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Best Teammate 2008
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  Germantown Academy's Courtney "CC" Charles, a baseball player and basketball manager, was the runaway winner. He collected 52 points to clinch the victory Wednesday morning, June 28. Second place went to FLC baseball player Joe Maloney, with 28 points.
  Courtney,  who's bound for La Salle and plans to be a basketball manager, was the top choice of eight of 14 voters. He was No. 2 on two other ballots and appeared on 12 ballots in all. 
  These guys, aside from Charles and Maloney, also earned top votes: Judge's Dave Durkin, La Salle's Joe Corcoran, Bonner's Iggy Schmitt, McDevitt's R.P. Boyle and Roman's Andrew Regan. These guys placed as high as second: Bok's Anthony Rivers, Washington's Eric Eder, Frankford's Esteban "Shortie" Meletiche, Bonner's Conor Kerins and several others previously mentioned.

Thanks to all of our voting participants. Also, like always, I hope everyone who was nominated feels extremely proud. Courtney's plaque was presented to him on June 14 at a graduation party. Click here for some pics.
   -- Ted

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   Who is the best teammate in the Public, Catholic or Inter-Ac Leagues? And why?
    Is he always upbeat? Does he never stop hustling? Is he always dependable in the clutch? Does he always know just what to say in dark moments? Does he tell great jokes? Does he set a proper tone in practice?
    Nominations for stars, "mediums" or lesser lights are encouraged. Once again: Only seniors are eligible to win
but anyone can make nominations. Athletes in any sport are eligible, though I'd imagine the winner will likely
come from a sport we cover on a regular basis. 
    We'll take nominations through May 23, then have the squad reach a decision and announce a winner shortly thereafter. I will spring for a handsome trophy or plaque (winner's choice).

    We ask baseball players to remind basketball and football guys that the contest is on, in case they haven't visited the site in a while.
    We want thoughtful nominations. We will go entirely on what is said in the nominations, not the number of nominations. (I might consult coaches to be sure that everything said about a kid is on the money.)

    Thanks for participating!!
    -- Ted Silary
    P.S. -- You may make nominations anonymously.


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Joe Maloney, Franklin LC, baseball

  My nomination of the best teammate is Joe Maloney because he is always upbeat, he never stops hustling, he is also dependable in the clutch, he helps you when you need help, and he sets a proper tone at practice.
-- anonymous
  I would also like to nominate Joe Maloney as best teammate for 2008, simply because he is a good baseball player and even better person. Joe was our team captain this year. On and off the field he was always upbeat, he let us have fun  but also had us work hard to  make us better baseball players. When it came down to it on the  field, Joe never gave up, he gave it a 120% every play, whether he was on the mound getting us out of a jam, stealing  a base, making a good play in the field, or coming up with a big hit. Having a young team this year Joe dealt with a lot, coming from an undefeated team last year, to a very young and developing team this year. He always kept his composure, though never letting us or himself give up all year long. And he also helped me threw a few situations when i needed help or made a bad play. Whenever we needed a boost of confidence Joe was right there cheering us on even if it was a blow out, and he always set the tone of the game so that is why i think Joe Maloney should win best teammate for 2008.
--Billy Newmiller 3rd baseman FLC
  My nomination of the best teammate 2008 is my good pal Joe Maloney, I know i didnt play for the FLC Bobcats this season but i did for 4 years and i could tell you that Joe is a team player who puts his team first. from the few games i could catch i could tell that Joe is still the heart and soul of this Bobcats team. coming off a 11-0 season Joe and his Bobcats had a little different season this year, but being the leader that he is he kept his head up leading his young team to the few win they came by. Joe is just a all around good guy and really deserves to be named the best teammate 2008
-- Lenny "Lights Out" Nicoletti
  I would also like to nominate Joe Maloney as best teammate for 2008 because he always told us to keep our heads up no matter how much we were down by. We had some tough games but Joe never quit on his team and when people on the team had disputes he got to the bottom of it and told us that we are all a family and should not be arguing. I look up to Joe because he always hustles and on and off the field he was the best friend you could ask for. He was funny off the field but when we got on the field there was no playing around until after the game and respected that. This is why i think Joe Maloney of the Franklin Learning Center Bobcats should get best Teammate award.
--Derrick Gibson Center field FLC
  My nomination for Best teammate 2008 is Joe Maloney. I picked Joe because no matter how bad or good our team played he never put anyone down. Whenever I was in the field and made an error he would always tell me to "shake it off and get the next one". Joe always played hard and no matter what never gave up. Joe was always teaching me how to play my position so I could get better. They are some of the reasons that I think Joe should be Best Teammate for '08.
-- Ryan Galligar 3rd Baseman FLC Bobcats
  My nomination of the best teammate 2008 is Joe Maloney. Joe is my nomination because of his knowledge of baseball, skill, sportsmanship, and great attitude. This is my first year playing baseball for F.L.C. and I'm happy to have had the opportunity to play with such and great leader. This was a rough season for Joe going from 11-0 to 3-10 but no matter what the score was Joe never gave up, he always kept his head high and never talked down to anyone because to him we are his family. Joe is a great person on the field and off and, he is a funny guy, but when it comes down to work he was all eye's, ear's, and glove giving everything he's got. He has also be a great mentor, when i messed up Joe was there in a second to show me what i did wrong and to tell me "Don't worry Kid, get the next one". This is why I nominate Joe Maloney #5 as the Best Teammate Of 2008. Thanks Joe you deserve it kid.
-- Martin Quinn aka "Hamstring"
  My choice for the best teammate of 2008 would be Joe Maloney from FLC because he always lead our team in any way possible, whether it was the team prayer, setting the tone on the bus, or getting clutch hits for us over the course of the season, or pitching his arm off, anyway he could he would make it his priority to take the first step forward for our team this year, I just wish that we could've sent him off with a season that was at least as good as the last one if not better. Sorry Joe.
-- "Fast" Eddie Bristow - C / OF- FLC
  I would like to nominate Joe Maloney for teammate of the year for 2008. Joe has been an FLC Bobcat for two seasons now and you would think he has gone to that school forever. He stepped on to the field last semester with a personality that gave the team hope to go 11-0. This season hasn't been as easy, the team has overcome so much and they needed a leader to step up and that was the captain Joe. He never gives up and looks out for everyone on the team besides himself and he knows he has to do that with such a young up and coming team, everyone on the team looks up to him and it shows in these comments. I would be greatly offended if Joe does not  win this award as I  believe he deserves it sooo much.
-- Eric "AV Guy" Wilson
  I'd like to nominate Joe Maloney for best teammate this year. This kid  has the heart of a lion and always put the team inf ront of himself this year, he was our captain and leader on and off the field and everyone respected that. Whenever anyone was down Joe would be right there to pick them up and tell them to keep their head up. He was our only senior this year also, so we all turned to him in a big situation when we  needed something to happen and he always came thru for us to get us going and keep us involved into the game. He was always the 1st at practice and made sure everyone was there on time. If anyone deserves this award it is Joe. Thanks
Joseph Maloney is an all around great person. I am a sophomore so this is my second year in FLC as a Bobcat it is also Joe's but as a senior. The way Joe shows a positive attitude towards baseball on the field for FLC it seems like he has been at FLC since his first day as a freshman.3-10 was our record this year it was a very rough season but Joe's attitude towards the game shows true sportsmanship. Joe's attitude made him seem more as a coach and not a player because his head was always in the game and focused on helping everyone in what they had to do and still achieved a personal great season. So my nomination for the 2008 baseball season is Joe Maloney #5.
----Kieth "Spike" McCandless #14 1B


Eric Eder, Washington, baseball

  The person I want to nominate for teammate of the year is Eric Eder. Also known as "E^2". Eric is a member of the George Washington High School baseball team. Eric is a three year member of the varsity team. This year eric has stepped up and became a captian. Eric is a pitcher for us, when he does not pitch we use him as a DH. He does not complain that he does not play the field he just steps up and gets hits. Eric has been a huge part of our success this year. Besides on the field eric also is the person who steps up before the game and gets us pumped up. Eric also is part of the reason our field looks so nice. He goes out to practice early and water, and rakes the field, he also sets up all the equipment. You can ask everybody who has a part in washington baseball and they will tell you the same thing.
-- anonymous
Eric does it all. He's our most consistent pitcher, one of our best hitters, and a co-captain. He has pitched, played second base, shortstop, and most commonly, has been the DH for our ball club. Besides the fact of being one of the best on the field performers for us, Eric brings something way more to the team off-the-field. E-Squared, as he goes by, keeps us pumped during every game. He is clearly the loudest and most encouraging teammate, game in and game out, even creating his own chant that is heard echoing in the halls of George Washington High School. Last year, as a junior, Eric was forced to miss many games due to personal hardships, but like a great teammate would, Eric was found on the bench every game of the season (still the loudest member of the team). This year Eric bounced back beautifully, and has been one of our best all-around players. In my eyes, Eric "E-Squared" Eder is the perfect teammate of the year for 2008.
-- Andrew Porter, 2B GW Baseball

  There’s no other person more deserving for this award than Eric “Esquared” Eder. This captain and three year Varsity member comes out everyday to practice with a smile on his face whether it’s when he’s rotating in between Pitcher, Outfield, Shortstop, or Second Base, or when he’s watering our field before every practice. Although Eric was not able to play in the beginning half of last year’s season, due to some hardships within the family, he came out to support and joined us on the bench at every game.  His personality and character are like no one else’s I have ever met. There’s no way you could not like this guy! The best part about Eric’s attitude, on and off the field, is that he’s a team first kind of player. He’s never worried about benefiting himself, without benefiting the team first. Its Eric great qualities and perseverance that will one day make him a great Philadelphia Police Officer as well, since he plans on joining the Academy after his high school career is over. I can’t imagine Eric not winning this award, because when I think Best Teammate ’08, I only think Eric Eder.

Stan Borodyansky #27

GW ’08 PSU ‘12
  The most deserving player of the Best Teammate of the year 2008 should go to Eric Eder. Out of all the teams and organizations I have been on, Eric has really stuck with me. Eric's personality and charisma are his best two qualities. In my opinion for this award, the sport itself and the player's ability is not significant. I have never seen Eric complain about anything. Eric has a never die never quit attitude and approaches all his endeavors with that mind set. Eric always makes sure the baseball team is loud and being apart of the team in any way possible. In the past two seasons I have been a teammate of Eric, his attitude was always positive and  cheerful. His head is always up. When the scoreboard reads our team is losing, I look at Eric and see the determination and perseverance in his face to put our team on top. Eric is an individual, friend, teammate that I will never forget. No matter the decision of the winner of this award, the George Washington Eagle baseball team will always look at Eric as the Best Teammate 2008.
-- Andrew Goodman  OF, PG, WR 
George Washington HS class of 2008

  Eric “Esquared” Eder should be awarded best teammate of 2008 because in my eyes and everybody else’s on the Eagles Baseball team, he is the “ultimate” teammate and most deserving to win the award.  He doses it all on the field and off.  Before each game and practice he is the first one out on the field getting everything ready for that day of work.  He also puts a lot of hard work in making our field look so amazing, watering and raking it.  During games he is always the loudest player on the field and during our at bats he leads us in our cheering with his famous chant “He hang it, you bang it, kid!!!!!!!!!!!” When he is on the field or on the bench he always has his head up and never complains.  Off the field he is one of the nicest and funniest person I every met. Always wanting to give a helping hand and when he is helping someone he always has a smile on his face.  In school he is involved in activities that help other people, like the Andrew Farrell Spirit of Courage Holiday Toy Drive. That is why Eric “Esquared” Eder most deserves to win the best teammate of 08 award.
-- Max “Mox” Fenster #6
GW 2008


Esteban "Shortie" Meletiche, Frankford, baseball

  Shortie should be the best teammate for 2008 because he is great person
to all on and off the field. He always tries to help others so they can
become better. Esteban is also a great leader for Frankford High
School. He is a great player but he never makes anyone feel down. He is
a great role model for all ages. He never goes around talking about how
good he is. He always make another teammate feel better. Esteban "Shortie"
Meletiche is made to win this award because of his positive attitude
towards baseball and life. He is an outstanding human being.
-- Edwin "Tito" Rohena

  I would like to nominate Esteban Meletiche for best player of the year for 2008. Esteban is an outstanding yet humble player. He always has the best interest in mind not only for himself but the rest of his teammates. I think the values and sportsmanship Esteban possesses fits this award perfectly.
-- Anonymous
I would like to nominate Shortie. He is an amazing player and person on a off the field. He always has an upbeat attitude torwards the game. Shortie is always willing to help another player that is struggling. He is a large factor in our chase for another public league championship.
-- Tyler "Silky" Silk


Charles Medina, Bodine, baseball

I wanted to nominate Charles Medina. He is a senior and second baseman for Bodine. He is a great teammate to have and is always confident while playing. He also gets teammates into the game and is a great teammate on and off the field.
-- Samir Beso

Joe Corcoran, La Salle, baseball

  When I think of a kid who hustles, thinks about everyone else before himself, knows the game of baseball, and is all around just a great guy I think of Joe "Corc" Corcoran.  Joe Corcoran no doubt should be the best teammate of year.  Joe is a guy who doesn't play much but  work's his butt off every practice and game.  Even during games when he isn't playing he's constantly keep the pitching chart in order and giving pitcher's advice on what hitters to look out for.  Off the field Joe is a great guy as well. Academically, Joe carries a 3.5 GPA and prides himself on his schoolwork.  Next year, Joe will attend Penn State University.  Everything Joe gets he absolutely deserves because of his unbelievable dedication to both baseball and academics.  Along with having a great work ethic, Joe is one of the nicest kids I have ever met. Even when I first met Joe I just thought to myself this kid is great kid how can't you like him.  Bottom line Joe is a guy who you can't hate it's impossible. You could have the worst game of your life and Joe will be right their for you picking you up and telling you not to worry about and just to shake it off.  I remember one game against Prep when I was pitching and let's just say I had a rough go of it, and as soon as I got to the bench Joe was right their talking to me letting me know I just need to get out all of the negative thoughts out of my head and just to shake off what had happened in the game and that i'll do fine the next game.  Joe is the kind of player that coaches dream of because he pushes everyone to do well and gets his teammates to hold nothing back.  Joe is the kind of teammate players dream of because you will never hear a negative comment come out of his mouth and he is always their to have your back no matter what the situation is.  You always hear how seniors will be hard on underclassmen, that's not the case with Joe.  Joe is always looking out for underclassmen, mainly the sophomores.  For example,  Joe is very close with fellow pitcher/1st Baseman Joe "Harv" Harvey. Ever since we started the season Joe Corcoran and Joe Harvey have been inseparable.  Joe Corcoran in general looks out for the whole entire LaSalle baseball program.  After I told Corc I would be writing this nomination for him he didn't want me to, but I just couldn't not nominate him because he is the perfect fit for the "Best Teammate of the Year" award.  Hands down Joe Corcoran deserves the title of "Best teammate of the year".
-- John "Bernie Bigs" Bernhardt

  I would like to nominate my friend Joe Corcoran for best teammate of the year. Joe’s the kind of guy that I would want on my tem, not because he’s the best player out there, but because he’s the greatest all around guy out there. Joe isn’t the greatest baseball player on La Salle’s baseball team, but I am willing to bet that he loves the game more than anyone else on that team. At games, Joe keeps the pitching chart and when La Salle is batting you see him talking to the pitcher and going over the previous inning. At one of Joe’s games this year, one of La Salle’s pitchers had a rough inning. On the sideline Joe sat down and talked with him, and the next inning he went out and threw a one, two, three inning. Joe is an all around great guy, but I think that the characteristic that most clearly defines him as the best teammate is his unselfish attitude. Against Frankford this year Joe won his first varsity game. The game ball from that game went to former Frankford coach Robert Peffle, now an assistant coach at La Salle. The next day Coach Pef gave Joe the game ball in honor of his first varsity win and Joe tried to refuse it saying Coach Peffle disserved it more. That to me is the perfect example of a team player, Joe actually felt bad about getting the game ball. Joe is the kind of guy people wished was their friend, and I am fortunate to say that he is one of my best.
-- anonymous

RP Boyle, McDevitt, basketball/baseball

   I have been playing organized sports with RP since the 5th grade, and when I think of the word "teammate" his name immediately comes to mind. RP has always been the all-out or nothing, hate to lose competitor on the court and field. He's a kid who truly shows off the phrase "plays the game the right way." One example of this: Our basketball team had a terrible game against Archbishop Ryan in which we went down something like 35-8 at halftime. With the game out of reach, our team could have hung our heads and just quit. RP refused, however, and was his typical self diving on the floor and hustling on defense. This made all of us continue to go all-out in the game. In basketball, RP was a captain and he covered the other team's best perimeter player every game. Though he didn't always fill up the stat sheet, he did things to help the team win. In baseball, he is our captain and has helped me adjust to the varsity level. He always stays upbeat and helps you bounce back from a bad play or shot. RP is a teammate in every sense of the word, who always puts team success over individual glory.
-- Matt Davis
  I know I am out of season. Just would like to plug RP Boyle for your great award. He is a kid I will never replace when it comes to the size of his heart.
-- Jack Rutter, basketball coach
  Every time you attend a Bishop McDevitt Baseball, Basketball, or Soccer game there is that one Lancer that stands out among the rest.  Smiling from cheek to cheek, giving it everything he's got, always keeping the teams morale up.  When the baseball team was getting it handed to them he was the one keeping the chatter up on the field, he is the guy who never lets you give up.  Even if we were getting beat by ten (often the case) RP was still giving his all because he knew it was the only way to keep the team up.  I dont play basketball or soccer, but from the stands he is heard.  Leading the Lancers on the court and the field, and making sacrifices to help his team move on.  I don't know the reason why he is smiling all the time but it could be the fact that he attends the fine institution of Bishop McDevitt, or that he lives in Glenside (YIKES!!), or maybe it is the fact that he has such a passion for the sports he plays that he lays it on the all the time hoping that his team will get the win.  RP Boyle is the poster boy for all teammates, and with that smile why not?  This kid never gives up on his team, and always knows how to make you smile and push you to the next level.  This is why RP Boyle is the Best Teammate 2008. 
-- Sean Doyle 1B, P
Mcdevitt 08"
  rp boyle  deserves this award more then anybody else for many many reasons. he never gives up and i mean never the kid plays every game like its his last. hes always cheering everybody up no matter the score no matter the team.and always does it with a smile. All the things you said ted about the best teamate award rp fulfills. Always upbeat, always hustling no matter the situation (easily was on the floor in basketball more then anybody else,also most charges).Clutch?... i dont think there was amore clutch shot then the 3 he hit against archbisop wood with about 2 mins to go... the place just went wild. Tell great jokes. RP might be one of the funniest kids i have ever met. tone in practice ive seen some of the basketball practices the kid is sprinting in every drill no matter how tired he is. Not many people notice rp on the stat sheet but there is no other kid that deserves this award more then rp does.Its as simple as that.
-- Anonymous


Micah Winterstein, Central, baseball

  The common thing to say is that a player is a leader on and off the field and that a player is a great baseball player.  Micah Winterstein not only has these qualities, he also demonstrates character first as a baseball player and teammate and second as an individual.  Stats do not tell a story as often they are overlooked.  But Micah stepped up in those desperate situations and came through when he needed.  Micah, though being a captain, understands his role on the field and understands that he has to work in harmony with the team to get true production.  As an individual Micah is only human and has his flaws but it is what he does to correct those errors that shows his passion and determination.
-- anonymous

Andrew Regan, Roman Catholic, football/wrestling/track

  I would like to nominate my best friend Andrew Regan for the Best Teammate 2008 Award.  The kid is a warrior on and off the field.  He worked his backside off every single day in the off season, which was absolutely ridiculous that he made all of our football practices and workouts because he is also an all-catholic, all-state, and nationally ranked wrestler and runs track for our track and field team.  He wasn't ever the strongest (I used to make fun of him if I was stronger because I never really lifted) or the most athletic kid.  He wasn't the fastest kid on the team.  He wasn't the most talented at all.  Everything he got he earned.  He was our captain on and off the field.  He is the voice of reason in our locker room.  He has been with me through all the bad times that I have had and always told me to stick it out that it would work its way out in the end.  The kid is also great in the classroom.  He has a 4.0 GPA and is ranked in the Top 3 in Roman's Class of 2008.  He was honored at a dinner for being inducted into Roman's Sports Hall of Fame about a month ago.  He was injured our entire senior season and he didn't complain.  He played through the pain and received All-Catholic honors.  He had to have surgery in the offseason but he fought through his hernia injury to wrestle because his team had a chance to win a title this year.  He does everything in the world for his teammates.  When I wanted to not play football a few years ago and transfer to Bishop McDevitt, he was the one who got me to stay.  Not my parents or my coaches or anyone else.  It was all Regan.  When I got hurt and missed our championship run, he was always telling me how important I was to the team and how they needed me.  He told me how important I was to keeping the team loose and not having them get nervous and I really enjoyed that.  He scored our only touchdown in our championship win and I don't think there could be a better ending for a kid that worked the hardest out of anyone on our team all four years.  Ted, if there is one person in the city of Philadelphia that deserves this award, it is Andrew Regan.
Much Love,
-- Michael Todd Sloan El #71
Cahillite Crackdown

Kevin South, Conwell-Egan, football

  I would like to nominate Kevin South for teammate of the year.  Even though our team wasn't successful during the season record wise, we were lucky to have such a hardworking individual who never once gave up.  Without Kevin we would not of had the character, will, and determination to call ourselves a football team. For this I am proud to call myself his teammate.
-- James Grbas #56

Courtney Waiters, West Phila., football

  My nomination for the best teammate is Courtney Waiters from WestPhilly High School. He is a very caring person. He is well grounded and his personality is out of this world. He is a good person on and off the football field. Courtney also has the book smarts to go far in life. He is respectful to everyone that he comes in contact with. So please select Courtney Waiters of WPHS for the best teammate for 2008. Thanks.
-- anonymous

Pat Cummiskey, Roxborough, baseball

 I would like to nominate Pat Cummiskey of Roxbrough Baseball. Pat is the kind of player that shows up to practice first and is always the last to leave. I think he deserves this honor because he truly loves this game and is always ready to play .  
-- D.G.

Anthony Marascio, Judge, football/lacrosse

  I'd like to nominate Anthony Marascio a football and lacrosse player from Father Judge for Teammate of the year. He showed great determination in the 2 years I have played with him. He was side tracked with a leg injury in the off season that most kids would use as an excuse to take a few months off and relax. Not him he worked even harder coming into the weight room with a hard cast and 2 crutches adapting his workouts to what he could do. He was placed at a position he wasn't very familiar with when our expected center went down for a few weeks and he never gave that position back. After he got all catholic in his junior year he didn't change at all he was still the hardest worker we had. He wasn't just a guy who was all was all work no fun though, he knew there were times where he was just another guy then the warrior he was on the field. Very often he hangs out with the guys from the team and attended some of our after practice breakfast or dinner trips some of the guys from the team had together. He's a good student and was captain on our team for a reason, he truly deserves the Teammate of the year award.
-- Dave Durkin

Foster McKoskey, GAMP, baseball

I would like to nominate Foster McKoskey for best teammate of 08. Talent is not the only thing Foster has, but he is also a fiery leader. Foster is a hard working player in every sense. He has something you don't see much and that is heart. Every second of the game he gives everything he has. Whether its being one of the best pitchers in the pub, while using his own style to throw out after out, or being one of the most talented hitters. Foster is the full package. With a young team behind him, he fulfils the role of a true leader. I was his teammate for 3 years and watched him develop into the All-Public player he is today. I would like to see Foster win best teammate because he is a strong leader, always competes, and has the heart of a champion.
-- Eric Funaro

Randolph Latimore, Dobbins Tech, football

  My nomination for best teammate 2008 is my son Randolph Latimore.  Randolph has a great spirit and an awesome love of the game.  He truly loves his team and the coaches. Although his school A. Philip Randolph Career Academy does not have a team at their school, Randy committed to going to Dobbins for four years straight to pursue the love he had for the game and a promise he made to his father and grandfather.  Randolph was so loyal that he decided to pass on an opportunity to go to West Catholic to remain with his team mates, who he considers his family as well as friends.  Randy is the kind of person who will give anyone the clothes off his back or go without something to help a friend. He is the kind of  friend and team mate who gave one of his team mates his bike so he wouldn't have to walk home late at night from his job. During his sophmore year a group of kids tried to break his spirirt by jumping on him in an unwarranted attack.  Randy remained hopeful and committed to his team in spite of what happened.  He refused to let bully tactics ruin his dreams and his promise.  I am proud to call him my son and a City All Star.  His team mates and his coaches would all agree.  Randy once said to coach Baldwin," Coach I think we don't win because we don't pray." This has aways stayed with me  as a reminder  of what kind of a person my son is a wonderful example of  good man and  a team player.
-- Kimberli Latimore

Anthony Rivers, Bok Tech, football/baseball

  My name is Ryan Murray and I am nominating Anthony Rivers for best teammate. Being around Riv for the past couple of years has really let me see the type of person that he can be on and off the field, especially this baseball season. The team only won one game this year and every time that he would come into school the next day and I would ask him what happened he would always have something positive to say about the game or team. Also every time that I would go and watch the baseball team practice I would always see Riv helping the younger inexperienced players, and whenever I would attend a game he was always cheering every play and always thought that the team had a chance to win no matter if they were down by 10 or 1. Anthony Rivers has been one of the best people to be around during my four years of high school, that is why he is the best teammate.
-- Ryan Murray


 My name is Faison Perry and I am nominating Anthony Rivers. I played two sports with him and he is really a true leader. In football he always is ready to go yelling at his fellow to teammates to cheer the team on. The other sport I play with him is baseball. He is to me the best in the city. Also I am only in the 10th grade  and he has been teaching me the game of baseball for the last two years of my career of varsity baseball. He believes in me that I could be a outstanding player as well as everyone on the team. He works with me the most and very hard on me about things such as “swing level” and “keep your eye on the ball”. I have learned from him and use it in the future but Anthony Rivers will be always remembered and always missed here at Bok.
-- 1B-C-OF Faison Perry

Courtney Charles, Gtn. Academy, baseball

  I would like to nominate Courtney Charles of Germantown Academy for your teammate of the year award. I am sure that there are many deserving candidates out there, but I believe none better than Courtney.
  CC, as we like to call him, is a great power hitting catcher. He came to GA to play baseball and get a better education. CC makes great sacrifices every day to just get to school. In order for him to get to GA, he has to take two trains and a bus making his trip of between an hour and an hour and a half more of a trek. When I complain about having to wake up early for Saturday practices, I am reminded of CC who has never complained even though his day starts hours before mine considering I live five minutes from school.
  Unfortunately for CC, he has played behind one of the best catchers in the city for the past four years. He would be a starter at most other high schools. Rather than sulking, CC plays a pivotal role on the bench. Every game he can be seen standing up on the fence, in the middle of team huddles getting the team up, and also talking privately to teammates. CC's voice is one of the few constants throughout a baseball game. Fans can hear his distinct roar in pregame infield-outfield and they can hear it when he is cheering for his teammates during the game.
  CC's best attribute by a long shot is his easy going nature. During games he has a fierce competitiveness, but outside games, CC is the easiest of guys to talk to. You would be hard-pressed to ever find anyone who didn't have anything but positives when talking about Courtney. CC takes everything in stride on and off the field and deals with it with maturity and dignity. It can't be easy to come to an all white school to play baseball and find out that your position is already taken by a d1 stud, but in typical CC fashion, he takes it in stride.
Next time you come to one of our games, listen for his voice and look for his smile because both are always present.
-- Steve Boland
  I would like to nominate Courtney Charles for the Best Teammate Award for 2008. At GA, Courtney is recognized as CC, C-Chols and many other nicknames. Courtney is our backup catcher but could definitely start on a lot of other varsity teams. Despite his lack of playing time, CC always has a smile on his face and always knows when to make a joke or when to get serious.
    At the start of the year, seniors chose various players to lead the team in our pre-game 1,2,3 GA cheer. Eventually, one of our captains - OF Stephen Boland - discovered that Courtney was the guy to lead or team in our cheer. This basically sums up Courtney's varsity career at GA. He may not be the superstar, or even a starter, but his love for the game is evident in every practice and every game when he's up on the fence or warming up a pitcher.
-- Matt Sylvester
  I would like to nominate GA's one and only Courtney "CC" Charles for Best Teammate of 2008.  People outside the dugout may just see CC as one of the members of the team who is forced to be up and cheering for his teammates on the field, but this is not the case at all.  CC is always up and cheering not only because it's the right thing to do, but because he loves the game, the team, and his teammates.  What most people don't see during the game is Courtney's passion and intensity.  He is always the one firing everybody up in the pre-game talk and always the one on the bench encouraging his teammates after a bad AB or play in the field.  When taking a break from cheering on his teammates, CC can almost always be seen warming-up one of our pitchers in the pen; this is just another one of the crucial ways in which Courtney makes the team better.  So despite his lack of playing time or statistics on the field, CC is the heart and soul of the GA baseball team and is always helping
in more ways than just your average teammate.
-- Tommy Coyle
  I would like to nominate Courtney (Big Time) Charles for your best teammate award for the year 2008.  Besides being a giant member of the baseball team, Courtney also invests a majority of his time as the manager for the basketball team.   For the past four years, Courtney has gone above and beyond the call of duty for a typical manager.  A typical day in the winter for Courtney consists of leaving his South Philadelphia home at dawn, making the arduous commute up the Blue Route to GA, attending school, watching film with us from 3-5, helping out in practice from 5-7, staying after practice and rebounding for players who want to get some additional shooting in, making the long journey back to his home just in time to get there by 10 P.M.  and then doing his large amount of homework given out by the GA teachers.  Imagine doing that for four years in a row!!!
    WOW!! That makes me tired just thinking about that demanding schedule.  Although most of us would complain about having such a tiring schedule, Courtney always remains upbeat and enthusiastic no matter how little sleep he had the night before.  He is always the first one to celebrate a big win yet also the first one to offer words of encouragement after a tough loss.  He was such an integral part of the GA basketball family for 4 years that I often forget that he is our manager and not a player.
    More importantly than his contributions as a manager, Courtney possesses a strong personal character.  As a friend and roommate of Courtney's during the Florida and State college trip, I have had the benefit of witnessing Courtney's character first hand.  No matter what the occasion, Courtney will always go to bat for his friends - even if it means sacrificing himself to help out a friend.  It is truly an honor to call Courtney a friend of mine. 
    Because he is constantly putting others ahead of himself, I think this award would be the perfect opportunity to give Courtney his well deserved time in the light.    
-- Tim McCarty
  I would like to nominate Courtney Charles of the Germantown Academy baseball team for the 2008 Teammate of the Year Award.  CC, or Ousmane as we know him in French class, is truly a team leader.  He is always easy to joke around with, he is always in good spirits, and never one to be down over the course of any game.
  CC came to GA in 9th grade as one of approximately 30 new admitted students.  Beginning in our freshman year, CC was a member of the baseball program as one of a couple catchers on the JV team.  Ever since this time, CC has probably not received as much playing time as he would have wanted, but he has been stuck behind fellow senior Joe Conaway, who is a perennial first team all league selection.  This situation has never dampened Courtney's spirit or enthusiasm for the team.  In this his senior season, he has played an especially vital role in providing guidance for many of the younger boys on the team.  He can usually be found warming up a pitcher in the pen, cheering for the team up on the fence, or helping one of our managers fix their mistakes in the book.
  CC is truly a pleasure to have on the team from the standpoint of both coach and player.  He is not only extremely well-liked by everyone involved with the baseball program, but he is honestly one of the most well-known and well-liked kids in the whole school.  He is extremely deserving of this honor, not only for his leadership this year, but for the hard-work and tremendous commitment for all four years.  GA baseball is a lot of hours, and a 6-7 day per week thing depending on the season, and to work as hard as Courtney has for so long while knowing at the end of the day that it won't really earn him any extra time, is something that is truly commendable and deserves this award.
-- Mike Nemeth '08
  I am writing to you to nominate Courtney "CC" Charles for the Best Teammate Award 2008.  I don't know anyone else that deserves this award more.  From the day I met Courtney he had a smile on his face and was always ready to laugh.  He is one of the most upbeat and pleasant kids to be around.  Although Courtney has never had a lot of playing time on either the JV or Varsity, he never let it get him down.  Courtney's voice can always be heard cheering on his teammates in the field and when they are at bat.  He is up against the face all game in his catchers gear, always ready to take the field at a moments notice.  He is our backup catcher and as a pitcher I have thrown many bullpens to Courtney.  He has never once complained about staying a few minutes after a practice or games when he could complain the most.  Just to get to GA is a big effort for Courtney. If he drives he can face traffic that will have him sitting still or he can take two different trains and a bus, but either way it takes him almost an hour and a half everyday just to get to the start of school.  Courtney may not getting as much playing time as he would want but he is always into the games.  Any time Courtney gets an at bat, every single played is on their feet, cheering him on, hoping that this at bat with be his first career varsity hit and no player has deserved a hit more then him.  Courtney may not be the fastest, smartest or best player but he has more character and heart then any other person I have meet.
-- Peter Rosa
  My nomination for best teammate '08 is Courtney "CC" Charles. Every 
day when I see Courtney, whether it's at practice or at a game, I just 
feel like CC is lovin' life. Sure he doesn't start every day, but he 
brings a winning attitude to every game. Before we take the field we 
always bring it in on CC who gets us up for the "1-2-3 GA". Whenever I 
get a little down on myself and I enter the dugout, CC is always 
there, ready for his trademark handshake followed by a chest bump. How 
could someone be mad or down after that? I will be lost next year 
without hearing CC's ever-present  laughter and smiling face. CC is 
simply the man and he deserves the title of best teammate '08.
-- Sean Coyle
  I would like to nominate Courtney Charles aka "CC" as the best teammate for 2008.  CC is a great teammate and is the centerpiece of our team.  Rain or shine, CC always has a smile on his face, and is always prepared for each game.  In preparation for our games, CC always leads our GA cheer and shouts it proudly.  Before I get the call to go into the game and pitch, CC is always the one who warms me up.  He never complains about this, and is always willing to help all of the pitchers out.  After a tough day at school, I always look forward to seeing CC at practice because he always brings a smile to my face. He is a leader on and off the field, and is a teammate that I will always remember.
-- Keenan Kish
Germantown Academy
Class of 2010
  I would like to nominate Courtney "CC" Charles, for best teammate of 2008. To put it short, Courtney is a don. I had the pleasure of rooming with CC on our Florida trip at the beginning of the season, and let me tell you, there was never a dull moment. CC always had a smile on his face and was always laughing, helping create a very calm and cool attitude in our room, which happened to be somewhat of a hangout spot for the team down there. He would tell us elaborate stories about stuff that happens to him and his friends and every one of them was LITERALLY hilarious.
  CC doesn't get as much playing time as he would like, but it is only because he is behind the infamous Joe Conaway, who is great player himself, earning himself 1st team all league selections the past two years. But CC is still a tremendous player himself, who would easily earn a starting spot on many other Varsity teams in the area. Nonetheless, Courtney will never be heard complaining, as most others would, and works hard day in and day out. Courtney just continually shows love for the game, even when he obviously isn't getting the playing time he wants. He is always seen up on the fence during our games, always heard when cheering on the team, and ALWAYS the one who will bring us up in our "1-2-3 GA" chant at the beginning of each and every game. Whenever you run in after every half inning, CC is the one who will meet you first off the bench and congratulate you on another good inning. Courtney is in-doo-bet-eb-ly one of the most upbeat people on the squad and Courtney Charles...aka CC, C-CHAAA, and Mamba, deserves the recognition of best teammate of 2008...CC flat out gets cud.....
-- Tommy "Stolzcutty" Stolzer
  I am recommending Courtney Charles for best teammate 2008.  Courtney does not get the head lines or even that much playing time, but everyday Courtney shows up to practice with an ear to ear smile on his face.  He works hard everyday at practice, but never loses that smile.  During games Courtney is always the first off the bench to congratulate a teammate if he is successful or not in what ever they were doing.  If you got a hit, scored, had a sac fly Courtney is the smiling face you see as you return to the dugout.  If you struck out or are just having a bad day he will always come over to crack a joke or say something that you can't help to smile.  Walking through the hallways you will almost never pass Courtney without a smile, or some sort of grin on his face.  That is why I recommend Courtney Charles for Best Teammate 2008, because he is up beat, always smiling even though he might not get that much playing time, and you will not find a nicer, happier kid anywhere.
Thanks for considering my recommendation,
--  Slater McCue  Germantown Academy 2010
  I am thrilled to see the GA guys recognize the sacrifices and contributions that Courtney Charles has made to the GA Baseball and Basketball teams.  “C Charles” is the man.  As the manager on the Hoops team for 4 years, he has served in every capacity --- travel secretary, rebounder, shooting instructor, and most importantly the man who is there for each of his teammates whenever they needed a friend.  Despite having to travel a long way each day, Courtney made the practices and games without fail and always with a smile.  He is undefeated as a scorekeeper – the losses were my fault.  As a Baseball player, he has become the leader largely because he is all about the team.  Courtney has handled the role of being a backup catcher with as much class and dignity as anyone who has ever worn the GA uniform.  Courtney is going to continue his athletic career as a manager at La Salle University &  Coach Giannini is getting a great one.
  Thanks for allowing us to recognize one of the nicest young men in our school.
-- Jim Fenerty
  I would like to nominate Courtney Charles of Germantown Academy for Best Teammate. Courtney Charles AKA C Charles is a first class citizen of Germantown Academy. He is a hard working student, manager, and baseball player. Over the past four years I have gotten to know C and being around him has truly made me a better person. Courtney has been the manager of the basketball team for the past four years and I have seen a lot of managers, but Courtney was by far the best. He was a big part of the team. He was the first one to cheer us up after a loss and first one to congratulate us after a win. He always did the little things and he will be missed. I will always remember the stories and the times I have spent with C. This spring the school hosted a house basketball tournament and I had the pleasure of being on the Washington team with Courtney. Courtney never played on the basketball team, but he can always be found in the gym after school playing a game of 21. So finally after years of playing behind the scenes, Courtney got a chance to show the school what he’s made of.  The game was tied with four minutes left and Courtney entered the game. Two seconds later Courtney receives a pass on the wing and with the crowd chanting for him to shoot, knocks down a three to give us the lead. The crowd went nuts, but it didn’t rattle Courtney, he simply ran back on defense and continued to play.  Later in the game with about 30 seconds left C Charles gets a steal, runs the floor, takes on two defenders, and hits a jumper to put us up four. Courtney was the reason we won the game. After achieving this most players would have gone and celebrated with their friends, but Courtney just walked off the court with a smile on his face and congratulated his teammates. Courtney never wanted to be in the lime light; he just wanted the team to win. It is acts like this that make him a great teammate and a great friend. Courtney deserves to win this award not only because of his ability to play baseball, but because he is an overall good person.
-- Jimmy Fenerty
  I would like to nominate the legendary Courtney “#44 in your programs but #1 in your hearts” Charles for Best Teammate of 2008.
  My man C.Charles is what my teammates have described above.  CC is the vocal leader of the Patriots.  CC is the single most selfless player on the team.  CC’s attitude is truly contagious, and I know we all are jealous of his uncanny ability to enjoy life to its fullest.
  So what doesn’t Courtney Charles do?  Courtney Charles does not hit ground balls.  Courtney Charles, despite being one of the better bunters and more disciplined hitters on the team, does one thing and one thing only: Courtney Charles drops bombs.  His daily batting practice rounds are among the more exciting in the league, if not the city.  When Courtney Charles connects, we are all Witnesses a near-perfect fusion of power and beauty. 
  As Tim-Tim (of fame) already mentioned, C.Charles’ skills go beyond the chalk of a baseball diamond.  Yeah, sure, CC makes time-consuming sacrifices for the betterment of his teammates on a regular basis.  And true, CC gives the finger to sleep every night so he can be to school, practice, or meetings on time.  But what my classmates haven’t discussed is the fact that Courtney Charles is the single greatest when-left-open 3-point shooter in GA history.  From one GA pickup basketball legend to the next, let me tell you, CC is the Larry Bird of the Academy.  Courtney Charles single-handedly taught the Ayers family how to hit the mid-range jumper.
  In all seriousness though, I don’t think I’ve ever met a kid who is more well-liked across the board.   I honestly don’t know one person who doesn’t enjoy talking and laughing with CC.  The kid puts things in perspective; who cares about a K or an error, those things really don’t matter.  Like Sean Coyle said, the kid is constantly lovin’ life. 
  Then again, how can you not when you got a stroke that pretty?
-- Timmy Vernon
  I would like to nominate Courtney Charles a.k.a. “CC”, as the Best Teammate of 2008. CC is one of the greatest friends and teammates I have been fortunate enough to know. It’s true that everyday CC makes the trek to GA taking him about an hour and a half each way. I think it’s more impressive though, that CC will make a run to Rich’s Deli regardless of the weather; rain, snow, sleet, sun, CC is always the first person I look to when I’m in the mood for Rich’s.
 As a teammate, there are none better then CC. I don’t look at CC as a backup. CC has been just as vital to my success as a players as any coach I’ve had. Courtney is always in my ear giving me reminders, “Stay low on your throws”, “Don’t roll over on your swing”. When CC gives me a pointer, I listen. Nobody will deny that CC didn’t get as much playing time as he would have wanted or deserves. Most people in that situation would hope for the people in front of them to fail. Not CC. Courtney genuinely wants to see everyone do better and help the team win. CC will go the extra mile to help his teammates, whether it’s taking a few extra rounds of blocking balls to give me a rest, or helping out the pitchers in the pen, or showing a young freshman the ways of the program. Courtney keeps me humble and never lets my head get to big, he is always there with a quick one liner if I ever become to full of myself.

  Next year I’m gonna miss the man, the myth, and the legend Courtney Charles. It’s going to be an odd feeling coming off the field next year and not seeing Courtney as the first kid off the bench to greet me with a fist bump, that big CC smile, some words of encouragement or a playful “Damn Joe, you suck”, followed by his CC laugh. CC loves life, his team, and his friends. I hope after reading all these nominations he can see how much he means to GA baseball, basketball, and the entire GA community.
-- Joe Conaway
  I nominate Courtney Charles for Best Teammate of 2008.  Courtney displays his positive attitude and enthusiasm during the intense close games, the prolonged blowout victories, the disappointing losing efforts, the agonizing conditioning at the end of practice, and in situations where a positive attitude is truly necessary.  Courtney always knows exactly what to say whether we’re in a huddle or in a bus ride silenced by defeat. Despite a lack of playing time CC is a vocal and emotional leader on the team.  He’s always the first player off the bench to congratulate his teammates or encourage them to better in their next attempt.  CC doesn’t use Seniority to escape picking up equipment or doing the dirty work that is usually left to the underclassmen.  I am honored to have played with Courtney and I hope this award gets the honor of being associated with CC.  CC is the man!
-- Alex Wilson

  I am writing this to nominate Courtney “CC” Charles as Teammate of the year for 2008.  CC is an awesome kid; he is always upbeat and has a smile on his face day in and day out.  Everyday, on and off the field, CC’s presence is felt.  He has a positive influence on everyone.  He is the type of person that picks you up after you’ve had a bad day.  CC is always there for everyone, and he puts others before himself.  This can be seen in the bullpen at GA, where CC catches all of our pitchers, giving them instant feedback and support.  CC’s unselfishness can also be seen during the games, where he is always cheering for and supporting others.  CC’s heart and soul goes into every game.  He is a friend, and teammate that I will never forget.  He has had such a positive impact on our team, as well as our GA community, so much that I feel it is unmatched.  We had a team motto at the beginning of this year that stated “No Excuses.”  Courtney lives his life by this motto.  He is an accountable kid that ALWAYS makes the best of every situation.  He honestly makes you step back and think to yourself about how you should always look at the silver lining, and never let any adversity get in your way.  There is one quote that basically sums up how Courtney lives each day: “There is a magnet in your heart that will attract true friends. That magnet is unselfishness, thinking of others first... when you learn to live for others, they will live for you.”  
Thank you,
-- Colin Kish
Germantown Academy Patriots #20

Dave Durkin, Judge, football

  I would like to nominate David Durkin for the Teammate of the Year award.  Even though Dave is a football player, his circle of friends extends well beyond the gridiron.  Dave is omni-present.  Dave always volunteers to help around school, whether as a runner, or cafeteria cleaner.  Dave is a big man.  It would be very easy for new students to be intimidated by him , but Dave always finds a humorous way of making everyone feel comfortable.
  As athletic director, I must travel to as many athletic events as possible.  I swear that I saw Dave at every event.  Besides being a supporting presence on the football field Dave attends soccer games, swimming meets, bowling matches, lacrosse games, baseball games and rugby matches.  Not only does Dave go to these events, he manages to bring fans with him.  Anyone can lead cheers at a basketball game, but Dave can lead a cheer at a bowling that takes talent.
  Dave recently joined Judge's Rugby Club and made an immediate impact on the B-Side team.  Dave intends on pursuing a career in teaching (Physical Education/Health).  Dave's desire to lead without care for accolades will almost certainly make him a great teacher.  We will miss Dave around campus.
-- Jason M. Budd
Athletic Director
Father Judge High School

Paul Kush, La Salle, football

  My nomination for the best teammate of 2008 is for Paul Kush senior OL from LaSalle. Paul was a great guy on our team this past season even thought he never got much of a chance to play. He was in attendance at what seemed like every single one of our offseason workouts throughout the spring and summer. Paul was hurt several times this past season, cutting short his senior season. Even thoughtPaul was hurt for a lot of the season he was always at practice day in and day out pushing his teammates (including me),  And was in attendance on the sideline of every game yelling and screaming for his teammates. Paul was very positive and never complained about his situation, and was an overall great person to everyone on the team.
-- Mike Furlong #71, '08
I would like to nominate Paul Kush as the Teammate of the year. As already said, he knew he wasn't the best player on the team. And he was fine with that, that strikes me as such an impressing feat because I don't know how i would handle that. he came to EVERY practice, even with his injuries, which cut his season. At every practice he would yell his head off pushing our team to mountains we didn't know we could clime. At games, he gave it his all, even though he couldn't pad up with his injuries. His yelling was annoying, having him shout and cheer you on for the game. I remember one time talking to him on the bus ride home from our Ryan game, he couldn't talk because his voice was so hoarse. Other during the season he gave at least 200% at our lifting sessions even when the "projected starters" would take off. The most impressive part of Kush that stands out to me is he had major heart surgery when he was born, leaving him with major risks and scars. With him playing through the fact that he is pushing something that is so fragile (his heart) to the limits that the rest of our team does, even further is awe-binding in that i know if i was in his position, i wouldn't want to try anything like that. He is a great person who everyone loves, enjoys and has a great time with. Our team loves him and wishes him the best in the competition and in his college days.
-- Jude McKenna #67 '08


Tommy McGee, Roman, baseball

  I wasn't on Tommy McGee's team this year but when i played for Roman he was on my team for 2 years staring as a sophmore playing Varsity because he was obviously better than every one on the JV teams. If there was this award every year for any type of baseball league or game i have played in my life, i would give this award to Tommy McGee every single year.  I have been Tommy's teammate ever since the days we chose to pick up a baseball bat and ball. Whether we were playing wiffle ball on the streets or in the back of an old school yard, sandlot baseball down the field, travel baseball, grade school baseball, and of course high school baseball, Tommy always gave his 210% whether it was making a spectacular catch in the field, hitting homers, or stealing bases, pitching, trying to keep everyone focused in the game, and always being open to people for help.  Tommy was always the leader on every team he was on and everyone on the team always looked up to him and depended on him because he can do it all.  He is an oustanding player but is also a great person and great friend to have.  If some one would make an error or a mistake, Tommy would always be the first person to cheer him up or give him a pat on the back and say dont worry about it theres always next time. I give Tommy much credit his senior year because he had a young inexperienced team behind him but he still kept the same leadership skills and tried helping his team any way he could. Truthfully, every time I stepped on the field with Tommy i always felt we were one step ahead of the other team because we had "Superman" and they didnt.
-- Richie Yoka '07
  Tommy McGee, 2B Roman Catholic, should, without a doubt, receive the best teammate award for 2008. Tommy has played varsity since his sophomore year at Roman Catholic. He has put together a great high school career. Since his call up Tommy has given nothing but 110 percent. He hustles every inning of every game and every minute of every practice. He is a great leader and a great role model, and his attitude is contagious. He gets everyone around him to push themselves to the limit. But, Tommy is not just a leader, he is also a great player. He plays like he has ice water in his veins. This year alone he has had two walk off hits. He always makes the big pitch, gets the big hit, or makes a great play in the field. But most importantly, Tommy has been a great role model for the younger players on Roman Catholic’s baseball team this year. He was always there to pick up a teammate during times of trouble at any point during the year. Out of all the players I have ever played, Tommy is by far the best teammate.
-- Anonymous

Iggy Schmitt, Bonner, football

  My nomination is for Iggy Schmitt he was the QB/WR and also  captain of our team. As most people know we had a very rough season at Bonner with the firing of our coach in the beginning of the season. Iggy always kept it positive throughout the season and even when the coaches switched him to WR in the middle of his senior season. I knew he wasn't happy but he never showed it for a second. I can honestly say that I never would have played all 4 years if he wasn't there.
-- Brendan McLoone #50
  I would like to nominate my teammate , classmate , and friend , Iggy Schmitt, for teammate of the year.  Iggy was one of the captains of the football team, class president, member of the  National Honors Society and a truth Bonner guy. He would show up everyday and always give his best. As a team we went through a lot this year , and Iggy was the guy everyone looked up to. I have never seen him be negative about anything , and not even when the coaches decided to move him from QB to WR in the middle of the season. He just said it was better for the team , and that is why I would like to nominate Iggy Schmitt as teammate of the year.
-- Mike O'Rourke # 53

Conor Kerins, Bonner, baseball

  I would like to nominate Conor Kerins for the Teammate of the Year award. As you know, Conor was the MVP of the Catholic League Red Division. I know Conor is very proud of that achievement and there is no one in the world who deserved it more than he did. But more importantly, Conor is the MVP of our team. I remember Conor as an average pitcher when he was a sophomore, nothing special. Then something happened between sophomore and junior year. Conor dedicated himself to becoming the best possible pitcher he could be. He worked as hard as anyone I've ever seen running the track everyday and doing the little things like working on his grips in his spare time. He took himself from just another name to the best pitcher in the Catholic League. He has spent countless hours making sure he is ready to play come March and has mastered the art of pitching which has propelled our team the past two years to a great record and consecutive playoff berths. His e ffort and hard work everyday on and off the field has not gone unnoticed either. Personally, he has inspired me to improve my own work ethic and I know that the other pitchers on our team have also been positively affected by his leadership. Conor Kerins is the probably the only reason we are where we are right now in the League and I know he will be the first one to tell you that it was a total team effort, but that's just the way he is. He is not out there for himself just trying to improve his awesome stats, but for the team and to help his school win their first Catholic League championship in 19 years. His quiet leadership of the Friar pitching staff was only outmatched by his role as the vocal leader of the bench when he's not pitching. You won't find a more competitive athlete in any sport than Conor. He makes sure that everyone is up for every pitch and cheering their lungs out for our team. He'll be the first one to get on you if you make an error or strikeout telling you to shake it off and make up for it next play or using his catchphrase, "No harm, no foul". Off the field, he is one of the greatest people you could ever know. You would never know that he's some superstar pitcher if you ever saw him walking down the hallway in school. I think he is friends with like 1599 of the 1600 kids that go to Bonner and all of the teachers love him. He's not the brightest of people, though he'll tell you differently (smile), but he gives 110% in school just like baseball. I can't think of anyone in the world who deserves this award more than Mr. Kerins. I know that there's a lot of great and deserving athletes throughout the Catholic League and that they probably have many more nominations than Conor, but there's no player in this world who has had a better year or a more positive effect on his team. I know that he has helped me this year more so than any other coach I've ever had in my life and I truly believe that he has earned the award for best Teammate of the Year.
-- Ryan Haley