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        Best Teammate 2012
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  Con.-Egan's John Macnamara is Best Teammate 2012!!
a soccer and baseball player, was the winner, 51-44, in what became a two-man duel with
Wood's Matt DiFlorio (soccer). Esperanza's Abdoulay Gakou (basketball; 40 votes) and Bonner's Dan McLoone (basketball, 37) were also strong contenders.
  We had 14 voters. John was the No. 1 choice of five guys; five opted for Matt.
John garnered three No. 2 votes; Matt had one. John appeared on 12 ballots; Matt on 11.
  Others to earn No. 1 nods: Gakou (two); McLoone and
Haverford School's
Chris DiBello
(one apiece).
Thanks to all of our voting participants. Also, like always, I hope everyone who was nominated feels extremely proud.

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Nick Barile


Who is the best teammate in the Public/Catholic/Inter-Ac Leagues? And why?
   Is he always upbeat? Does he never stop hustling? Is he always dependable in the clutch? Does he always know just
what to say in dark moments? Does he tell great jokes? Does he set a proper tone
in practice?
    Nominations for stars, "mediums" or lesser lights were encouraged. Once again: Only seniors were eligible to win but
anyone (parents, coaches, referees, spectators, etc.) can make nominations. Athletes in any sport were eligible.
    We took nominations through May 21, then had the squad reach a decision and announce a winner.
John was presented his plaque right after Conwell-Egan's graduation ceremony on June 5.
    We want thoughtful nominations. We go entirely on what is said in the nominations, not the number of nominations.
    Thanks for participating!!

    -- Ted Silary


(Through '09, we always opened the nominations box in the spring.
To assure that more football and basketball athletes receive the
support they deserve, we changed that policy. Thank you.)

Send nominations to

For ALEX MURRAY, West Catholic football

  West Catholic high school in Philadelphia wants to nominate senior Alex Murray #83. He puts his effort, enthusiasm, and hard working ability to the max. He is also a team sacrificer. He will give up his body on play rather it be on defense or offense. Alex is one of the best teammates you can have in your football program.
-- anonymous
  Alex Murray has quiet leadership. He don't have to say anything he just does what he says. He is the definition of a great teammate. He gets everyone started and keeps them going. I never seen someone like him to have so much heart. He sacrifice his body out on the field. He gives nothing but 100%.
-- anonymous

For GEORGE "TRIPP" KENNEY, La Salle football

  Trip is a kid who has never played much. He never misses a practice. A lot of seniors who don't play don't show up to lifts but trip is always there. He does every drill hard even though sometimes he's stuck with the jv players. He's the best teammate we could ask for.
-- Ryan Otis '12
  I would like to nominate Tripp Kenney for teammate of the year. I have played with Tripp since I first began playing football. I could count the number of practices he's missed on one hand, even though he may not always be a starter or team star. Tripp has practiced this entire year on a hurt ankle just to run scout team and make the first team better. Not many have the commitment to do that. Several times he has told me that he embraces and enjoys his role as teacher to the younger players. Tripp is a clear choice for best teammate.
-- Mike Piscopo 
La Salle Sr. TE/LB
  George (Tripp) Kenney III, a Senior WR from La Salle College HS, is the most deserving candidate for the Best Teammate honor. If you called him and asked if he wanted this award he would most certainly decline and downplay what he has done in his 4 years as a La Salle player. His strong character and loyalty is stunning. He may not be as gifted as fellow wideouts Buckley and Coleman and may not have gotten as much playing time but Tripp still showed up to every winter, spring, and summer optional workout from the end of Freshman football, and continued through Sophomore, Junior and now Senior year. Also, he worked tirelessly through the hard practices and long seasons La Salle has had knowing he may not get on the field. He is an exceptionally hard worker and never complained once. He kept his mouth shut and head down, day in and day out. He leads the team with a humble "team-first" mentality. No player or coach on our team has a bad thing to say about Tripp. He is the epitome of a team player and deserves this recognition for working year in and year out to make La Salle better.
Sean Burke
La Salle College HS teammate of Tripp

  I would like to nominate Tripp Kenney as the teammate of the year. Tripp never misses a practice or lift, he is usually the first one there, and he is the most dedicated player on the team. Although he doesn't get many opportunities to play, he is always cheering on his teammates from the sideline and getting everyone involved in the game. He is always giving 100 percent of himself at practice to make our defensive backs better. Tripp also has a great sense of humor and is the nicest guy on the team. He never gets upset because he loves to be around La Salle football and he loves being around his friends.
-- Connor Kerrigan
La Salle HS FB
  I wanted to nominate Tripp Kenney #3 WR for teammate of the year. I would like to nominate Tripp because he really is great kid and has been a hard worker for four years now and he keeps everyone pumped up during the games. He really gives it his all everyday in practice and never stops pushing to make himself a better football player and making the team better too. As a fellow WR i think he deserves recognition for everything he has done for our football team.
-- Colin Buckley
  I would like to nominate Tripp Kenney for the Best Teammate Award. Without teammates like Trip on our team, our program would not have the success that we’ve had. He shows up to practice every day, never complains and he always gives 100% effort in every drill. Trip is the true definition of the “Best Teammate”.
--Tim Wade
La Salle College High School
I would like to nominate Tripp Kenney of the La Salle Explorers for the 
2011 best teammate award. Tripp embodies everything on what it means 
to be a teammate. He shows nothing but the greatest support for all of 
his fellow teammates. Even though he doesn't receive significant reps, 
his work ethic matches that of a star player. He could easily miss a 
couple of practices, not go to lifts, or not try hard at all but, he 
choices to push himself to make the team better. Every stater on our 
team truly benefits from Tripp's hard work in practices. I believe 
that a team can not succeed without people like Tripp. For it is 
people like Tripp, who embody that hard work mentality, that make 
teams better. Therefore, our successes on Fridays and Saturdays should 
be attributed to Tripp and his hard work that he puts in during the 
week. On behalf of the La Salle football Seniors, I would personally 
like to thank Tripp for his work the past four year.
-- Vince Sacco
La Salle Sr. DT
  Tripp is a great kid to be around. He shows up to every offseason lift and never misses a practice. When he was out with an injury he was at practice doing whatever he could to get better or help out the team. He cares about the team so much and even though he may not play as much as others he is most definitely a major part of this team and he deserves this award.
-- Dan Wasylenko

For CHRIS DiBELLO, Haverford School football

  I would like to nominate Chris DiBello #58 C-LB from The Haverford School. I had the privilege to play alongside Chris for three years and he is a truly remarkable man. DiBello is a genius in the classroom and a class act off of the field. On the field he has been the anchor for the Fords Offensive Line for the past three seasons. In addition he has started at LB for the last two seasons and served as Team Captain both his Junior and Senior season. Recently he was awarded a Mini-Maxwell Award. Chris is one of the smartest and hardest working players I have ever played with and I admired the passion he played with. I wish Chris luck in all of his future endeavors and I am thankful for being afforded the opportunity to have played with him.
-- Vincent Garman
Haverford School Class of '11
Team Captain - Inter-Ac Champs '09 and '10

For Abdoulay Gakou, Esperanza (charter) Academy basketball

  I'm contacting you because I wanted to nominate one of my players for the Best Teammate of the Year Award. I wanted to nominate our senior CG Abdoulay Gakou. He just transferred in this year from Saul High School and has already made a HUGE contribution to, not only our basketball team co-captain, but throughout the school. Ab (as we call him) has recently went down with (possibly) a season ending injury. He still attends EVERY practice, film session, and game. We delegate different jobs to underclassmen (I.E. carry seniors' bags, water, etc) and since his injury, he took on that responsibility. When we yell and scream at players (as coaches do) we notice that he pulls them aside and give them encouraging words so that they can still focus on the task. Our cameraman quit on us, so Abdoulay is currently recording our games. One of our players brought their away uniform to a home game; Ab comes to the rescue. One of our players forgot their team t-shirt; Ab gives him the shirt literally off of his back. We fundraised to buy team sneakers and sweatsuits for the squad. Before Abdoulay was injured, he must have noticed that one of our kids is having financial problems at home. Ab gave him his sweatsuit and sneakers so that he wouldn't feel left out. He doesn't know that we know, but we do. That's the norm for this kid. EVERY teacher, NTA, office worker, etc., always have nice things to say about Ab when they see us in the school. They tell us how he always offers to help the teachers carry things around school, ho he makes sure the other players are in class on time and are being respectful to the adults there. Overall a pleasant kid. He is currently tutoring our best player in two subjects. He decided to do that on his own. We gave him the nickname "Mama Doulay" because of how much he cares and tries to help his teammates. He currently has a 3.9 GPA and scored 1320 on his SAT's. The funny thing about all this is that he's a starter (before the injury of course), plays a lot of minutes, defends like CRAZY, and is a solid scoring option for us. I would be very surprised if someone other than Abdoulay recieved this award.
-- Chris Clahar
I will like to nominate Abdoulay Gakou as the best teammate 12. I will like to nominate him because he always pushes everybody at practice and he is also a good team leader. He is currently injured right now but he still attends practice and pushes the team and at our games he is the biggest cheerleader. I'm sure if Abdoulay was anywhere else he would be nominated, just for his leadership skills and drive for the game of basketball. I believe he is due this award.
-- Jean-Claude Forte #11 Esperanza

  Abdoulay Gakou deserves teammate of the year because he's a very good player , but yet he's never selfish . He does whats best for the team in any circumstance . He believes our overall success as a unit is most important this year. Despite some minor set backs he's had , he still manages to work hard and stay dedicated to basketball and most importantly school. There are many more characteristics about "Ab" that leads me to believe that he deserves teammate of the year. For one , he doesn't complain if he's in the game or not he always gives off positive energy , and he tries to keep some of our players grounded and level headed when it comes to basketball and  school.
-- Keon Wells

  I would like to nominate Abdoulay Gakou, from esperanza academy, for best teammate. he has been a leader on and off the court. he is a kid who transferred from saul to over here. as u know saul wasn't going have a basketball team, so he wanted to come play for us since he lives close to the school. he worked hard and became the captain in such little time. he's a leader on the court, yelling and screaming both offense and defense. he does whatever it takes to win. he loves to take charges and do the little things to hype up the team. When we all met ab for the first time we knew he was a bright young man. he told us he wanted to do anything possible to win and better the team. he said he will sacrifice to do so even if it means if he only average like 5 points. he always want to guard the best player on the other team. he's a guy that any coach will love to have - talented, smart and wise. he told us he came here to better the team and ever since he has done that. he always takes his time out each night to call everyone on the basketball team to make sure they get their homework done and if people are slipping in their classes he tutors them. no lie. this kid gets straight a's and all the teachers love him. this kid is well mannered and all his teammate look up to him. He got injured and was out for a couple of games he still motivates his teammates while on the bench. And during timeouts he gives them advice, always. if a kid comes out during the game for a mistake, he talks to him about what he's doing wrong. he's really like a coach on the court and off. always he's a team player. for the last couple of games he been recording the games and even being a water boy at times. ha ha ha. he just wants to see the team succeed in any way possible, but it's killing him to have to wait to get back on the court. but when he does get back, he'll bring that strong point guard effort every game. I believe he is the best teammate for 2012.
coach corey hicks, esperanza

For Dan "Mugsy" McLoone, Monsignor Bonner basketball

  I have known Dan for 5 years now, and let me tell you, he is one of the nicest kids I know. Off the court he is such a good guy, and really cares about doing well in the classroom. He volunteers with Bonner’s community service and respect life clubs. On the court, Dan, a guard, isn’t tall or strong; he doesn’t have killer speed or an automatic jump shot, but Dan has that intangible that is lacked by so many: heart. I see a lot of myself in Dan. My senior year was full of injuries, lack of playing time and constant disappointment. I knew I wasn’t the strongest or most athletic kid but I tried, and I tried. But every time I would get upset or discouraged, Dan would be there for me. He would tell me a funny story or brag about his pet turtle. He helped me get through situations, and because of that he is a wonderful teammate. Dan will be successful in life because he works hard and is willing to do whatever it takes. I have become a better person because of Dan. His demeanor is always up beat and positive, his play is always selfless and tenacious, and his personality is always cheerful and charismatic. He has this ability to make you laugh over the silliest things. It is that sense of humor that is what really gets me.

  On January 6th, the fate of Bonner, although a last-second appeal and support from alumni might save the school, was deemed closed as of June 2012. How could they do this? How could they possibly take away our school away from us? Bonner is school that has demonstrated true brotherhood in a world full of hatred and violence. Dan McLoone is one of the million reasons why Bonner should remain open.
  Seven hours after an auditorium full of lives were altered because of the closings; Bonner took the floor against another school on the list, Conwell-Egan. Bonner isn’t anything special this year. Three juniors, who earned substantial playing time, transferred. The best player remaining, Josh Hoho, became ineligible (school issue). And another would-be contributor, Malcolm Richards, abruptly quit after a game in December. But Dan stayed. He, along with fellow seniors Kevin Sheridan, Mike Proska and Paul Pfeffinger, stuck it out. During the game at Egan, which I didn’t attend, Dan played the best game of his senior year. He scored 14 points in a twenty-point loss for the Friars. Despite losing his school earlier that day, Dan played his heart out for his family--the family of Monsignor Bonner.
  Monsignor Bonner basketball held a function for all grade schools at Drexel Hill Middle School. The event was a tournament between feeder parishes such as Cyrils, Dots, Bernies, Laurence, etc. Alumni from Bonner basketball played for their respective parishes in a fun filled day. Dan and I gave up our Saturday to help run the clock for the games. After the event was finished, the man in charge of the tournament offered cash to Dan and I for helping out. In my head, I became thrilled with the thought of receiving a decent amount of cash, but Dan answered before I could. He simply said no. Dan knew that the money being raised was for a scholarship for a future Bonner student. He knew that the money didn’t belong to him, but it belonged to the foundation.  Dan taught me something very important that day, to be charitable.
  Dan McLoone will graduate from Bonner in 2012. He, along with hundreds of his classmates, will be fortunate enough to graduate. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t upset that Bonner is closing. His little brother, Tom, is a freshman. Dan wants so much for Tom to experience what he experienced. A quality education mixed in with occasional laughs and humor. Bonner isn’t just a school. Bonner is home.
  I just got back from the Bonner- O’Hara game, and I knew that I had to write about Dan before I go back to school Sunday. It might be the last Bonner basketball game I ever attend. I sure hope it isn’t, because although Bonner lost to O’Hara tonight, I love watching Bonner kids like Dan McLoone play. With hustle, toughness and heart, Dan carries himself and leads by example. The Bonner student section chanted “Mugsy” (Dan’s nickname) throughout the entire game. He is a fan favorite, a coaches’ dream and the best teammate you could ask for.
-- Joseph Phelan
Monsignor Bonner ‘11
Friars Forever
  There is not one bad thought that ever comes to my mind when someone is talking to me about Dan McLoone. Dan is the one of the most nice, humble, admirable, hard-working, and funny people I have ever met. I have known Dan my entire life. He has been there for me everyday, and he is there for every one of his teammates, family members, and friends always. I have never met someone as unselfish as Dan McLoone, he has always put others in front of himself and cared for everyone who is in his life. I have never seen anyone take as much criticism as Dan has. "He is too small." "He isn't athletic enough to make it." "Did your little brother show you that?" Dan just laughs and proves everyone of those people wrong. Dan has maybe the most deadly combo of attributes that an athlete can have. No it's not ridiculous athleticism and the perfect technique. He has heart and work ethic. I have never seen anyone work as hard as Dan has and have never seen anyone leave every part of himself on the field or court like Dan has. 

  Dan has played both soccer and basketball for Monsignor Bonner for all four years he has attended. Everyone of those years Dan has proved himself more and more. "He is not good enough to make the Freshman team." Dan did it Freshman year. "He is to small to play J.V." Dan did it sophomore year. "There is no way Dan will dress for varsity." Dan did it junior year. "Dan cant be a force on a Varsity team." Dan is doing it senior year. He did all of that as a 5ft9" kid out of Havertown with decent athletic ability and a non-automatic jump shot. Dan is held to such a high standard by his coaches, but he lives up to it. 
     I do not want to hide the fact that Dan Mcloone is my older cousin, but it has been more than a privilege to call him that. The other night Dan had a game against O'Hara, and my family and I were mostly in attendance together. The Bonner student section all starts cheering, "Mugsy, Mugsy, Mugsy," and my cousin Pat says where did that name come from and how has it stuck with him? My Uncle Pat and Aunt Tracey shake their heads, my cousin Brendan says I don't know. We all know it has some connection to Muggsy Bogues, but we all feel it means more. Dan is small like Mugsy Bogues, but Mugsy describes his attitude. Dan knows he is small, but he carries himself as a seven foot man. He knows if he can out work the opponent he will get the best of it and get the result he wants. It is hard to say but Dan's little brother Tom, who is a Freshman at Bonner, is already taller than him. Tom is starting on the freshman team at Bonner, and Dan would kill to have Tom follow in his footsteps at Bonner. Sadly with Bonner closing, Dan will be the third and last McLoone to graduate Bonner. It was unbelievable to see a crowded group of Bonner kids all chanting his name. You almost feel that Dan has had some effect on everyone of those kids. Which he has. That's the power of Dan McLoone. When you meet and get to know Dan McLoone he leaves an imprint on your life that you won't forget. He shows this on and off the court. He really is just one of the most genuinely kind people I have ever known. He knows how to pick a friend up after he's been let down. He is always the kind of kid who you say bust a move Dan, and he will break out doing the duggy or some dance move for you. He is that goofy kid wearing his jeff cap around with sandals and socks. He has that ability to make anyone laugh by just doing one thing. Dan is such a devoted family member always trying to attend as many of his brother's and my games as he can. He isn't cocky and doesn't showboat, even when he puts his nice handle to work or when he drains a three in your face or scores a goal on the soccer field. Dan McLoone is himself and there will never be another Dan McLoone.
-- Kieran P. Burns
  I would like to nominate Dan "Mugsy" McLoone for the best teammate award in 2012. I have know Mugs for four years now and have been a teammate of his just as long. Mugsy is definitely not the biggest kid on our team and no where close to the most athletic, but the two categories he triumphs over are heart and hard-work. Everyone knows it too. Mugsy can be the biggest pest during practice because of his intense defense and energy. But whenever he fouls me hard on purpose he is always saying, "Im just trying to get you better Prosk." That right there is the definition of a teammate. Not only the ability, but the willingness and desire to help your teammates become the best they can be. He does that for every single person on our team. Throughout his four years playing for Bonner, Dan has never complained about it. His motto is just to work harder every single day in practice and I think everyone on the team has benefited from seeing his humungous heart. I know I have. Dan is the type of player who runs and tries his hardest in every single drill, even during lay-up lines. As a teammate, seeing Mugs work so hard just pushes me even harder to try and work as hard as him. The thing about his work ethic is that he never brags about it or puts anyone else down, rather he leads by example. 
  As a senior, I had the fortune of being named co-captain along with Mugsy. This is a great honor. The fact that I can go out to half court before every game, representing not only our team, but our whole school, just makes me smile. And the fact that I can do it with Mugsy makes me so proud. Dan and I have been through a lot throughout our Bonner Basketball careers. For the most part we have traveled down the same paths. Both playing on the freshmen team and the jv team as sophomores. As juniors, we both played jv and suited varsity. Ending our Junior year, we both knew that we were never really going to be major players for this team. However, with many transfers and losses of players due to various reasons, we realized that we had to be the leaders of this team, not only on the court, but off the court as well. This was something that was hard for me to do at first, but with the help of Mugs, who was always pushing me to go to the gym during the summer and fall, I was able to grasp the fact that I was going to be the leader of this team.
Mugsy is one of the nicest guys I know and he has helped not only me, but our whole team, players and coaches. He is the hardest working player I have ever seen and he deserves to be recognized for it. In my eyes, Dan "Mugsy" McLoone is the definition of a teammate.
-- Michael Proska
Teammate Bonner '12
  I would like to nominate Dan “Mugsy” McLoone for teammate of the year. I have gotten a few opportunities to be a teammate of Mugsy’s. First as a freshman at Bonner we were on the freshman basketball team together. I have never in my life seen a kid work as hard as Dan did. He goes 100% every time he is on the court. He plays with so much heart. When he is not on the court he is your number one fan on the bench. Even this year when the times got tough for Bonner basketball he stayed tough and true to the team. Playing with everything he had till the last second of the game.
  Although I only played one year of basketball with him, I saw him play every game. I also decided to play soccer this year and once again had the privilege to be on a team with Mugsy again. This time, Mugsy was the captain and he was well deserving of it. He may not have been the best player on the team, but he may have given the most effort. One of the things I will never forget is during the summer of ’11 when I decided to try out for soccer. Mugsy wanted me to make the team so bad, that we would get up early in the morning and he would work me out for a few hours. He made me do every goalie drill that he knew, and it worked as a made the team and started in the fall. The dedication that Mugsy showed towards me made me realize how good of a teammate he really was. He looks out for everyone on his team. He makes sure that everyone is giving it there all every time. Whether it be practice or game.
  I was also a teammate of Mugsy’s once more. This spring Dan decided to join the Bonner tennis team. He ended up on our number 1 doubles team. Even though he wasn’t as good at tennis as some of the others, he was still an awesome teammate who made sure everyone was hustling and putting their heart and soul into every point. I admire Dan for the person he is, hard working, dedicated, and just a stand up guy. I am glad I can call him a friend of mine and honestly believe he is the most deserving of the Teammate of the Year award.
Love You Mugsy!
-- Daniel Phelan
Bonner ’12

For JOE KANE, SJ Prep basketball

  I would like to nominate Joe Kane, Prep Basketball. He is without a doubt one of the best kids around. Joe shows up for every practice, game, team event with energy for the program he is a kid who has been a great example for the the team but most of all for my son. Joe will be a great asset for the University who is lucky enough to get him my understanding is he is one of the top students at the Prep. Programs don't survive without players like Joe someone who can accept a role and live up to it! Every kid wants to play we all know that but some kids can't accept coaching decisions players getting more mins. than them so they just walk away that is always the easy way out and Joe has been able to sort thru all that and always have a hello and a handshake for you when i see him.
-- Mr. Tim Hueber
For KYLE NAPPER-GREEN, Dobbins football

  Kyle Napper-Green at Dobbins was the center for our team and was one of the most outstanding players on the team. He is a hardworking, reliable, and a good person. He never missed a day of practice. Always worked hard. He was crucial in our  winning of the AAA championship. He was a four year player but first time starter this year and stepped into his spot. He also helped to make sure teammates didn't fight on or off the field. He's also a great student who will be attending I.U.P. University in the fall semester.

For MATT DiFLORIO, Wood soccer

  I am nominating #3 Matthew DiFlorio for the best teammate award for a few reasons.  Matt, also known as “D-Flo,” is the hardest worker I have ever had the pleasure to play with. After being cut Sophomore and Junior years, most players would have hung up the cleats for good. But not Matt. He chose to manage the Varsity team his Junior year and worked out with the team everyday during the season. His hard work finally paid off his Senior year when he made the Varsity squad. His determination was truly an inspiration for the whole team and his intensity set the tone for every practice. Everything was going Matt’s way until he heard the tragic news. His Father passed away shortly after the season began. They had an extremely close relationship and it was an awfully tough time for Matt and his family. Through all this heartbreak, Matt showed incredible mental toughness and his positive attitude motivated the whole team to a new level. He brought the team together like a family. In addition, we became a much better soccer team. Ultimately, without Matt DiFlorio, Archbishop Wood soccer would not have had the successful season that we did.
-- Dave Tate
Archbishop Wood Soccer, Senior Captain
  My name is Pat Friend and I'm a junior at Archbishop Wood. I've been playing soccer at Wood for the past three years and it has been great. Over the past couple of years I have met many new friends through the organization and they are all amazing. However, one of these new friends stands out from the rest. His name is Matt DiFlorio. I understand that he has been nominated by one of our team captains for the Best Teammate Award. I believe "D-Flo" deserves this award more than anyone else.  He is hands down one of the hardest workers I know, and it was an honor to be able to call him my teammate. Even though Matt was cut from the team Sophomore and Junior year, he never quit. When it came time for tryouts earlier this season, you could see the dramatic difference is D-Flo's game. He earned his spot on the Varisty team. Shortly after the start of the season we found out that D-Flo's father had passed away. It was horrible to see something so bad happen to such a great kid. However, D-Flo continued to come to every practice and game, and somehow, he was still the one putting a smile on everyone's face. Through all his hard times Matt never gave up and kept working as hard as he could, and in the process he brought our team closer together. That is why I think Matt DiFlorio absoluetly deserves to be named the Best Teammate of 2012.
-- Pat Friend

It is my honor to nominate Matthew "Dflo" DiFlorio for best teammate 2012. I met Dflo my sophomore year at Archbishop Wood, ironically walking to the first day of soccer tryouts. Without a doubt Dflo is the hardest working player I have met to this day. A kid gets cut once you probably never see him again. A kid gets cut twice forget about it. Third time was a charm. Matt was the team manager his junior year, but that could not keep him off the field. He showed up every day and practiced hard with our team. After a tough loss in the state championship, Dflo told me each day at lunch that he would make the team next year and start with me on senior night, the two Best Friends. Hey, I had my doubts, and so did many people. Like i said, that was not going to stop him from fulfilling his dream. He was not the fastest or the most athletic kid, but hard work beats talent any day. August came and Dflo was a Viking. That was the easy part, less than a month later Matt received the news that his father had suddenly passed. Now do you hang up the cleats? NO WAY! He showed his team, his family, and his school just how much perseverance he really had. He stuck it out each day giving 110%. He made me better every practice and every day, on the field and off the field. He is not only a terrific person, but an outstanding teammate. I nominate Matthew "DFlo" DiFlorio for this award. Thank you Matt for everything you do, you made me a better person and I am truly grateful.
-- Colin Davis
Archbishop Wood Soccer, Senior Captain
  When people think of Archbishop Wood Soccer, Matt "Dflo" DiFlorio is the first thing that comes to mind.  I have been playing in the program for two years now and have seen some very talented players.  However, Dflo has been the epitome of Wood Soccer.  He has shown perseverance, leadership, and character.  Dflo is the only person I know to get cut twice, be the manager for a year, and not give up on his dream.  His attitude never changed.  He was excited each and every day to go to practice and prove himself, even coming down to practice with the freshman team some days.  He inspires me to work harder and harder everyday. When I was a freshman, Dflo was the first person to come up and introduce himself to me and ask me my name and he has done the same for many other incoming players, expelling many nerves on that big first day of tryouts.  Dflo has been like an older brother to me and I will miss him after he graduates this year.
- KJ Woodring
My name is Kyle Joyce and I am a freshman at archbishop wood. I would like to nominate Matt DiFlorio also known as D-flo for this award. I am voting him for this award for multiple reasons, one being that he took me under his wing as soon as I met him. He was the manager of my brother's team last year and as soon as I met him he was an inspiration. He taught me how to cope with the difficult transition into high school, also he taught me how dedication and hard work pays off after he was cut from the team sophomore and junior year, but made it senior year. Another reason is because of his attitude, he always has a smile on his face and can always put a smile on yours. He is a true leader and he is the definition of being the best person and teammate you can be.
-- Kyle Joyce
  I would like to nominate my good friend Matt "Dflo" DiFlorio for the Best Teammate of 2012. Dflo is without a doubt one of the nicest, kindest, most hard working kids I have ever had the privilege to know, and now-a-days these words are used lightly and carelessly but in Dflo's case, they are 100% true. After getting cut from the team Sophomore and Junior year, you would think he'd call it quits right? Heck, I know I would. But that's not Dflo, that's not who he is. He persevered through all the hardships through those two years and proved all the nay-sayers wrong by making the squad his senior year. Everything seemed to be going Dflo's way until the most difficult thing any of us could face happened; Dflo's father passed away. But that didn't stop Dflo from being with his team, his second family. Through this extraordinarily though time in Matt's life, he persevered and continued to work as hard as he could on the field and rallied the team together. Matt DiFlorio was the definition of a true teammate and that is why I feel he deserves to be named the Best Teammate of 2012.
--Nick Wolf

  I would like to nominate Matthew DiFlorio for the best teammate award.  I have known Matt for the past 4 years and he is one of the most hardworking kids that I know.  I have had the privilege f being teammates with Matt for my freshman and senior years.  Although he didn't make the team his sophomore or junior year, he pursued his dream of making the team and worked day in and day out to remake the team and have a great senior year.  Matt not only inspired us with his hard work, but he motivated us in practice and during games to play hard.  I couldn't have asked for a better teammate and i am glad to have met someone like Matt.  I couldn't think of anyone else more deserving of this award.
--Eric Stengel

  I have known Matt “Dflo” DiFlorio since my freshmen year at Wood.  We were on the Freshmen soccer team together.  Although he didn’t make the team his sophomore and junior years, that didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream of making varsity.  Dflo was at all of the off seasons workouts, and he did everything that he could to get back on the soccer team.  The look of his face this past year when he found out that he made the varsity soccer team was priceless.  Dflo took the word dedication and gave it a new meaning.  While most kids would give up on a team after being cut, Matt DiFlorio used it to inspire him to put that extra work in.  I feel our team was also more dedicated because of him.  I nominate Matt “Dflo” DiFlorio for this award.  A soccer player could never ask for a better teammate.
-- Brendan Nessel
  I am nominating my good friend Matt DiFlorio for Best Teammate of 2012. I have known Matt since I was in second grade and have played almost every sport with him, whether it is on a high school team or just messing around outside Matt always would give 100% effort. Matt worked very hard his junior year of high school after being cut from the varsity soccer team to comeback and make the team his senior year which is very rare in high school sports, most kids would give up and forget about it, but Matt had his goal and he reached it. During my senior year my soccer team lost the state championship, this was very hard on me however the entire bus ride back from Hershey Matt cheered me up and made jokes so we could all forget the game, that is what a real teammate should do in any team sport is pick up the other guys when they are upset after a huge loss. Matt has been a family friend of mine for many years and it was very upsetting to hear that his father had passed away last September right at the beginning of the season, however Matts determination and dedication was a huge inspiration for that team, his willingness to show up to every practice and every game, when most players expected him not to is what a true teammate is all about. Matt's strength during that time is something I will look up to throughout my entire life and is truly a standard of living, Matt is not only the best teammate of the year but he is one of the of most courageous person I have ever met and I am proud to call him one of my best friends.
-- Giovanni Lancellotti
  I am Jake McMonagle, a sophomore at Archbishop Wood. I would like to nominate Matt Diflorio for the Best Teammate Award 2012. I've known Matt for over 6 years now and throughout his life, he has never given up no matter what life has thrown at him, and life has certainly thrown him a lot. He has undergone many struggles throughout his high school career but has powered through them all to make an impact on his teammates and anyone he plays against on the soccer field. He uses the skills he has to really make an impact on the entire Archbishop Wood soccer program and every player, including myself. He truly lives up to the phrases 'never give up' and 'never back down' because whatever life has given him, he has made it through. He knows how to bring people together and has made a prominent impact on my life that will stick with me for the rest of my life. Matt has gone through so much and come out on top, and i can't think of a better way to reward him for his attainments than with this distinguished honor. I strongly urge you to select Matt for this award.  
-- Jake McMonagle
  I would like to nominate Matt DiFlorio (D-flo) for this best teammate 2012.  I was his freshmen coach 4 years ago and got to work with him as an assistant on varsity during his senior year.  He did not make the team as a sophomore and junior, which speaks a lot to his character and also his dedication.  Most kids would give up after being sent home two years in a row, but he kept with it and was rewarded for it his senior year.  He impressed all his teammates with his hard work and never give up attitude, but he also was a huge inspiration for how he responded to the tragic loss of his father during the season.  As tough as that must be on a high school kid, he kept a great mindset and never missed a practice or game.  He showed his maturity by devoting the season to his dad and continuing to play.  During this whole ordeal his second family, the wood team, pulled together to support him and they all benefited from it.  D-Flo's attitude and dedication was contagious to the others around him, and if it wasn't he would lay down a rap that would instantly get the boys fired up and ready to play.  He was an all around great kid on and off the field and it was great pleasure to coach him. Glad I am able to nominate Matt for this award cause I think he truly deserves it.
-- Adam Bailey
Varsity Asst. Coach Archbishop Wood


I nominate WILLIAM WILLIAMS  JR. OF M.C.S. & QUENTIN DAVIS OF M.C.S. 2 OF THE NICEST SENIORS I HAVE come across team 1st attitudes type guys..also in William Williams jr case he has not missed a practice other than his asthma illness in his 4 year stay @ M.C.S. J.V. VARSITY & BOASTS A B+ AVG IN SCHOOL AND SCORED A 890 ON SAT SO FAR.

For STEVE MINUTO, Roman baseball

  I would like to nominate someone for teammate of the year. His name is Steve Minuto. He is a senior. Steve has spent the last 2 seasons on the varsity team. In those 2 seasons he has a total of 15 ab's after tonight's game.  Last season he was 0-8 and this season he had been 0-4.  Tonight after grounding out in his first AB. He laced a single to center for his first career varsity hit. The joy on his face was nothing compared to the joy of his teammates. Everyone was pulling so hard for him to get that hit cause they knew how bad he wanted it and how much it would mean to him.
  Steve is a fantastic kid. And while he may be small at about 5'5 and while he may lack the talent to be an everyday varsity baseball player, the positive attitude he brings to the field is a joy to see as a coach. Someone who doesn't get a lot of playing time normally would sulk. Not Steve. He is on the fence every game for the whole game pulling for his teammates. He is the first kid to greet a teammate after scoring a run or when they come in from the field.
  In the beginning of the year I have each kid turn into me 3 personal goals and 1 team goal for the season. Steve's was to get a hit so he could say he had at least one. Last weekend we played him the whole game against Bensalem trying to get him one. He hit the ball hard on a line all 3 times to the outfield just right at guys.  It was great to see him get that hit tonight.
  Steve is a great kid and will no doubt remember his time on a varsity high school baseball team during a time when many kids take it for granted. He will be proud of it. After the game tonight Terri Morris gave Steve the ball he hit, which was graciously given to us by Lansdale Catholic Coach Rick Norwood. The entire team applauded him and chanted "Beef" the nickname they have for him.
  Please consider Steve for the teammate of the year. He is well deserving.
-- Anthony Valucci
Baseball coach, Roman Catholic HS
  I want to nominate Steve Minuto for teammate of the year because even though he doesn't play all the time he always has a good attitude. I have never heard him complain and even when things aren't going well he can keep everyone loose. Even though we were losing yesterday, when Steve got his first varsity hit, everyone went crazy.  It was like we had just won the game. Right before every game starts Steve always asks me "You got me today?" meaning you better do something to get us a win today. It makes me laugh every time, and that's what makes Steve great. He is all about the team and just wants to see us all do well.
Thank you,
-- Will Dougherty
Roman baseball

For JOHN MACNAMARA, Conwell-Egan baseball

  When deciding on who the best teammate of 2012 is, it's a no brainer in my eyes. Conwell Egan's John Macnamara. You would think that only being able to use your left hand would slow someone down, especially on the baseball diamond. I've played against and with John for a number of years. Through hard work and determination, John has overcome nearly every obstacle in baseball. He can turn a double play just as fast as any other second baseman in the PCL. When it comes to hitting, John is a great contact hitter and has plenty of pop off the bat. John played soccer for CEC the past four years which has given him great wheels while running the bases in the spring.
  As soon as the clock hits 3:15 after school, John becomes very serious and determined to make every play. For the next two hours, John exhibits his skills with his glove, bat, and speed. If John ever feels like he's loosing his touch, he will spend countless hours either after practice or on the weekends working hard to perfect his fielding and hitting. John never complains and does everything to the best of his ability.
  Being a good teammate is being able to learn from another teammate. By watching John day in and day out, I've learned that anything can be accomplished through hard work and dedication. John gets along with everyone in the dugout and keeps us all loose through the good and bad times. All and all, there's no better candidate for this award than John Macnamara.  
-- Greg Smith, current CEC teammate
  It is my honor to nominate John Macnamara for the 2012 Teammate of the year. John is a senior secondbaseman/outfielder on the 2012 Conwell Egan Varsity Baseball team. John was born with Poland syndrome. His right hand is deformed, leaving him to play the game with only his left hand. Watching him field ground balls and hit everyday at practice you would think he had both hands. John fields the ball with ease at second, fielding the ball with his left hand, transferring his glove, then throwing the ball with his left hand as well. He is feisty at the plate, wasting pitch after pitch, and always putting the ball in play.
  For as good as a baseball player John is, he is even a better person. He is the first one to arrive at practice and the last one to leave it, constantly helping the freshman drag the infield and making sure everything is neatly put away. On game days, he is the man with the scorebook, helping keep pitch count and informing the coaches of what opposing batters have done in previous at bats. He has been a coaches dream this year, never complaining about playing time and always listening and doing what he is told. He is one of the leaders of the team and will be the face of the Conwell Egan baseball program for years to come. It was an honor to be his coach and we will be missed next year.
-- Andrew Ellis
Conwell-Egan Varsity Baseball Coach
  Teammate of the year is a big honor.  An honor that should go to John Macnamara.  I have had the honor of playing the two sports of soccer and baseball with John for four years.  John is always the first one on the field and the last one off.  Every second at practice John works his butt off to perform to the best of his ability.
  On the field you could always rely on John.  Even with having only one hand, he is masterful with the glove, stopping every ball and throwing everyone out. You can always count on John to get the job done.  With the bat John has the perfect form with a smooth swing.  If you need contact, John is the go to guy.  If you were having a rough time in the field, John is always there to pick you up.  John is always positive and getting the team fired up when we are down in the count.
John is just as good as a person as well as an athlete.  He is a happy go lucky guy that will always put a smile on your face.  If your feeling down, he'll find a way to make you smile and power through the day.
John might not be the biggest guy in the world, but he has the biggest heart.  His hustle, hard work, and dedication to his team and teammates, are deserving for this award.  John Macnamara is the definition of a true teammate.
-- John Murray
proud teammate
  I would like to see John Macnamara for Teammate of the year.  It has been my great privilege to know John my four years of high school.  On and off the field John exhibits great character.  He’s always smiling and always having a great time no matter what he is doing no matter what' the situation is.  He is always a pleasure to run into in the hallways at CEC.  I’ve played soccer for four years with John and never once was he complaining about anything, even when his playing time was at a minimum.  Not once was his head down.  I believe that John Macnamara is the right choice for teammate of the year because he is very dedicated and never gives up on anything or on anyone.
-- Jimmy Carlin