat? Does he never stop hustling? Is he always dependable in the clutch? Does he always know just what to say in dark moments? Does he tell great jokes? Does he set a proper tone in practice?
    Nominations for stars, "mediums" or lesser lights are encouraged. Once again: Only seniors are eligible to win (but anyone can nominate). Athletes in any sport are eligible, though I'd imagine the winner will likely come from a sport we cover on a regular basis. 
    We'll take nominations through May 23, have the squad reach a decision and announce a winner shortly thereafter. I will spring for a handsome trophy or plaque.

    We ask baseball players to remind basketball and football guys that the contest is on, in case they haven't visited the site in a while.
    We want thoughtful nominations. We will go entirely on what is said in the nominations, not the number of nominations. (I might consult coaches to be sure that everything said about a kid is on the money.)

    Thanks for participating!!
    -- Ted Silary
    P.S. -- You may make nominations anonymously.

(The nomination box is now closed. Thank you to all who contributed.)


Judge Football

   I would like to nominate Mike Murphy a DL from Father Judge for Best Teammate 2007. Mike was at every lifting session, film, speed camp, and was never one to miss practice. During games and practice always kept the atmosphere light with his great sense of humor and little remarks, but at the same time he could just turn it on in an instant. Even though he wasn't a captain for us (should've been though) Mike wasn't bummed out and continued to just be a leader on and off the field for us. He was the anchor of our defensive line the last two seasons and was someone you could always depend on. Mike is a teammate I always looked up to because he was so dedicated to the team was always there for us.  

         --Brendan Kwisz '07
  I'd like to nominate Mike Murphy  of Father Judge football for teammate of the year. Mike was a tremendous leader on and off the field. He received all catholic but more importantly, he cared about his teammates. He's in the top 10% of his class and he's just an overall good kid. Mikes a great guy, even better teammate.
--- anonymous

U. City Baseball

  I would like to  nominate James Allie for the best teammate 07. University city Baseball captain. If anybody is clutch it is James. He never folds under pressure. He is our team leader and without him our team would have crumbled. He always encourage our team to go the extra effort a try to fight for the win. He would make a great recipient for this award. 
-- Mohammed Kakay,
University City 2007

  I would like to nominate james allie for best teammate '07. University city baseball captain. He always encourage people to keep their heads in the game. He never gives up. He is our clutch player, our leader, and he kept everyone as a a family. So that's why i think james should be the best teammate 07
university city hs 2007

  James is the best teammate anyone could ask for. He sets the tone in practice with hardwork, dedication, and leadership. For three years, he has been a proven leader on a team that needed every bit of his talents as well. James has played his entire career in the public league's bottom division (C for 1 year and D for two years) even though most coaches know he has A Division talent. James never complained or showed any signs of regret. He constantly worked to help his teammates improve, putting the goals of the team above his own self interests. This is why James Allie should be the best teammate for 2006-2007!
  When I first met James I knew he was a leader. Time and time again I looked to him for advice on and off the field. I look up to James as a great player and also a great friend. James never gave up through all the tough games that we let him down. We never saw a frown on his face the whole year. I cant wait to see if James takes his skills to the next level and play college ball. He would make a great asset to any team. James is the best teammate any player in any sport can have. Thank you James you are a great friend but also the best teammate in 2007.
Ralph Fluellen
U-CITY baseball

Wood Football

  I would like to nominate Mark Leflar for best team mate 2007. Despite not getting much playing time, Mark was always on the scout team for football practices regardless of how tired or how sick he was. He loved doing it because he knew that was how he can contribute to the team best, and the coaches and his teammates loved him for his persistence and relentlessness at practice. He's also a hell of a singer, he's the one who sings to us on the bus ride home, especially his famous rendition of "My Ding-A-Ling," which he got suspended for singing at Wood's Prep Rally two years ago(smile). Mark was always at practice and loved being with his teammates. He is by far a legend at Archbishop Wood for being who he is, a good friend and a GREAT teammate.
-Bob Keogh ' 07
  I would like to nominate "Gee" Leflar as teammate of the year. He had every right to have given the game up, with all the injuries, trouble, and free time he had suffered. He didn't get much time at all but always got the sidelines fired up and made everyone laugh after tough losses or when we were tired. I know the thought of quitting had to cross his mind, but in the end he chose stickin it out with his brothers and enjoying it. Camp, bus rides, practices and games wouldn't have been the same if Gee wasn't on the team. Let's hear it for Gee...HEY!
-Matt Little

Northeast Football

I would like to nominate Mike Small from northeast high football team for best teammate. Mike is the one guy on our team who gave us the attitude to never give up and keep playing every play like it is your last. Also this season Mike had to play multiple position and accepted each challenge that the coaches gave him at that position such as qb, rb, wr, cb, kr, and pr and he played each position great. let's not all forget he is in  the all city game as the best multipurpose player in the pub. Mike also would take time out of his personal life  after football practice to help players on the team with school work so  they could be eligible to play each week we had a game. Mike is a great person on and off the field and is the true definition of a teammate and a friend.
---Northeast High School Football Team '07

GAMP baseball

  I would like to nominate Eric Funaro from GAMP. He is the leader on GAMP. He always comes to play. He always comes to play hard. He is focused on the game and his teammates. He is a big REASON of GAMP success, also to caines, henson, shirdan, venafro, but eric Funaro is a great teammate because he does it in every game, and in the dugout.
 -- GAMP baseball 2007
  I would like to Nominate Eric Funaro from GAMP baseball. I played with Eric for many years on other teams and leagues. I never played with a Player that takes so much command from his team. He is the definition of a great teammate. His emotions make him compete and want to win at every game he plays. I been to a lot of GAMP games since my brother Mario played for them and I never seen a player with his attitude and dedication to his team like Eric.
 -- Adam
  I'd like to nominate Eric Funaro for best teammate of 2007.  Eric is a leader, he won't let anybody stop him from getting his point across. He has shown great leadership along with being a great friend all at the same time. I've been on the same team as Eric since the 6th grade and since then he was always a leader. He gets our team up for all games, not just the big ones. When things are going wrong during a game or just around the team everyone on our team will go to Eric first because they know they will get an honest answer. That's what a teammate is for. Somebody you can go to when things are wrong and when things need to happen. He is the captain of both the baseball and basketball team, showing he can deal with the all year round struggle of playing and keeping everyone up. He's a great teammate and a person, and that's why he should win Best Teammate of 2007. 
-Anthony Venafro
   I would also like to nominate Eric Funaro of GAMP for Best Teammate 2007.  I don't go to GAMP but I have known Eric for a long time and have played with him on many other teams over the years, and in both playing with him and watching him play both baseball and basketball for GAMP, he displays all the qualities of a great teammate.  He never takes a game lightly, he always puts in the work at practice to help both he and his teammates get better, and he glady and willingly assumes the role as inspirational and emotional leader on any team he is on.  It is obvious that he does these things because he loves to play and above all he wants so much to win, not at all for himself, but for his school, his team, and his teammates.  Eric is the definition of a team player and the type of player that everyone would love to have on their team.  He without a doubt deserves to win Best Teammate 2007.
-- Squad

Roxborough baseball

 doug is one of those players that never gives up on his team he tries hard and does his best.
doug is not a student at rox high, that's why he is so cool. i find it amazing that he can put up with us at games and practices lol. doug puts all he has in to every game, pitch, swing. he just never gives up and never lowers his head. that is why doug is the best teammate.
-- Roxborough guy
  (Ted's note: Doug is home-schooled.)
  I'd like to take the time out to tell you, Ted, and other readers that Doug is one of those players that if you tell him practice is at 3 he would be there at 2:30, ready to go. I can remember my freshman year I didn't know anyone on the team and every one treated me like I was just a water boy, but Doug helped me. Funny thing is, Doug didn't go to my school. He was and is getting home-schooled. He not only looked out for me; he looks out for the whole team and that is why he is the best teammate. So please keep him in mind when you make your decision for this award. Thank you.

Bonner baseball

  I'd like to nominate Pat Lake of Bonner Baseball for Best Teammate '07. Pat's a guy who wasn't on the team last year after an injury halted his tryouts. He came in this year working very hard, tried out, and made the team. Although Pat didn't throw as many innings as I'm sure he would have liked, he hasn't complained one bit. Everybody on the team roots for Pat when the opportunity to throw does arise, and it's obvious. He always keeps his spirits high, and is a true believer of the concept that "team before self", Pat actually has literally said those words one more than one occasion when outsiders of the team have asked him, "Yo man I would quit if I never got in." Pat's baseball career ends after high school, he's going to Delaware County Community Collede and intends to focus on his studies. All in all Ted, I think a kid and teammate like Pat definitely deserves some type of recognition, and what better than Best Teammate?
-- Tim Doc
I'd like to nominate Pat Lake for teamate of the year. I first met Pat freshman year at baseball tryouts and he was always first one out there trying to impress the coaches who he had never met before. Pat made our team and was our 3rd starter in what turned out to be a very weak staff. He always had a dominating fastball and once he learned how to throw a curveball he was a much better pitcher then before. He's always worked hard and he motivated me to tryout for the team team my senior seasn instead of getting season ending shoulder surgery before the year started. I just feel its a great story about how a kid who got cut his junior year comes back out for the team his senior year and despite getting very little time has made the most of it. (7 IP and 0 earned runs vs prep and ohara, look it up) It's just such a great story for a kid to come back from a fractured wrist and still perform at his level.
-- Jim McGarrity

Malvern baseball/squash

  I would like to nominate Matt Forman, a senior from Malvern prep bound for Northwestern as the best teammate. Despite not seeing much playing time, Forman didnít miss a game or practice. Every day before league games he was in the batting cage and out on the field throwing bp to the guys. He hit ground balls to first during infleid/outfield. When not warming up a pitcher in the bullpen, he is hiding behind his glasses, stealing opposing teams pitch signs (which he normally gets in the first inning). After an error or out at the plate, heís always there to pick you up.  He is the most knowledgeable baseball player I have ever met. Matt Forman is the most unselfish player on this championship team, and deserves this award more than anyone.
-- anonymous
  I would like to nominate Matt Forman from Malvern Prep. When you think of a senior on a varsity team you usually think of the leader by example, or words. Guys who have usually played alot or have contributed to the team on the feild. Matt Forman has not gotten very much playing time this year, and instead of quitting or being a cancer on the team and sulking on the bench, he is always trying to get the rest of the guys prepared as a unit. He is the deffinition of a Team player. Matt knows everything there is to know about baseball, he steals signs, tells kids what they're doing wrong and how to correct it. He is always involved in the game when not playing. Matt is the most supportive player on the team. Matt knows he is usually not going to play but his head is in every game always trying to help his team learn something new so we have a better chance of being winners. Matt didnt put up the numbers that much this year, and will not be seen in many of the box scores, but matt is a main reason why we were sucsessful this year and won the league title. I know Matt will go onto bigger and better things as he continues his baseball career.
-- Rick Kazigian
  I would like to nominate Matt Forman for best teammate 2007. Matt was on my varsity squash team at Malvern Prep. Although Matt was not the most talented player on our team, he was the heart and soul. He was always that first to pick up a teammate after a tough loss and to motivate our team through tough times. In our only win of the season Matt won his first ever match at the varsity level, which propelled us to a victory over the The Hill School. Despite being frustrated at times with his play, he was constantly trying to help others with their game. Whether it was working on back hands, or just giving helpful advice to our younger players, Matt was always someone you could turn to for help. I believe that Matt deserves this award because he is the most unselfish teammate I have ever had and cares more about the welfare of the team rather than his own desires.
  I would like to nominate Matt Forman for best teammate. While you will not see Matt's name in the box scores of many games but everyone on the team is better and in a great mood because of him. Before every at bat Form will say the same things, "hit it hard" and he will also give me tips about what routines the pitcher is doing with his pitches and what to look for. During practices he can be seen over first base taking groundballs or throwing bp to everyone on the team. In the at bats that Matt got this season he has hit everyone ball hard and everyone is up always cheering and hoping for him to get a hit each time, because we know he would do the same for us. He is always giving it all be it that he is warming up a pitcher or fielding ground balls in pre game warmups. Even though he has not been on the field all that much Matt had been a key part into Malvern winning the Inter-ac this year and last year.
- MM
  I would like to nominate Matt Forman, part of the Malvern Prep baseball team,  for teammate of the year. Matt hasnít played as many innings as he would want to this year, but always seems to have a smile on his face whenever he is around the team. In practice he is one of my favorite people to be around. From our knuckleball catches to talks about how each other are hitting in practice he's always upbeat. Every kid on our team respects matt for what he does and without him we wouldnít have won so many games as we did this year. Matt was another big reason our pitching staff did so well this year. Whenever a pitcher needed to warm up during practice, a game, or even before a game matt would, without question grab his catchers gear and warm him up, not having caught a game all year. Certain pitchers even requested to have Matt warm him up. This shows the respect and comfort all of us have when we are around him. I think Matt Forman deserves to win teammate of the year.
- Jordan Lawrence
  I am nominating Matt Forman for Best Teammate 07. Matt is probably one of the most helpful palyers a team can have, even when he is not playing. Matt does everything he can possibly do while on the bench to give our team and edge. He steals signs, warms up the pitchers in the bullpen, keeps pitch charts, and is always giving pointers and tips to people going up to bat. Besides being an asset to our team, Matt is possibly the most optimistic person I have ever met. You always hear encouraging and positive things coming from his mouth even if you made an out. Without a doubt in my mind, Matt Forman should be this year's best Teammate.
- TC
  I would like to nominate Matt Forman from Malvern Prep. Matt doesn't play a whole lot but enjoys the game mroe than anyone I know. I played first base with Matt in the begining of the year, and he taught me how to play the position correctly. Matt was always willing to give a kid a little extra BP before a game. He was also tremendous at stealing other teams signs and that was a big part of our success. Despite not getting much time as a senior Matt always kept his head up and cheered his fellow teamates on. Matt is going to Northwestern where he wants to help their team out anyway he can. Matt just loves the game; it is evident that he knows a lot about the game and is a great asset to our team and our success.
- Nick Busillo

Wood basketball

   I would like to nominate Fran McGlinn for the best teammate for 2007.  I don't know of anybody else in the area who would have stuck around and stayed a part of his team if they could not play.  If somebody gets hurt they normally say o well maybe I'll play next year.  In Fran's case, he was told he could never played again, yet he was at every open gym, practice, and game.  He was the spirit of the team making us laugh before big games, relaxing us in the middle of games, singing on the bus rides, staying with anybody after practice who asked him to.  Sitting at all those practices you could tell how bad he was hurting and he would always say to us "I wish I could get out there and play" or "I miss it so much."  Quitting had to have crossed his mind at least once a day.  I don't know how he sat through all those practices, open gyms, games, tournaments, summer league games.  He even got his appendix out the night before our 1st game of the season and we all came straight from practice to visit him, and a day after getting out of the hospital he was at our game sitting in his travel suit encouraging us.  I could not imagine Archbishop Wood basketball without Fran, he was the heart and soul of the team and we all loved him.  It's gonna be a fight to see who gets to wear 24 next year.
-- anonymous

  I'd like to nominate Fran McGlinn for teammate of the year.  While Fran has already been acknowledged for his commitment and strength over the year I feel this would really cap off his senior year well.  As someone who has known very well for three years now I truly know the kind of teammate Fran is.  These past 2 years have really tested him and in my opinion made him much stronger as a person.  He showed leadership to a young team this year without stepping on the court.  Watching 2 years of losing basketball could not be easy and Fran somehow did it without complaining.  While my relationship with Fran has changed drastically over the past months I still am grateful for everything he taught me.  Fran has taught me and many others how to get through turmoil both on the playing fields and in life.  I still take those lessons with me on both.  Good luck to Fran as he trades in the black and gold for Penn Sate Blue as he gets to now be their goofy manager.  Thanks for being a great teammate, Fran.
-- Anonymous

La Salle basketball/baseball manager

   I would like to nominate Kevin O'Connell for the "Best Teammate" award.  Kevin is not your usual teammate - he can't impress you with his hustle or stats.  Kevin won't earn honors for his athletic prowess because when he was 8 years old, once a talented athlete, he became paralyzed as a result of a spinal virus.  Consequently, Kevin walks with crutches.  Instead of sitting at home and feeling sorry for himself, Kevin has immersed himself in LaSalle athletics - serving as a manager for the baseball and basketball teams.  Kevin keeps our team loose with his great sense of humor.  He is a student of the game and knows it well. With his positive attitude, courage and strong, unselfish spirit, he inspires players every day to appreciate the opportunity to compete.  Just getting to the field is a challenge for Kevin, but you will never hear him complain.  He understands his managerial role and is dedicated to performing it to the best of his ability. It is an honor to be his teammate.  Please consider this nomination for your prestigious award.
Shawn O'Neill
La Salle HS 2009

Haverford School football-wrestling

  I believe that my teammate John Sweeney from The
Haverford School is well deserving of this honor
because he is a very motivated person to both his
school and to the Wrestling and Football teams. John
went to every practice and meet until he tore a tendon
in his knee and was out for the rest of the session.
Even though John was not wrestling, he went to every
meet to support our team. John also was a large part
of our Offensive and Defensive Lines in football.
Being a Left Guard and nose tackle John really helped
the younger players improve their game. John has
always been there to help his fellow teammates. That
is why I believe that John should receive this honor.
-- Louis Schley

McDevitt Football/Baseball

 I would like to take this opportunity to nominate Joey Mitros for Best Teammate 2007. Joey is a senior at Bishop McDevitt High School, and a member of the Football and Baseball teams. In football Joey was an outside linebacker and a captain. From the first summer workout everyone on the field knew that Mitros would give everything he had for his teammates on the football field. He even caught balls for the quarterbacks when they needed someone to throw to. Although Joe wasn't ever the biggest, fastest or most talented person on the field, he made it seem like he was. When he hit somebody they could feel it and you could hear it. His intensity level was always high, from our first meeting in April until the last game against Conwell Egan. Joey gave everything he had every practice, walk through and especially game. He truly did play every play like it was his last, and did his best to make sure that his teammates had that same attitude while still enjoying the game of football. Joe did anything and everything for McDevitt Football.
  I am also on the baseball team with Joe and his attitude about football definitely carries over to baseball, Joey gives his best effort every inning of every game. Joe might not have the most natural talent in baseball but his dedication and intangibles have made him a four year starter for McDevitt. Joe has inspired me and probably many other people to go all out every time they play a sport in a McDevitt uniform.  I was only his teammate for my entire sophomore year and a little bit of my freshman year but even in that relatively short period of time I could tell that Joey Mitros was the Best Teammate anyone athlete could ask for. Period, no questions asked.
-- Luke Sawick

Chestnut Hill Academy Basketball/Baseball

 I would like to nominate Mike Christiansen as best teammate. He was a captain on the basketball team, mostly as a reserve with fluctuating playing time. But the last game of the year against Penn Charter had a memorable night. 14 points and had Sammy Zeglinski on skates the whole night. He also participates in baseball and is the shortstop for the for the Blue Devils who won their first championship since 1989 and our now competing for a state championship. Spike's upbeat attitude and sense of humor has cheered up many people I know, including myself.
-- TG

Dobbins football/basketball/baseball

  I come to you to vote this one player I think should deserve it
more than anybody I've ever known. This player is Marcellus
Willoughby. I understand that there are many players in the
Philadelphia area that could receeve this award but this player has
been consistent. In his school work and being an athlete. I believe he
is the best athlete I've ever seen. I don't know a player who can play
3 sports (reminding you, Dobbins really only has 4 sports for boys).
and He does a great job in all 3...Football, Baseball, and Basketball.
In Baseball his career batting average is over .350. He was always
consistent and added homeruns and triples and doubles (basically
whatever was needed for the "TEAM". In football, He did whatever was
needed to win for 2 years on varsity making impact plays,
28 catches and over 300 yards receiving and 2 big time interception in
his career and don't forget about Basketball, he was a solid point
guard contributing in everyway every since he was a sophomore and he
moved up in 2 half of the season and worked hard to become a starter
and average about 7 or 8 points a game and about 6 assist a game. He's
a big time player and always for the team, never himself. He was never
considered as the biggest player or even the best player but he's
always had heart and when you needed him, he stepped up and played and
if you can recall for the first time in "I don't know how many years"
Dobbins has won a playoff game in those three sports...Now tell me, He
doesn't deserve it, if somebody else gets it, AMAZING. CUZ THE ONLY
SCORING 100 POINTS, this player has so much heart and deserves this
award. I know people tend to look over the Public League, but we
continue to grow and players like him is like no other and are great
representers for our league. Please Ted give this man an award. He
hasn't even had that many awards (just all public in baseball (2nd
team) and I believe in football (honorable mention)). He's a great
leader and great person in everything and for that and not taking the
spotlight for the team, he's a great Player, one of the best ever!
-- Amos Leak