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        Best Teammate 2011
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  CHA's Nick Barile is Best Teammate 2011!! Barile, a football and baseball player, was the winner, 50-43, in a two-person duel with SJ Prep's Paul McGann (football/baseball). We had 15 voters. Nick was the No. 1 choice
of six guys; three opted for Paul. Nick garnered two No. 2 votes; Paul had four. Nick appeared on 12 ballots; Paul on 11.
  Others to earn No. 1 nods:
Furness' Kevin Hayes (two), Frankford's Dajuan Franks, Roman's Dan Pellicciotti, N-G's Dave Kinee and Haverford School's Vince Garman (one apiece).
Thanks to all of our voting participants. Also, like always, I hope everyone who was nominated feels extremely proud.
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Donnie Beese

Nick Barile

Who is the best teammate in the Public, Catholic or Inter-Ac Leagues? And why?
    Is he always upbeat? Does he never stop hustling? Is he always dependable in the clutch? Does he always know just
what to say in dark moments? Does he tell great jokes? Does he set a proper tone
in practice?
    Nominations for stars, "mediums" or lesser lights are encouraged. Once again: Only seniors are eligible to win
but anyone (parents, coaches, referees, spectators, etc.) can make nominations. Athletes in any sport are eligible, though
I'd imagine the winner will likely come from a sport we cover on a regular basis. 
    We took nominations through May 21, then had the squad reach a decision and announced a winner
shortly thereafter. I will again spring for a handsome trophy or plaque (winner's choice).

    We want thoughtful nominations. We went entirely on what was said in the nominations, not the number of
(I might consult coaches to be sure that everything said about a kid is on the money.)

    Thanks for participating!!
    -- Ted Silary   


(Through '09, we always opened the nominations box in the spring.
To assure that more football and basketball athletes receive the
support they deserve, we changed that policy. Thank you.)

Send nominations to

For BRANDON CHUDNOFF, Washington football

  I wish to nominate Brandon Chudnoff as the best teammate for 2011. As you know Brandon switched from tight end to guard as he saw a need on the offensive line. He gave up the glory of catching passes and scoring touchdowns to try and keep his quarterback vertical. Brandon may have been the best tight end in the Pub this year. He was always the last one off the field and made sure his teammates doing what they needed to do and worked with them to learn the plays or blocking. He continued to play both ways and on special teams even though he had his scholarship in his pocket already. Brandon will do anything for the team and his coaches. Brandon is the ultimate team player and has been called a throw back. Brandon practiced every day even times when he had a fever, he loves this game.
-- anonymous

For NICK BARILE, Chestnut Hill Academy football

  I would like to nominate Nick Barile for Best Teammate 2011. "Barile" is a very good friend to every member of our team from the 8th graders that bump up to practice with the upper-school varsity, to his fellow seniors. I think everyone on the team would agree he's one of the funnier guys on the team, constantly making jokes about oddities around school, impersonating movies and TV shows, and making us laugh at his own expense. He's a great guy from Roxborough and is very well-liked and respected not just by the team, but everyone in the CHA community.
  From a football standpoint, Barile was our starting center this year. Although he may not look like a typical center, (listed at a stout 5'8'' 195) he did a great job this year anchoring our offensive line and contributing tremendously to our defensive line as well. He also won our "Golden-Domer" award Junior year, which refers to the best scout team player on the team. Sacrificing himself to make the team better was a common theme throughout Barile's high-school career. This year, our coaches elected him our Most-Improved Player, a very prestigious award amond the team. No one disagreed with our coaches choice, as Barile quickly progressed from an inexperienced first year starter at the beginning of the season to a savvy and forceful leader by our final contest.
  If anyone deserves this award, it's Nick Barile.
 -- Danny Gallagher
  I would like to nominate Nick Barile as the Best Teammate in 2011. Throughout my years at CHA, Barile has always been one to provide entertainment and laughter for everyone, whether it be at his own expense or someone elses. He is a genuinely nice guy who puts 150% into every play in practice, and in games. He is always around school, cracking a joke or two, and he is a well respected member in the CHA community.
  As a player, "Barile" has truly exemplified determination to be the best. Most centers don't have his size (5'8, 190), but after working his way into knowing what to do on every play, he has really come into holding his own. Most defensive tackles in the league outweighed him by at least 90 pounds, but Barile didn't care, he knew that he was gonna put everything into being the best center that CHA could ask for. He was also a huge part on our defensive line, and that is accredited to his hard work. All his career, Nick has been known for putting the team first. He didn't care where he played, he just wanted to play. In 8th grade he was a fullback, but coming into high school accepted his role as a scout team lineman, and as a junior won the award (dubbed the Golden Domer Award) for best scout team player. This year he was the Most-Improved by the coaches standard, and the players couldn't disagree. He was truly a friend, player, and teammate that everyone would want.
  All year, Barile never let his size get to him. He had heart, desire and dedication to our team.
-- Corbin Booker
  I'd like to nominate Nick Barile for Best Teammate 2011, although Nick didn't start until he was a senior he showed heart and determination throughout this year playing center and defensive tackle at 5'8 185.  He led our offensive line and never complained about anything even when his hand was crunched in between two helmets and swelled up, Nick wanted to go right back into the game.  He always enjoyed practice and had a smile on his face everyday.  I know that he will definitely miss playing football with his friends.
-- Nick Boyle
  I want to nominate Nick Barile from Chestnut Hill Academy for best teammate of the year.  Nick isn’t the biggest kid on the field at 5-9 and 190 lbs, but he managed to anchor the line all year long.  The center is the person who is the leader of the line and is the keystone to whether it gels or not.  CHA’s line had up to 5 main contributors this year who had little to no playing time on the o-line before, but he managed to help everyone know what was going on during practice and in games.  He gave his all on every play, offensively and defensively and was a major part of what the team tried to do on both sides of the ball.  Whenever he sensed things were getting too tense, he could crack a joke at practice and lighten the mood and make sure everyone was having fun.  If things seemed a little to loose he was never hesitant to get everyone serious.  Overall, he is a great teammate because of his great work ethic that is a model for all kids aspiring to be varsity football players, but also his efforts to help other players on the team and the morale of the team.
-- Corey Goldstein
  I would like to nominate Nick Barile for best teammate this year. Barile is one of the funniest kids I know and his jokes always make practices seem shorter and more fun.   Whether it was making fun of me or another player on the team, or picking fun at a coach or something that happened at school that day (all in good fun :]) he made all of us laugh. He is friends with everyone on the team because of the way he is.  However Barile is not only a jokester.  As a fellow line-men I can tell you that it was a pleasure to block next to Barile the whole year.  While i was blocking it was a comfort to know that the guy to my left would always be doing his job or when we were doubling a guy that he would never short change for me.  What is even more impressive with the way Nick played was his size.  Nick is not the size of even an average high school linemen. He is about 5'7" 180lbs but he used all of that to do his job at center and make sure Ceddy or Danny were protected.  It was a pleasure blocking with my teammate and friend and I know he deserves this award and is one of the most respected players on CHA football.
-- Colin Kelly

  I would like to nominate my teammate Nick Barile for the best teammate award for 2011. No one is more deserving of this prestigious than he. Nick has many wonderful attributes that make him such a great person to have on your team. Not only is Nick a key contributor to our offense he is also our backstop. He undoubtedly helps the team on the field, but off the field he has a huge impact as well. He keeps the team lose before and during games. No one wants to play a baseball game tight and nervous about making a mistake, with this kid you never have to worry about any of these things. Nick Barile/ "wombat"/"thumb" is also on the Varsity football team where he carries these same elements to help lead his team to victory. "Wombats" heart soul wills the Blue Devils to many wins. These are just a few of the many reasons why Nick Barile is the most deserving player for this award.
-- Sam Feirson
  Nick Barile is a 5'9'' 170 lb catcher on my team.  He is like a cousin to me, especially with our pitcher/catcher relationship we have become close teammates.  He is always cracking a joke to pick me up when I'm down and just keeping the whole team loose all of the time.  Whenever one of the younger catchers needs help he is always there to step up as a leader and help them out.  He was picked to be a captain this year on the baseball team for all of these reasons and he has proven that he deserved this throughout the course of the season.  Not only has he been a great leader and teammate in the clubhouse but he has played particularly well.  He has a good batting average, a lot of clutch hits and blocks tons of balls that the pitchers have bounced in the dirt.  He has been the key to our team's success this spring and he should be the awarded best teammate of the year.
-- Dan Rosenbaum

  I would like to nominate Nick Barile Catcher Chestnut Hill Academy as Best Teammate 2011. Nick is a kid full of great attributes and he is deserves to win this prestigious honor. Even though he is not the biggest player on the field he works hard every day to work on his mechanics behind the plate. This year Nick has been great as our catcher and I wouldn't  want anyone else their. Also he is a great contributor on offense especially when their are men on base he always finds a way to get the runner in. Nick's best attribute is he is always loose, never getting angry or throwing helmets and bats. Nick makes everyone laugh and gets us ready for the game. That's why I nominate Nick Barile as Best Teammate 2011.
-- Dan Hull
  I would like to nominate Nick Barile for Best Teammate in 2011. Over the past year or so Nick Barile and I have become great friends because he has been such an outstanding teammate. I have had the pleasure of competing with him on the football and baseball fields, and can always count on Barile to provide a good attitude during games and practice. On the field Barile provides leadership by mentoring the younger players at his position. He also provides leadership through example by often times beating all the other lineman in our sprints at the end of practice. He has also done anything our coaches have asked of him and more. At 5 "8" 185 lbs Barile is not your typical offensive lineman, but he worked hard and became one of our best. He was voted the most improved player by football our football coaches this year, and has a great shot to win the same award in baseball. His great work ethic is complimented by his easy going attitude and great sense of humor. He makes practice enjoyable and fun for all of his teammates. It has been a pleasure playing with Barile the past few years.
-Brian Dones

For PAUL McGANN, SJ Prep football

  I would like to nominate Paul McGann as the best teammate for 2011. Paul is not only a great football player but he is a great person and leader on and off the field. Paul will never put a player down when they make mistakes instead he builds them up. Sophomore and Junior year Paul was the JV quarterback when Skyler was the Varsity starter and he never complained or got down on himself for one second.  He led us to consecutive undefeated seasons  while as our quaterback.  He also was the holder on Varsity  those years because he will do whatever his team asks of him; no matter what the job is. He continued to work hard all year and this season played exceptional at WR and CB two positions he has never played and was as humble as can be about it. All young and old football players should admire Paul McGann solely on his work ethic and his "never quit" mentality. Paul  also has a great personality and leaves a lasting impression on everybody he meets. I am proud to say that Paul McGann is my friend and teammate.
-- Phil Riehl
  My name is Dan Mancini. I am #42 on the Prep and i play Noseguard. I am emailing you to nominate Paul McGann for your Best Teammate award. I honestly cannot think of a better teammate than Paul. Paul was voted captain before he had ever played a meaningful snap on the Varsity level due to his constant upbeat attitude and his work ethic. Paul takes any form of adversity in stride. When we went through many struggles we were not used to this year, Paul kept things in perspective and helped us pull together in difficult situations. Not many people can move from a position they have been playing their entire life, and have as much success as Paul did, solely due to his hard work. Paul has given everything to our program and his effects are far most impacting off the field than on it.
-- Dan Mancini
Paul McGann should be teammate of the year. He worked so hard on and off the field. He was a leader when it was toughest to be so. His mental toughness in games and his encouraging personality in practice and in the huddle inspired me. He is a great person, player and
-- Guy Cook III

  I never played football with Paul McGann, but believe me, it is so easy to see the effect this kid has on his teammates and even coaches.  We’re both from Havertown, PA and as a result we’ve spent a lot of car/bus rides together to and from school.  Even after the first few rides, I knew this kid was a hardnosed player and the type of kid who would always be pushing himself and those around him in order to make the team better.  However, my experiences of Paul McGann as a great teammate took place on the baseball diamond.  Paul pitched for the Prep baseball teams freshmen and sophomore year and even a bit of junior year.  Unfortunately, he hurt his arm right before the season junior year and wasn’t able to pitch the rest of the season.  Sure, he probably knew it earlier than the rest of us knew, but he didn’t let it on.  You see, Paul isn’t the player who pouts about what could have been.  No, he is the kid who is always there with his teammates.  Whether it was running before practice or pinch running in a game where we needed him, his head was always in the game.  I’m the student manager of the team and helped out with the same team that Paul had been on for two straight years.  He didn’t have to sit next to me as I was keeping score in the book.  He didn’t have to help me set up for practice or games or clean up the dugouts afterwards.  But Paul did because he wanted to help out.  He was always cheering on his teammates on the field and at bat and it was easy to see that he just loved being part of the team and there’s no doubt that the team was better and closer because of him.  It’s obvious to anyone who has ever seen him play football or baseball or even pickup basketball that he loves to be running around with teammates, and when you hear him talk about practices that you didn’t see, the respect you have for him increases that much.  He genuinely cares for his teammates and his team and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that every single person Paul McGann has ever played a sport with knows that he is THE best teammate.  He may not have been the star player on the team, but EVERYONE knew who #5 was on the football team because of how hard he ran and how much effort was exhibited during his games.  Paul McGann is the best teammate for so many reasons and it is obvious that the SJP football and baseball teams were stronger and better because of Paul.
Kevin McCusker, SJP ‘11


For KEVIN HAYES, Furness football

  I would like to nominate Kevin Hayes of the Furness Football Program. Kevin was the winner of the Leonard Weaver Award this year. He was a team leader by his total commitment to the program. Kevin has worked since January to make himself and his teammates better. He is always on time and prepared.He spends time before practice working with the younger players to help develop them for the future. He was asked to play TE, WR, DE. LB and did all of our kicking. Kevin was selected to this year All Public Team. Kevin is a great example in school also, he carries a 3.9 GPA and his being recruited by Penn and West Point. Kevin is the example of what a leader and student athlete should be and he accomplishes all of this by his actions more than words. Kevin is a gentleman, a role model for the younger players on our team.
-- Anthony Pastore

For VINCE GARMAN, Haverford School football

  My Name is Kip Taviano and I would like to nominate Vince Garman for the Teammate of the year.  Vince For the first six games of the season controlled the Haverford School offense both on and of the field.  He led the summer workouts always being the first one in and last one out of both the weight room and the football field.  During the season Vince was the undoubted team leader, always knowing everything that was going on with the offense sometimes more than some of are coaches. If you needed anything both on and off the field you knew who to go to.  Vince led our team the first 7 games of the season. Vince always kept his head up even through the Haverford School's rough non-league schedule. The 5th game of the season Vince was pulled from the starting Quarterback position. Even though Vince was reluctant to give up his spot that he has worked so hard for his 4 years at Haverford, he came to practice every day with a smile on his face and made every person around him better. I know that I was made better because of how hard Vince worked. He is a hard worker who knows that the team is more important than just him. That's why this year Haverford won its FIRST OUTRIGHT INTER AC CHAMPIONSHIP (since 1971), because of players like Vince Garman.
-- Kip Taviano, Class of 2013 , # 20

  I would like to nominate Vince Garman for best teammate for 2011. Vince is one of the hardest working kids I know. He always comes to practice with great intensity, an outsatnding work ethic, and a smile on his face. Vince is very passionate about the game of football, and would do what ever it takes to make the team better as a whole. If that even means stepping down from a starting position. Vince overcame one of the toughest experiences a high school football player could go through. He was asked to step back from the starting quarterback position as a senior for a younger teammate. Vince was reluctant at first because he has such a great passion for the game and worked very hard for four years to become the starting quarterback. Vince asked if there was anyway to get his starting job back. However, the descision was made,and Vince just took it as it is and then asked what he could he do to help out the team instead. I don't know any other senior who could take news like that and still have the tenacity to keep playing at a competitive level besides Vince Garman. Vince ended up playing some DB towards the end of the season and was the holder for the extra points. He not only played the postions well, but also played them with a good attitude and open mind . Vince Garman was a great teammate and I'm glad to say I played along side him this year. He will be very much missed next year.
-- Tom McCarthy, # 56

For LAMIN FULTON, Neumann-Goretti basketball

Please Nominate: Lamin Fulton……Neumann Goretti Saints Basketball – Best Teammate!
2 – Catholic League Titles
2- City Titles
1- State Championship
   In reality, Lamin Fulton as an underclassman, his sophomore and junior year was the “Best Teammate” to his teammates, coaches and fans. He has won 2 Catholic League Titles, 2 City Titles and a State Championship all coming before his senior year.  Unless something miraculous happens this year he probably won’t be a 1,000 point scorer for NG High School (he did reach 1,000) as a highly decorated 3 Year Varsity Player. He has complimented the likes of (5) Division I players (All – All Catholics and an MVP of the League) in the last two years.  Andre “Scooter” Gillette (Niagara), Tony Chennault (Wake Forest/Gatorade Player of the Year in PA), Tyreek Duren (La Salle), Danny Stewart (Rider) and Mustafaa Jones (Hartford). How could he possibly stand out?  Well…starting with the most recent history: Lamin took on the role of “wearing” our opponents point guard for the 2009-2010 Championship Season.  If you handled the ball or tried to start the offense against us you could be assured that you were going to have a lot of Lamin Fulton’s sweat on you for the next 4 quarters.  He was commonly seen sprawled out on the court getting tossed or shoved by a frustrated ball handler.  He will try and take a “Charge” anywhere on the court, he will dive on the ball anywhere on the floor and he will be the first guy to dive into the stands to save an errant pass or loose ball. With aggressive play his forte I have never seen him lose his cool on the basketball court.  Not even in the States when traveling to “neutral courts” and the name of the game was “kill the guy with the ball”.  Many of times high energy guys get frustrated and lash out at another player during the heat of battle.  Not Lamin.  He will pick up an opposing player off the floor, he will pat him on the backside and whisper “something nice” in his ear to let him know there is more to come. His Sophomore year he came off the bench and started defining his role as a tough hardnosed defensive player.  He was put into the game to raise the energy on the floor.  WOW, that was a huge task considering: Chennault, Duren, Gillette, Stewart and Jones were the players on the floor.  He often replaced Gillette 6’ 8”???? (Lamin is about a foot smaller) This was a hint of what the Head Coach (Carl Arrigale/ Coach of the Decade/PDN) was envisioning for the following year….. Oh by the way…he is a model student at Neumann Gorretti High School and is well liked by his Teachers, Administration and fellow students.
Good Luck in 2010-2011!
-- Freshman Coach: Don McGinley

For JUWAN BENNETT, of Southern football

  For best teammate, it should be Juwan Bennett. Juwan goes to GAMP high school along with myself and played for the Southern Rams. Juwan plays multiple positions, but is very strong at the TE/WR and LB positions. He has a very set of hands, and has the determination to make a play on the ball at any time on the game. Being a leader on the team, i admired Juwan's tough play, hard work, dedication, and hype for the game. He never put his head down and plays until his heart runs out, and then gives it one more. He is truly a good teammate, and i was very happy to experience this in person. Without him next year, I'm going to remember all of the little tips and lessons he taught me as a fellow receiver, and his is why Juwan should be the Best Teammate of the year!
-- Devon Ford

For ANTHONY McDONNAUGH, of West Catholic football

  I would like to nominate Anthony McDonnaugh, linebacker and fullback of West Catholic High School.  He exudes selflessness by sacrificing his personal statistics and recognition.  Anthony would typically do the dirty work for his team by forcing plays so that others can make the tackles. His versatility allowed the coaches to move him to any linebacker position where the team would be most successful. An example of his selfless acts was demonstrated at the State Championship game, when he started off rushing the quarterback, (this would have given him more notoriety) but then the defense needed him to guard receivers and tight ends man to man, in order to allow the defensive lineman to get sacks. Anthony did this anonymously so that the entire team would have a better opportunity to live the rest of their lives as the PIAA AA State Champions.

For DAN PELLICCIOTTI, of Roman Catholic football

  I would like to tell you a story about Dan when he was still in grade school. Dan and his father came over to my house to help me put up a swing set for my two daughters Maura and Michelle. They were probably five and four at the time. I needed all the help I could get since my wife Rita was just starting to recover from her battle with breast cancer. Maura and Michelle are quite a handful and are only 13 months apart. Maura is a  beautiful little girl with special needs that was born with down syndrome. So we started to put together the  swing as we were also watching the girls run around the yard. Dan Sr. received a phone call and had to leave for a while during that time young Dan and myself continued to put together the swing set and watch the girls. Young Dan himself was only in grade school at the time but the maturity and kindness he showed my daughters that day was remarkable. Since that time Dan has become a very special part of my daughters' lives including being an advocate for Maura and other children with disabilities along with his family. He has also participated in several buddy walks that benefit children with Down Syndrome. I just wanted to make you aware of how special Dan is to his entire community. He is also very involved with all the 21st Ward Athletics, especially football. Now I would like to address Dan as a football player. He is a very athletic player who plays the game the way it should be played. I went to three Roman football games this year -- Cardinal O'Hara, Chestnut Hill Academy and Roxborough. Dan not only plays hard but does it without making mental mistakes. I had the privilege to play at Cardinal Dougherty ('79). As a person Dan reminds me most of my fellow linebacker Bob McGarrity (Naval Academy). Bob was not only one of the toughest football players in the Catholic League, but also one of the best citizens I have ever met. Please consider after high school I joined the Marines and served six years between active and reserve duty and had the pleasure of being in the company of some of the toughest, most selfless, and all around good people. I would like to sum up my feelings about what a good individual I think Dan is by comparing him to my good friend Bob McGarrity. I have a picture of a Marine carrying two children out of a burning village during a firefight. Underneath it said never mistake kindness for weakness. This is that I feel about Bob and Dan. They are the kind of people who would be like that Marine, carrying the two children out of the village without saying a word about it. Not only are they top-notch football players more importantly they are top-notch people.
-- Joe McGrath

For DC GAITLEY, of Episcopal Academy basketball

  DC is a great friend to everyone on our team and has made tons of sacrifices for all of us to make sure we had the most enjoyable season ever.
Such sacrifices include:
  1) convincing his dad and close friend Dave Gallagher (#77 in football) to create "the thunderdome" our student cheering section which is the best its ever been in the last 4 years thanks to t-shirts, banners, and students who want to cheer on all of us unlike in the past
  2) his ppg haha im kind of joking, but he's almost as offensively skilled as dan mengel, taylor wright, or brian metzler, yet he has focused way more on passing the ball to help us win games.
  3) a lot of his time, which past captains havent bothered giving up. this is the first year a captain has made us have 2 full-length practices a week since summer time, a fall league at his dad's gym Competitive Edge, team weightlifting for non-football players in the fall, and occasionally team weightlifting now in-season on saturday mornings.
  4)sixers tickets when he took any player that wanted to come to 1 game before our season even started just to chill.
  My brother and I were going to quit earlier on in the season because we thought the time commitment for basketball was too much considering we don't even play in games. The only reason I'm going to finish my last competitive basketball season ever is because DC got his dad, Dan Mengel's mom, Coach Conlin all to talk to us about why we shouldn't and why we'd regret it. I could've easily quit and not felt bad ignoring these peoples advice, but no matter how bad I wanted to do it I had too many funny memories of bus rides and "crazy" weekends with DC. Dan and Taylor were obviously equally important too cuz they're bosses as well im just making the argument for DC here though.
  All in all, DC has done everything a captain and close friend should do for his teammates. The rare occasions DC is on the bench he's the loudest fan for the guys on the court. You're probably looking for something "extraordinary" but facts are he does the ordinary duties he's responsible for better than all these other nominees.

For DAJUAN FRANKS, of Frankford football/basketball

  I would like to nominate Dajuan Franks for the Teammate of the year.  Dajuan was dealt a devastating blow while a member of the Ben Franklin Football team, seven members of the team were transferred to other schools throughout the school district. Instead of becoming bitter because of this injustice . Dajuan went to Frankford High and filled a need on the offensive line, even though he always played Defensive end in High School and throughout his days in Pop-Warner.. He never missed a practice and was always willing to help other players, with blocking schemes. He soon became the leader on the offensive line and a bear on both sides of the ball. Dajuan took playing against the best players in the public league as the ultimate challenge. he soon became one of the favorites of Coach Capriotti , because of his wide smile and pleasing personality and his leadership on the offense line.  Dajuan is also a power-forward on the Basketball Team, he maintains that same intensity on the court as he does in the classroom (he has kept high honors) since coming to Frankford. Dajuan has been honored with some individual awards but I'm quite aware that he would give them all back, for another year of playing football with his teammates at Frankford high. During his recruiting visits to different colleges, he would often mention to the coaching staff to look at the team's videos of other players on his team , he felt could help their program.. That say's a lot about Dajuan as a teammate and as well as a person . i think he deserves serious consideration as Best Teammate.
-- anonymous

For CONNOR DALY, of La Salle football

  I would like to nominate Connor Daly for the Best Teammate 2011. Connor is a natural born leader, I would follow him into any situation and I know he would do the same for me. He would always inspire the team and he would lead by example. With all of the (negative situations) he has been through, and to come out as a second team all state linebacker takes a lot. Through all the lifts and practices he was always the most passionate and most dedicated. 
-- Kieran Trainer
  My nomination for the Best Teammate 2011 is Connor Daly.  Connor was a fellow captain and he always knew how to get the team going for a game.  Connor always did what was best for the team and would do anything for anybody on the team.  He also led the defense on calling the plays and always made sure that everybody knew what they were doing for each play.  One of the best things about Connor is that he goes 100 percent each play and doesn't stop till the whistle blows.  Connor had a tough junior year when he tore every ligament in his left knee.  Connor was told he couldn't play anymore but with his hard work ethic and dedication he rehabbed all year with lifting and physical therapy to get to the point where he could play again.  This is why I would like to nominate Connor Daly for the Best Teammate for the Year 2011.
-- Ryan Geiger
  Connor Daly is a tremendous young man.  During his four years playing football at LaSalle I have watched him mature and grow into a true leader and a good friend to everybody on his team.  His enthusiasm for the game of football and especially his team made him awesome to watch and gained him the admiration of everyone.  Connor has this great ability to motivate everyone around him whether on the field or off.  No one deserves this honor more than Connor.
-- Mary Willcox Coulter

For DAVE KINEE, of Neumann-Goretti baseball

  On behalf of the Neumann-Goretti baseball team, we would like to nominate Dave Kinee for best teammate of the year.  Dave has been a part of the varsity baseball team in each of his 4 years at Neumann-Goretti.  Without a doubt he is the funniest person I know. Along with his sense of humor he is brilliant.  Pure genius is more like it.  Dave demonstrates immense determination and loyalty each and everyday while never missing a practice, and never refusing to throw batting practice to someone after he hits.  I never see Dave walk on a baseball field, he nonstop hustles around.  Dave is a tremendous baseball player. His brains and abilities are a scary duo on the baseball field. You may say he does not play as much but that does not change the fact that  he is an awesome player, catcher and teammate.  We have all of the confidence in the workd for him to step in at any spot and come up clutch.  He simply loves baseball and is a true baseball guru.  He knows every stat or fact about baseball in history.  No lie. He also knows stas and facts in every sport too. I have no doubt in my mind if he knew who won the first pro bass fishing championship.  His group texts, and consistent words of motivation to our team is a constant reminder to never give up on a goal we have set.  He is a leader because when he speaks we all listen.  That is an unbelievable gift that not many people have which makes him all the more special.  Something that is also amazing is that he never once had bad words with a teammate.  That shows a lot about his character.  Unfortunately each year in high school baseball an old group leaves and a new group enters. Dave will be irreplaceable to our team but will always remain a true friend.  We are fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to play alongside Dave and will patiently wait for the day when he becomes CEO of a multi-million dollar company or has his own stand-up comedy show, and we can say we grew up and played with him.  He might even be president of the United States with all of these AP History and Government classes he takes.  Dave makes writing something like this so easy and natural because he is such an influential individual to all of us.  Dave is too modest and humble and deserves the respect and recognition of his dedication, loyalty, and hard work.  That is what makes him so special to us.  I have the highest amount of respect for Dave.  His loyalty cannot be measured. If I was half the person Dave Kinee is I'd be grateful. We strive as a team to model Dave and his qualities as a great human being.  His character reflects our team.  Dave does not just make us better baseball players, but better people. He prepares us for the most important game we will ever take part  He is our hero like Enrique Iglesias.  (team joke)
-- Joe Gorman, on behalf of Neumann-Goretti baseball team