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Best Teammate 2010
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Monsignor Bonner's Donnie Beese, a football player, was the winner in a spirited competition that saw six contestants accumulate 20-plus votes. He collected 41 votes, topping La Salle tri-sport manager Brian Havard (31), Washington football player James Fowler (29), Harverford School
football-baseball player
Joe McCarthy (26), Ryan baseball player
Zach Victor (25) and Bonner football/basketball player Dan Vanderslice (23).
Donnie was the top choice of six of our 13 voters. He was
No. 2 on one other ballot and appeared on 10 total ballots.
  All six guys mentioned above received at least one top vote. Ryan football/baseball player Kyle Arpino placed second on two ballots.
   Thanks to all of our voting participants. Also, like always,
I hope everyone who was nominated feels extremely proud.
Donnie has received his plaque. Click here for presentation pics.

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Donnie Beese


   Who is the best teammate in the Public, Catholic or Inter-Ac Leagues? And why?
    Is he always upbeat? Does he never stop hustling? Is he always dependable in the clutch? Does he always know just what to say in dark moments? Does he tell great jokes? Does he set a proper tone in practice?
    Nominations for stars, "mediums" or lesser lights are encouraged. Once again: Only seniors are eligible to win
but anyone (parents, coaches, referees, spectators, etc.) can make nominations. Athletes in any sport are eligible, though I'd imagine the winner will likely come from a sport we cover on a regular basis. 
    We took nominations through May 22, then had the squad reach a decision and announced a winner shortly thereafter. I will again spring for a handsome trophy or plaque (winner's choice).

    We want thoughtful nominations. We will go entirely on what is said in the nominations, not the number of nominations. (I might consult coaches to be sure that everything said about a kid is on the money.)
    Thanks for participating!!
    -- Ted Silary   


(In the past, we always opened the nominations box in the spring.
To assure that more football and basketball athletes receive the
support they deserve, we changed that policy. Thank you.)

For DONNIE BEESE, Bonner football

  A teammate is someone who is committed to everything about that team in which he is on, someone who you know has got your back no matter what, someone who would die to be out there on the field…and that person is Donnie Beese of the Monsignor Bonner football team.  I’m now in my fourth year here at Bonner and so is Donnie; we came in as freshmen and both of us playing football on the freshman squad.  Through the years Donnie has had some costly head injuries that have been pretty bad and during camp of our ’09 season he got one more which ended his football career forever.  Donnie was a starter both sophomore and junior year at linebacker and also as a fullback junior year but that all came crashing down this past summer.  Even though he can’t play football anymore, that didn’t stop him from being out there everyday with the rest of us at practice and at games.  At practice he’s working with the linebacker coaches helping them out and trying to help make his teammates better.  He’s always helping out the team with a number of things and his desire to be a part of the team even with the obstacles thrown at him is just remarkable.  I’ve never seen anybody who wanted to play more then he does and it drives him crazy that he can’t be out there with us.
  If there is anyone around who deserves this award, then its Donnie.  After all that’s happened to him over the last couple of months, he stuck by us and did his part for the team when he could have just walked away.  Before all of our games, Donnie gives his motivational/pump up speeches that gets the whole team going and makes it feel like he’s right there with us.  Donnie was also picked as a captain this season by his teammates even after we all knew he wouldn’t be able to play; that just shows how much this kid is respected by his peers.  I can’t thank him enough for being an amazing teammate through the years, but more importantly an even better friend, thanks Don.
-- Dan Vanderslice MBHS ‘10
  My Name is Vincent Procopio I am the manager for the Monsignor Bonner Football team. I would like to nominate Donnie Beese for teammate of the year. During the summer while in training camp Donnie suffered from multiple Concussions and was told he was not going to be able to play his senior year. Donnie could have quit and left football and went on with his senior year. Instead Donnie has been at every practice any kind of weather, condition, Games, and Team events. His dedication, hard work, and motivation to his teammates and coaches has really stood out in the eyes of everyone throughout the team. Donnie also serves as one of the team captains; this year Donnie was more like a coach. Donnie is always on the sidelines at every game cheering his teammates on and coaching them as well and keeping them in the game when they are down. Donnie has proven to everyone when life does not go your way, you have to make the best of it. Donnie is one of the most respected kids I know on the field and in the classroom. I think Donnie deserves teammate of the year and to be recognized for all his hard work, motivation, dedication, determination for is his team and coaches.
-- Vincent Procopio
Manager Monsignor Bonner Football Team
  A real teammate is dedicated to his team. He shows up to every practice, supports his teammates, keeps them energized and loose, and sets an example for the team. He picks a player up when they may be having a bad practice, or mess up in a game and are feeling down. Donnie Beese is the prime example of a real teammate. The kicker is that he hasn't played all year. Concussions have cut his football career short. It's unfortunate because he is a very good player. But even though he isn't on the playing field, he is an essential part of the team. I see him at every practice. He's always keeping guys loose, and has been a leader to the underclassmen, showing them the ropes to the Bonner football program. Even though he is not on the field, he retains his title as team captain. This says a lot about Donnie. The players and coaches think so highly of him, that they still think he is a great teammate even off the field. I have to agree. He's been at every practice, whether it was back in August with two-a-days, to the cold and rainy days of November. He has been there. I see him on the sidelines screaming and yelling to support his teammates. He always lets a player know he made a great play, or picks them up when they don't. Donnie Beese is a great teammate. He deserves to be named Teammate of the Year. Covering the Bonner football team, I've seen him all year long. Donnie Beese is a real teammate, and should be the recipient of Teammate of the Year.
-- Brian Nestle (Gang Green), Bonner 10
would also like to nominate Donnie Beese from Monsignor Bonner for teammate of the year. Donnie suffered yet another concussion in training camp in a long line of head injuries and was unable to even play in so much as a scrimmage this year. Watching Donnie shortly after that, he seemed absolutely crushed. I'm sure you would be hard pressed to find something Donnie wouldn't give up for another chance to suit up with his teammates just one last time. While he was playing, Donnie was a hell of a football player. Starting at linebacker sophomore and junior seasons, as well as playing tight end and fullback during 08's three game season ending win streak, Donnie showed his versatility and never ending motor. Even now, unable to play, no one shows more enthusiasm for the program on the sidelines, during practice or off the field as Donnie Beese. Whenever there is a benefit, or Coach O needs some to represent Bonner football at an event, Donnie is always the first to step up and fulfill that role. Before games, Donnie is always in the middle of the huddles, pumping up his teammates and delivering fiery speeches to motivate everyone. Most kids who sustain a season ending injury before the season begins end up either fading out of the program or leaving it altogether. Donnie, however, has seemed to increase in enthusiasm and embraced his new role in stride. Donnie is always asking coaches what he can do to help during practices, whether it be filling up the water or carrying a few pads, and never complains about his task.  I know Donnie would have wanted to do so much more in his senior season, but for everything he has done for our team and me, all I can say is thank you, and I sincerely hope you consider him strongly for this award.
-- Mike Murphy

  I would also like to nominate Donnie Beese for this award. I went to Bonner my freshman year and played with Donnie and he was always a model teammate. Wether it was on the field when you need a big play in a game or off the field when you just need a friend Donnie was there. Ive been playing sports against him since I was in seventh grade and it wasn't untill I was given the chance to play with him that I realized what a great athlete and leader he was. I was disappointed to hear he wouldn't be playing this year because he is a great competitor and I always enjoy playing against him. I knew he wouldn't miss this season when he was told he couldn't play because that's just who he is. He loves that team and he loves football. I knew he would stay around to take care of his teammates and make sure they were always prepared to play. Even though I only played with him for one year, he is the greatest teammate I ever had and one of the most dedicated athletes I ever met. Donnie is the type of person that this award was made for and he deserves it. I feel that I have become a better teammate and leader on the field for having played with him. Thanks for being a great teammate but a better friend Don.
-- an ex-teammate of Donnie's

  Football is a team sport. Every team has a leader to look to when times get tough; at Bonner, Donnie Beese is the man to look to in these times. After a successful junior season, the future looked bright for Donnie. He was coming off a stellar season, and the team was riding a three game winning streak which was the first since the 2001 season. During the winning streak Donnie played Linebacker like he did all season long, and he also began to get a significant amount of playing time on the offensive side of the ball; playing both tight end and fullback. As soon as the Thanksgiving game was over, Donnie and the other players went to work in the weight room in preparation for the 2009 season. From this moment on Donnie put the role of being THE leader on himself. Every workout Donnie would be there no doubt about it. Any questions regarding an exercise; ask Donnie “Bones.” During our workouts he was always there to encourage us all to keep going. Once it was time to put on the pads, he was still there outworking everybody else in the heat, and remained being the vocal leader he was all offseason. As you are well aware of, Donnie Beese has suffered a few serious concussions. Coming into the season Donnie knew that he had to be careful and hope not to get another concussion. One concussion during camp and his playing days are now over. At this point its training camp, people in this situation would often walk away and forget the whole thing ever happened. Donnie stuck with the team throughout the whole season. When it came time for the players to vote; Donnie was chosen to be a captain for the 2009 season. During the season Donnie was there to pick up a teammate after they made a mistake, and he was also there to pump us up. His pump up speeches really got my blood pumping. At practices everyday Donnie helps out anyway he can to help make the team and his teammates better. Donnie’s willingness to stand by the team all season is truly remarkable. Donnie is a great teammate, and an even better friend. It is going to be a tough task for whoever attempts to fill Donnie’s shoes.
-- Dan Dougherty
Bonner Football #14

For DAN VANDERSLICE, Bonner Football/Basketball (and Crew)

  It's a shame that statisticians don't include "hustle plays" as part of the statistics. If they did, Dan Vanderslice would be leading the nation. I have never seen a guy work so hard in the three sports he competes in, specifically basketball. He does the dirty work. He'll fight for the tough rebounds, dive into the stands to keep possession, and play through injuries. His hustle picks up his team, and gives them the spark needed to win. He's a great leader as well. I see him in the huddle getting the squad pumped up before the game, picking up players who aren't having a great game, and being a positive energy to the team. He's a great competitor, and a team first type of guy. He's there for his teammates for support. He even got the nominations for this award started earlier then usual, by nominating another worthy candidate in Donnie Beese for the award. Slice, as just about everyone calls him, will do anything for the good of the team. Plus, off the court (or field and river, as he plays football and rows for the crew team), he's a great guy. Dan's a nice kid, and it seems like everyone at Bonner and Prendie have great things to say about him. I believe Dan is a great nominee for the award, and should get serious consideration for winning it. Everyone making the decision is going to have a tough time though, choosing between two Bonner guys! (smile)
-- Brian Nestel
Bonner 2010

For Jim Fowler, George Washington Football
  Jim was one of, if not the best tight ends in the public league.  He would always make the big play when we needed it the most, you can always depend on him in the clutch. Then while visiting a friend's house on April 30, 2009, he tripped and put his arm through a glass table.  He lost feeling, and all movement in his left arm, he was 5 minutes away from possibly losing his life.  But one thing about Jim is he never gives up, never loses hope, and never is in a bad mood.  Seeing him in the hospital, that first thing he worried about was whether he could get back in time for football season.  He was worried that he let his teammates down.  He told me one day, "dude there's nothing that's going to stop me from playing this season."  That's coming from a kid who is lying in a hospital bed, with tubes helping him do things he was unable to, and can barely speak.  If you know Jim, you know what ever he says, he will do.  So in the months after the three surgeries, Jim worked his butt off to get back on the Field to help his teammates.  He didn't know if he was going to be able to play or not, but he was going to help somehow, he said he doesn't care if he has to be a water boy, he was going to help out.  This was all coming from a kid, who was a superstar tight end.  So one day Coach Ron asked him if he would be willing to play Guard for us, Jim could have easily said no and everyone would have understood.  But to help his teammates he practice his heart out to become a Guard and learned everything about becoming a Guard.  He had to play the season with a huge club on his left arm, after the game his game would hurt, and bleed, but he didn't care about that he cared about helping his team.  Jim ended up starting every game for us this season, and going First Team All-Pub as a Guard.  During this whole time Jim showed great teamwork, dedication and heart.  He would always give it his best, whether we are winning by 20 or losing by 20 he would give it 100%.  This is why I feel Jim would be the perfect recipient of the Teammate of the Year Award. 
-- Abdel Kanan
Washington 2010

For Brian Havard, La Salle tri-sport manager

 I would like to nominate a La Salle senior named Brian Havard.  He is a staple in La Salle sports in trying to help out in every way possible.  Brian is handicapped to a wheelchair and you would think this would limit a kids rule in what he could do but do not tell Brian that.  He has managed 12 sport teams over his four years at La Salle.  That is one for every season over his four years. The respect the players have for Brian was evident this fall when we all went out to support Muscular Dystrophy in the hustle for muscle at Valley Green.  The whole entire football team was there along with so many other athletes. Brian has helped LaSalle sports in so many ways over his four years at La Salle and has demonstrated everything that a good teammate involves.
-- Luke Vrancken
Senior at La Salle
  La Salle senior Brian Havard epitomizes the perfect teammate. It is easy for anyone to see Brian's easy-going and genuine spirit, but his dedication is what makes him the best teammate for 2010. Brian has stuck with La Salle athletics the past four years through different levels of adversity and has come out with 6 PCL titles, 2 city titles, and 3 state titles, so far. This is no coincidence. Brian's participation as a manager has contributed and had a significant effect on all of these championships. His humility and sacrificial behavior has inspired everyone at La Salle, the athletics program in particular. Among other things, Brian deserves his award due to his dedication. He has been active in athletics every single season every year in high school. Considering that this award is based on dedication, personality, and dependability, then no one is more deserving than Brian Havard.
-- Sam Pelone -- La Salle Senior

For Zach Victor, Ryan baseball

  Ask any player on the Archbishop Ryan baseball team who the hardest working player with the best attitude is, and the unanimous answer will be Zach Victor. Zach doesn't start for our squad, and instead of complaining and getting his mommy to complain to the coach, he simply says, "Hey, the best 9 are out on the field, what else can i do to help the team?" Well, for one, Zach is without a doubt the most underrated prankster of all time. Under his quiet, lovable demeanor, lies a prankster who when unleashed, is both hilarious but cruel. This loose, fun loving attitude keeps our squad wanting to come back to the field everyday to work our hardest. No matter what we do, we can't top Zach's work ethic. I've never seen a kid dive for so many balls in bp. Every single ball hit towards his alley, he's already on it before anyone else can even break for the ball. This "play like it's your last game ever" mentality has had a lasting impact on our squad, and I know it drives me to play my absolute hardest every time I step out on the field. Zach's a straight A AP student, as well as a beloved member of the student body. Zach's always smiling, no matter whether its 32 degrees out on the ballfield or a dreary Monday morning in the classroom, but no matter where he is he's my favorite person to see and I'm proud to call him my friend. Zach is with out a doubt the best teammate I've ever had, for his happy go lucky atitude, his joking ways, and his unbelievable, untopable work ethic. On top of all of this, he plays like he's on the field with ty cobb, with his 1920's 3 fingered glove which he does use in the game. So with every diving catch he makes, or every smile he cracks, I'm sure that Zach "Shoeless Joe" Victor is the best teammate of 2010.
-- Colin Budny
  When nominating someone for the “Best Teammate” award, only one name comes to mind, Zach Victor.  Zach is one of the nicest kids I’ve ever met and whenever the coach needed anything he would be right there to do it.  Despite not getting that much playing time, Zach never complained and quickly became an All-Catholic nominee for bookkeeper. (smile) In the beginning of the year we had some guys quit due to lack of playing time and they tried to suck Zach in with them, but his response was simply “The best players are out there.” He never complains about playing time and never has anything negative to say. He always has a smile on his face and can always brighten someone’s day. At practice when others are trying to find a good spot to hide from the coach so he can’t see them and tell them to do something Zach runs over to him and asks what he can do, there isn’t a second when he isn’t hustling. He’s the hardest worker on our team.
-- Kevin Mack
  This 2010 Ryan baseball team is a team that strives off of strong passion for the game and encouragement from fellow teammates. On most teams the players that get the most time are usually the guys who cheer and are into the game the most. For us it’s a different story but it has to start somewhere and its with Zach Victor. Most of the time the players that don’t play are pretty much well, just there. Although Zach is not one of our starting 9 players he makes his presence known by keeping us motivated and keeps our whole bench talking. To improve your game you take on all the practice time you can get. A big part on how you play is the mental aspect of the game though. Its safe to say that Zach is an excellent example on the kind of guy that keeps you mentally prepared for the tough games ahead. After a bad game the things he says are the kind of words that keep a player wanting to come back onto the field to give it another shot. Zach is not one of our team captains but he does the job just as we do. When coach needs a hand doing something Zach is quick to jump on it and never complains, no matter what the task is. Players like that is what every team needs, that guy that’s always there to help out in any situation. When we first started working out in September I was glad to see Zach working out with us and even happier when I found out he made the team. From the start Zach worked so hard, harder than all of us, to develop his game and become a better player. As time went on we started to outline who would most likely be our starting players and get the most time. After finding out your playing time is not going to be much a lot of players played down to there level because of lack of determination to be in that starting 9. Zach still puts 100% into the game. I have never seen anyone else make so many diving catches during practice. Its guys like this that bring out the best game in you and that’s why I feel Zach Victor should be Best Teammate.
--Steve Markle
Ryan '10
  Zach Victor can be classified as the kid who picks everyone up. When a player has a bad at bat or makes an error in the field, Zach is the first one to be there telling you to forget it and get the next one. Zach doesn't play that much on our team but that doesn't get him in a bad mood or make him hold grudges against the coaches. He realizes that the best players are on the field and he does anything and everything to help the team. If you need a pitcher to be warmed up, Zach is the first one to get up and hustle to make sure that pitcher is ready to go in the game. He is always ready to warm the outfielder up before innings. Zach's work ethic is unbelievable. I have never seen a kid work harder in practice then him or seen a kid dive for more high-pops in batting practice then Zach. The way Zach hustles and always has a smile on his face definitely keeps the team loose and playing good baseball. When i was having a bad game, Zach said to me "It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile" this automatically turned my bad day into a good one. Zach is the definition of the best team, that is why I think he should get the award for best teammate 2010.
-- Sean Kovacs

For Joe McCarthy, Haverford School football/baseball

  Joe McCarthy is a 5 foot 10 inch, 200 pound athlete from The Haverford School. I have been lucky enough to be his team mate on both the football and baseball teams this year. Joe McCarthy epitomizes this award; he makes sacrifices for the betterment of the team and always comes to practice with a smile on his face and a great attitude. It is a testament to him that in his senior season he has been on two championship teams as I firmly believe that he is the glue that holds a team together. Joe McCarthy started off as a Wide Receiver in football, but when our head coach told him we were thin at the tight end position (A glorified lineman in our offense) Joe jumped at the chance, “whatever you need coach”. He only had one touchdown this year in football and a handful of catches, but he was a fierce blocker that would give you everything he had on every play of every game and practice. Being the quarterback there was a sense of comfort of having a kid like Joe blocking for me as I knew that he would always have my back. He also has an innate ability to make everyone laugh, like the time he hid my backpack and had me looking for a week and a half before finding it hidden in the locker right next to mine. Joe has never won all league honors in football or baseball, he has never won a team award and yet he brings his smile and sense of humor to every baseball practice, coming out his senior year even though he knew he would not be getting a lot of innings, but helping out with the score book and carrying the water to games and practices. It is not from a lack of talent but depth that keeps him out of the lineup. He is 7-13 on the season and yet never complains about wanting more time. You can always count on Joe to be there when you come back to the dug out after the inning and he is always the first to cheer you up after a tough game and there to congratulate you after a good one. I am glad to have played two sports with Joe for the last four years and know that he epitomizes the criteria met for being “The Best Teammate”.

-- Matt Lengel
Joe McCarthy is a baseball and football player for the Haverford School. For five seasons, 4 baseball and 1 football, I have
been lucky enough to call Joe a teammate of mine. Joe is the kind of kid that every coach and teammate would like to have on his team. He comes to practice everyday with a positive attitude and does anything that is asked of him on the athletic fields. He also brings fun to the game as his sense of humor always helps loosen up the team during tense situations. I know Joe best from playing the last two seasons on the Varsity Baseball Team with him. During those two years, he brought the same attitude mentioned every single day regardless of how he was feeling or how the team was playing. This season alone, Joe McCarthy has had to play multiple positions on the baseball field. During his high school career he spent the majority of time as a backup second basemen, generally seeing little playing time. However this situation never was able to faze him as he always came ready to play. Against Avon Grove High School earlier this season, Joe got his first start of the season in the DH role. He only responded with two hits and 3 rbi which proved to be the difference in a 10-7 win. A few weeks later, he was asked to come in and play third base in the middle of game, a position he had never seen any game action in before. He added a key hit and made several fine defensive plays to help the Fords to a victory. These events combined with other things such as him always pinch running at least once a game and always being the first to volunteer to put on the catchers gear to warm up a pitcher help illustrate just how great of a teammate Joe is. Every good team needs a Joe McCarthy on it. A glue guy who loves the game and is willing to do whatever is asked of him for the betterment of the team. Joe is one of a few Haverford School students since 1971 who can claim to be a member of an Inter-Ac champion baseball and football team in the same season. I don't believe it is a coincidence he is one of those kids.
-- Rick Troncelliti '10

For Kyle Arpino, Ryan football/basketball


  Kyle Arpino, a senior at Archbishop Ryan, was a member of both the Varsity Football and Basketball teams for the past three seasons.  As a member of the football team Kyle saw some serious playing time as a Sophomore and was even named Ted Silary Player of the Week for his 4 touchdown performance against Monsignor Bonner.  Kyle was also a member of the varsity basketball team that year that advanced to Ryan's second PCL Championship game.  Junior year Kyle also saw significant time on the football field at both QB and DB.  For his Senior year Kyle had some high hopes in both hoops and football, but when Ryan made a coaching change in the football off-season heading into Kyle's senior year he suddenly found himself in a position battle at QB.  Being the competitor he is Kyle gave it his all worked his tail off to win the spot, but also being a smart kid Kyle understood that coaches may be leaning towards a younger QB so they could develop him for down the line.  The new regime did end up selecting the younger QB over Kyle, but being the great teammate he is Kyle continued to work hard everyday in practice, often working with the man who had just beaten him out, knowing it was best for the team.  Talking with Kyle as the football season wound down, he was anxious to get out onto the basketball court, often telling me how he had worked on improving this and that on his own.  When suddenly it all came crashing down for Kyle.  Being rewarded for his hard work and efforts in practice Kyle was placed on Special Teams, mainly kickoff and punt coverage  In a non-league game on Halloween @ Harry S Truman HS vs Conwell-Egan, both Kyle's football and basketball careers came to a sudden hault.  Kyle was in on a punt return play when he and an Egan player were jockeying for position when Kyle tried to stop, his cleat got caught in the turf and pop down he went.  At first it appeared Kyle would be ok, he was up on the sidelines with his knee wrapped doing some light jogging, in obvious pain, but it appeared a few days rest would be all that was necessary.  Unfortunately that was not the case, a few days later following an MRI Kyle was informed he had torn his left ACL, and would be forced to miss the rest of his season football season and ALL of his senior basketball season.  Kyle was a devastated, for obvious reasons.  It would have been easy for him to just sit in his house and think, "What could have been...", but that's not Kyle.  Kyle was thinking of how quickly he could join his teammates on the basketball team, how quickly he could recover from surgery and start making it out to games.  Most people would come to the home games and sit on the bench, but when it was time to go to Cardinal O'Hara on a friday night be nowhere to be found.  But not Kyle, he was often one of the first ones to arrive, and last ones to leave all home and away games.  Kyle brought whatever the team needed to every game.  Whether it was relaxation before we played one of the top tier teams in our league, or that energy and burst we needed against a team we should beat.  Kyle brought a sense of humor always cracking jokes here and there.  Personally Kyle helped me in a world of ways.  He was often another set of eyes for me, always coaching me up or calming me down when I'd be fired up over a turnover or bad call.  Kyle was always there to tell me to play better defense, box out my man, hold my release longer, or whatever I needed.  However it was not just me Kyle was there for, it was every member of the team, and even sometimes coaching staff.  Often times Kyle would do the JV teams book when called upon.  The high point of the season this year was by far our Senior Day game vs Father Judge, seeing the joy on Kyle's face as he was introduced into the starting lineup.  A kid who worked so hard for 3 years, to FINALLY have his name called, there was nothing better to see, I could not have been happier for him.  Kyle and myself have been teammates for several years, from our time in 8th grade playing AAU for the Philadelphia Patriots to Freshmen and JV baseball to our 4 years together as basketball teammates at Ryan.  I can honestly say I've had no better teammate, no better friend, in those years.  This is why I nominate Kyle Arpino for 2010 Best Teammate.
-- Anthony Magallanes

For Parrish Shoatz, University City football


  I would like to nominate Parrish Shoatz of the University City Jaguarz. Parrish is 5'8 180lbs of pure heart and dedication to his team. He played OLB for us and when are center went down he played the position with no hesitation all season and did pretty good at it. He's a leader and he's on honor roll. He's great to his teammates and coaches all the guys coming up look up to him.
-- anonymous

For Sam Shipley, Prep Charter baseball

  I would like to nominate Sam Shipley from The Prep Charter High School in South Philadelphia for the best teammate award for 2010. Sam Shipley is a four year starter for the Prep Charter Huskies. When he first became a member of the team as a Freshman, he learned alot from the upper classman about the difference from CYO to High School baseball. As a sophomore, he had taken what he had learned and was always there for his teammates in both good and not so good situations. As a sophomore, the team was in the "A" divison and had some issues as two of the teams seniors had quit. So, he stepped up and became one of the team's leaders. From this point forward, including his junior year, Sam had always been there for his team to rally his team during practices and the games. Even though, Sam's junior year was a bit of a struggle, he still kept a positive outlook and was always there to help pick up a fellow teammate if they began to struggle.
  As a senior, this became Sam's team. He enjoyed much success during the year with a regular season record of 4-1 as a pitcher. This year's team was full of underclassmen and they looked to Sam for advice and leadership. As the year progessed, Sam's leadership became more and more evident as the team followed his lead and would always rally around anyone whether in good or not so good situations. The team enjoyed much success as they ened up with a record of 12-4 overall. Sam's only loss during the regular season as a pitcher was his last start on senior day. The team was very emotional as they felt as though they let him down. In his final game ever as a Prep Charter Huskie, the team lost to Swenson in the "AA" semi-final game. As the game ended, I was so taken back by what I saw. Every teammate walked over to him and was hugging him and they where very emotional.
  As I was walking over, each of the teammates could be heard saying that they never played with a better teammate than him. They said that they where sorry for not playing better for him. After the game, alot of the players went onto facebook and commented the same again, that they wished the season could have ended differently for him.
  I guess you never really know for sure how your teammates really feel about you. But I must say that this show of loyalty to a teammate shows that he truly was "THE BEST TEAMMATE" in the year 2010.
-- Father of Sam Shipley